February 7, 2016

Protesters expected at area churches this weekend

Danedri Thompson
There’s going to be a protest in Gardner, but no one is certain exactly what Westboro Baptist Church is protesting.
The notorious Topeka-based church plans to protest at three Gardner churches on Sunday morning. The group sent a letter to Gardner Police announcing their intentions last week.
“This is what they do. If you look at their website, they do this at churches all over the place,” Gardner Police Captain Jim Moore said. “They’ve been all over the metro for months. For whatever reason, they said, ‘tag Gardner. You’re it.’”
According to the letter to police, the group will protest Sunday morning on Oct. 28 at the First Presbyterian Church, Lifestream Church and at Fellowship Bible Church.
FBC Pastor Ty Cross said he sent an email notifying parishioners of the possible presence.
“The strongest recommendation was not to engage the people in any form or any fashion,” Cross said. “No matter how much they might want to share the love of Jesus it’s not the smart thing to do.”
Moore said there will be officers in the area in case there is any trouble.
“We’ll be able to take care of it quickly,” Moore said. “but I do not anticipate any problems.”


  1. George A Rifford IV says:

    Great…more nutjobs in Gardner this weekend. That’s all we need.

  2. “The strongest recommendation was not to engage the people in any form or any fashion,” Cross said. “No matter how much they might want to share the love of Jesus it’s not the smart thing to do.”

    Not what I expect to ever hear from a Pastor!!

    Sharing the love of Christ sometimes takes us down unfamiliar. even uncomfortable, paths but I don’t recall the Bible ever saying it was going to be an easy journey.

    We need Church leadership stepping up and leading their congregations in opposing this type of evil, not craven people who hide in front of their pews preaching only to their choirs.


  3. Judith Rogers says:

    All of the nutjob conceal carry dingbats can protect us………..glad I am not a policewoman and have to deal with either group. Life on the prairie gets crazier by the day………..maybe Denning can be involved and Tweet about what is happening minute by minute and waste some more taxpayer money……………

  4. @judith, seriously, where do you live, you keep commenting on things as if you live in both Gardner and Edgerton. While it’s your every right to speak up, you ever think about giving your keyboard a rest?

    Your comment about the so-called “nutjob” conceal carry “dingbats” is really over the top. Look in the mirror judith.

    You make your comments sound as if your somehow really informed, that you are somehow the smartest person on earth and nobody else can possibly think for themselves without a bit of your commentary.

    You make personal attacks on people you know nothing about. You make comments on topics you obviously have done very little research on and if you did, you should include links to back up your accusations.

    You make things up to help prop up your point of view.

    You sound like nothing more than a grump old person, do you never have anything good to say about anything?

  5. I really think Pastor Cross is right on the mark. No, I am not a parishoner at his church. But Westboro Baptist is not interested in “Sharing the love of Christ”, as was mentioned earlier. They have different agendas than most Christian folks.

    Unless you are specially trained on dealing with this type of evil, you can really cause more heartache. And perhaps damage to people around you. And your walk with Christ. I really think their agenda is to get people wound up and angry. I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. Maybe they will take the hint and not come back.

    It really isn’t going to be “easy” this weekend, knowing this is going to be happening, but it’s probably best to be prepared and ready. Talk to your kids about this. Let them know how to act. They may be approached. They need to know what to say and may want to talk about their experience later.

    Unfortunately, it is just like walking on Bourbon Street for the first time: don’t make eye contact, keep your feet moving and don’t talk to anyone.

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    Myself, personally, I don’t think I would be making my community a safer place by walking around with a hidden gun…………….regression and fear are endorsed by the dingbats in my opinion………and I know for a FACT that I help to pay the salaries and much more supported and enabled by both Roberts and Denning whether I like it or not………..

  7. @REALLY – You’ll have to forgive Judith…she’s under the delusion that…that…

    Well I suppose we can just stop there. But don’t take my word for it. All you have to do is read her posts to see delusion in action.

  8. Supporter2ndAmendment says:

    @Judith Every single time I read one of your uneducated and ignorant posts, I laugh. You really are something else. REALLY had it right that you are a grumpy person who never has anything nice to say.

    Your comment about “nutjob conceal carry dingbats” is highly offensive. Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less than that from you because you have no idea what you are talking about. Just because an individual has taken the time to train and become educated enough to take both a written test and a range test AND pass them both to earn the right to have a conceal and carry license does not make that individual a nutjob or a dingbat. We will leave that to you because based on your rants on this website along, you fit the bill!

  9. Judith Rogers says:

    More guns on the street do not make a safer place for me to live in my opinion and I don’t think some few hours of training changes my opinion in any way. Handguns are made to kill people and I will leave it up to the police to use the handguns when necessary. The little boys in their big boy pants are letting their egos take charge once again and they feel they need that gun to make a statement and the only statement it makes for me is that of ignorance, regression and fear. The dingbats which include our lovely legislators, are alive and well in Kansas – they mix in well with the Westboro Baptist Church clan and all of them create more police costs for all citizens to cover and more worries about society in general.

  10. Judith Rogers says:

    I note the local dingbats are also still running their mouths about voter fraud. What a bunch of radical extremist myths brought to you by Kobach who gets rich and richer off of crapola like voter fraud along with illegal immimgration, abortion, conceal carry, open carry, etc., etc. I haven’t seen any district attorneys in the state of Kansas bringing in oodles of charges on voter fraud but the dingbats sure love to waggle their tongues about such drivel and feel like they are Charles in Charge if they can carry a gun whether it is in a vest, holster of some type or stuck in their Under Armour underwear for all I know. They just love to hit that “I Like” button on Facebook. They will continue to LOL and key as fast as they can on Facebook and to think many of these eggheads are politicians and/or supporters/enablers of all of the nonsense that has such huge adverse affects and costs for citizens.

  11. Judith Rogers says:

    Recently I signed up with the KBI to be notified with respect to changes to the registered offender list for the zip code of 66030. Today I received SIX (6) notifications on 6 individuals – 6 in one day. I would urge each and every citizen to get signed up for these notifications – people need to be aware and informed. Go to http://www.kbi.ks.gov/registeredoffender/CommunityNotifications.aspx and take care of this matter immediately – protect your family and loved ones – ignorance is not bliss – be aware.

  12. Judith Rogers says:

    All of the local politicians and bureaucrats, clear up to the state level, need to read this article and truly realize that turning away their heads, eyes and ears to the wrongdoings of ALL KINDS have a long reach just as all citizens should think long and hard everyday about what they are or not doing.


  13. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Members of the Westboro Baptist Church had filed a lawsuit against the City of Manchester (MO), which had passed an ordinance aimed at placing restrictions on groups protesting funerals for military members.

    On Oct 16, 2012, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit in St. Louis overruled previous decisions and ruled in favor of the city of Manchester (MO) in the Phelps-Ropers v. City of Manchester case. The city law requires protesters to stay at least 300 feet from a funeral home, cemetery or house of worship during the service and an hour before and after the service. The court ruled the ordinance was narrowly written and gave picketers adequate opportunities to express their views in other ways.

    In its response to the Court of Appeals decision, the Eastern Missouri affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union said the ruling “will limit picketing at funerals, but it also violates the free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment,”

    The Kansas City (MO) City Council, on Nov. 1, 2012 approved an ordinance to restrict protests at funerals within city limits. The legal language for the law was lifted directly from the Manchester ordinance. Because the original ordinance was included in the court decision, the City Attorney feels very strongly the law the Kansas City council passed will stand.


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