February 12, 2016

Planning Commission approves rail construction company site plan

Danedri Thompson
Gardner Planning Commissioners approved a site plan for Trac-Work, a railroad construction and repair company, Monday night.
The approval will allow the company to build a 2,400 square-foot building and a large storage, gravel lot for storing railroad ties and rails at 811 Creekside Drive.
In the end, the commission’s blessing on the project came down to the appearance of an 8-foot fence that will border the property, and the definition of corrugated metal.
The north side of the fence neighbors a residential area, and the east side of the property will be visible to passersby.
“I’m not happy with the fact that it’s a galvanized fence,” Commissioner Dan Popp said. “I would like to see black-powder coating.”
Joy Ray, project architect, said there is a cost difference between a galvanized fencing and black-powder coated fencing.
“If black-powder coated fence is required then the guidelines should say that,” Ray said.
The Oct. 25 meeting wasn’t the property’s first time before the Planning Commission.
In 2008, the landowner asked the city to re-zone the property from Industrial to Multi-Family to accommodate a 344-unit apartment complex, to be called Wellington Pointe. The re-zoning attempt died after school officials complained that the building would increase the student population at an unmanageable rate. District officials also worried how traffic on Moonlight Road would be affected by a large apartment complex.
The failed re-zoning attempt meant plans for Wellington Pointe were scrapped and ownership of the property reverted to Gardner National Bank (GNB), which held loans on the property.
Attorney Curtis Holland, an attorney representing GNB, told the Planning Commission on Monday night that the bank is set to sell the property to Trak-Work on Oct. 31 pending approval of the company’s site plan.
“There is no rule or regulation that requires the fence to be coated,” Holland said. “It would be a hardship and significant cost to rim the entire property that (black-powder coated) fence… We really appreciate your approval tonight.”
Popp said if there was nothing but industrial nearby, he wouldn’t have an issue with the galvanized fencing. But, he said the commission should consider the family homes nearby when making their decision. The fencing, he said, isn’t going to break the bank.
“If this was a Walmart or a Lowe’s would you support galvanized fencing?” Popp asked Commissioner Karin Livella, who voiced her support for the Trak-Work project.
“Absolutely not,” she responded.
“The only difference is Walmart has lots of money,” Popp said.
“That’s a big difference,” Livella said.
Holland said the parties could agree to border the areas that would be visual to nearby residents and passersby.
“When we’re talking about the south end, the residential doesn’t see it,” Holland said.
After a long debate, five of seven commissioners approved the site plan with the stipulation that fencing on the north and part of the east border be black-powder coated.

In other business, the planning commission:
• approved the re-zoning of property at 111, 117, and 121 W. Park Street, 138 S. Center Street, and 112, 116 and 120 W. Warren Street from R-5 apartment house district to R-1 single-family residential.
• conducted a public hearing to consider a text amendment to the city’s subdivision regulations. The amendment would allow the city to collect filing fees for lot splits. The city council would set the fee.
• approved a preliminary plat, final plat and site plan for Grace Baptist Church, to be located at 650 E. Madison Street.
The city council will now be asked to adopt the items the planning commission approved Monday night.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Once again the money guys get what they want while the people will have to put up with the trucks coming and going and get to look at the crap. Here is the tax bill for the property located at 811 Creekside Dr. Please note this property consists of 2.11 acres with an APPRAISED VALUE OF $150 and gets the good ole farm use appraisal. Do you think Gardner Bank has been “farming” this land??? Do you think they have been contributing to our community by only paying $1.50 in taxes to the city of Gardner and only paying $3.91 to support our schools. Be sure to note they got a very nice benefit district from the people of Gardner probably for putting in streets, utilities or something else they needed resulting in the assessment amount of $6,986.84 and keep in mind if they failed to pay that assessment amount that the citizens would have to pay that bill if Gardner Bank defaulted. Do you think ole Gardner Bank is selling this property for $150??? Where has Trac-Work been housing their business previously? Is this how your Drovetta appointees on the Planning Commission protect the citizens’ interests? Will the Gardner City Council protect the citizens’ interests any better??? I highly doubt it – they have you bankroll the needs of the money boys and the special interests and give you the crap to live with. That is my opinion and they have operated in this manner for years and will continue to do as long as citizens enable them to do so.

