February 8, 2016

Police to step up traffic enforcement

The Gardner Police Department will be participating in a special traffic enforcement program sponsored by the Kansas Department of Transportation.  The “Click It or Ticket” enforcement campaign will run from May 23 through June 5.

Gardner Police Department will have extra enforcement during this time period and will be concentrating primarily on Adult, Teen and Child Safety Restraints.  Gardner Police will have a zero tolerance for any safety restraint violations during this campaign.  A secondary focus will also be made on Driving under the Influence infractions.


  1. I read this as meaning there will be four cops chatting with each other in their cruisers in the parking lot of Stricker’s auction house rather than the usual three.

  2. Judith says:

    I read this as a revenue maker for the city and why would you not have zero tolerance for these violations thruoughout the year?????

  3. Mike Snow says:

    If this requires overtime that would be a waste of taxpayer dollars. If you want to really raise awareness about seat belt safety put up a series of signs around town.

    Sticking people with a seat belt fine when motorcyclists don’t even wear a helmet is the height of hypocrisy.

  4. Instead of handing out tickets make them sign a mandatory organ donor card. If they are in a wreck with out a seatbelt or on a motorcycle without a helmet becoming a donor is the best they could do.

  5. anonymous says:

    What this actually means is that this is the week they will stop every car at the entrance and exit of the elementary schools and check to see if the children are in child safety seats. They do this annually, and this is the warning…

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