February 9, 2016

Police investigate string of Gardner burglaries

Mark Taylor

Gardner police are investigating a rash of burglaries that have taken place since January in the 200 block of West Main Street.

Ilena Spalding, public information officer for the Gardner Police Department, said one of the thefts took place between February 15 and March 16.

Stolen from a storage shed were items of clothing valued at $100.
The second theft took place between Feb. 7 and Feb. 8, but was not reported to police until March 16.

In that case, thieves stole about $100 in copper wire from a story shed.
Spalding said both sheds were locked.

Another theft resulted in the loss of $276 in pole saws that were stored under a porch.

In January, someone broke into the Gardner Historical Museum and stole keys and a lock box valued at $56.

Anyone with information in the thefts is asked to contact Gardner police at (913) 856-7312.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    I suppose if the Gardner Police caught these thieves, there would be people who wouldn’t want their identities known. That would be gossiping or tarnishing the “good” names of the thieves.

    These jaybirds are probably some druggers needing money or some lazy lowlifes not wanting to work for a living. You will be seeing more and more of this crud as you become a part of the freight district – count on it.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    And you will be having to pay higher taxes to cover the costs of more cops, courts, jails, etc., etc. Think the loss of moral values you see in your governments and society has anything to do with the problems you face daily????

  3. State of Affairs says:

    Perpetrators have all the rights; victims are out of luck.

  4. SWOTI speaks... says:

    And people laugh at her. Or just shake their heads at her plain ol’ meanness.

    You DO realize, SWOTI, how the legal system works? That we don’t have to form lynch mobs and drag people through the streets whenever they break the law? That we’ve got courts and jails and legal consequences to address the problems created by lawbreakers? And we actually HAVE laws that require law enforcement agencies to make public the information about arrests and their other activity?

    Of course, SWOTI doesn’t appear to be arguing for that. She just seems to want a historical record of dirt she can dig up whenever she loses an argument. Which is to say, “all the time”. Without a public record she can use to look up people’s grade school tardy slips, SWOTI would have to rely on changing the subject or insulting people about doing the things she does all the time.

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