    Printer Friendly

    Property Number: CP64310000 0007
    Bill Number: 11102173297
    Location: 811 S CREEKSIDE DR
    Tax District: 0003
    Half Tax: $3,497.43
    Full Tax: $6,994.86

    2010 $6,994.86 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

    Date Paid Amount Paid Receipt
    12/17/2010 $3,497.43
    05/11/2011 $3,497.43

    Tax Authority Rate Tax Amount
    STATE OF KS 1.5000 .07
    JOHNSON CO 17.7480 .86
    COMM CLGE 8.7990 .42
    JO CO PARK 2.3500 .11
    GARDNER CITY 31.1190 1.50
    231 UNIFIED 29.2330 1.40
    231 SCH GEN 20.0000 .96
    231 BOND 32.3030 1.55
    JO CO LIB 3.1580 .15
    211 GACMOONLTBPK 6,987.84

    Appraised Agricultural Use Acreage: 0.00
    LT 7
    GAC 309 4 7

    Class Land Improvement
    A 48

  2. And we wonder why businesses don’t want to come to Gardner.


    Jobs and tax revenue for the city.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    Open storage lots do not create tax dollars but they certainly bring in the truck traffic and create visual blight and many times do damage to the environment and land. Thieves fraudently claim farm use on their property many times resulting in the loss of huge tax dollars for the citizens and almost non-existant tax dollars for them. Another perfect example of privitization of gains and socialization of costs and losses. Spin it however you want Beasley but the citizens get screwed on deals like this one in my opinion. Always count on Drovetta clones like Beasley to take care of the special interests and put the knife in the backs of the citizens. And I really, really hate having people like Beasley in my government.

  4. Hyperbolic Hyperboles says:


    You forgot forgot to mention lowlifes and cronies. I corrected it for you here:

    Open storage lots and their cronies do not create tax dollars but they certainly bring in the lowlife truck traffic and create visual blight and many times do damage to the environment and land. Thieves, lowlifes, and cronies fraudently claim farm use on their property many times resulting in the loss of huge tax dollars for the citizens and almost non-existant tax dollars for them and their lowlife cronies. Another perfect example of privitization of gains and socialization of costs and losses. Spin it however you want Beasley, you lowlife crony, but the citizens get screwed on deals like this one in my opinion. Always count on Drovetta clones and cronies like Beasley to take care of the lowlife special interests and put the knife in the backs of the citizens. And I really, really hate having lowlife people like Beasley in my crony government.

    You’re welcome!

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    Doing more research on Trac-Work, I find they have a location at Trac-Work Inc
    1 New Century Pkwy Ste 131, New Century, KS 66031. If this is the same operation, then I would suggest they stay in the INDUSTRIAL airport area. They can get on I-35, swing around to Homestead Lane where the new intermodal interchange will be and get off there and proceed to where BNSF needs them.

    Will County, Ill. and surrounding areas struggled with these open storage lots and they weren’t liking them either. At one time they were having to deal with an open storage lot consisting of nearly 500 acres of parked containers with the trucks going and coming. They not only did not like the visual blight and truck traffic that they created but also they create no tax dollars to speak of.

    What makes you think this 2.11 acre operation will stay at that size??? What are you opening your city up to??? Do the citizens have any say in what they want to live with??? Well, I knew when Lehman, Drovetta, the Jo. Co. Commissioners, Brownlee and numerous other worthless polticians across the state threw the welcome mat out to the horror story coming to your doorstep that these open storage yards or lots would be part of the horror we all would be living with and I learned that through research. Did your Intermodal Review Committee do any research and protect the people in any way – in my opinion they did not, they just went along with another rigged process and I know so well who are masters at rigged processes.

  6. GardnerPride says:

    Personally, I would have prefered a Senior Living facility in this location, but that didn’t sit well with the Planning Commission either.

    “What makes you think this 2.11 acre operation will stay at that size” Just looking at an arial view of the location, they are pretty land locked on all sides, so I’m not worried about a 500 acre parking lot. With that being said, the idea of an industrial yard right in my neighborhood doesn’t set well with me either. The existing building that houses the Jazzercise, etc, sticks out like a sore thumb.

    I’m not sure the Commission made the wrong decision here, but it’s certainly not something I can be excited about.

  7. Judith if you didn’t complain, moan, and whine about this I would have thought there was something wrong with you.

    Maybe some day you could truly enlighten us with an actual definition of what you think “special interests” are.

  8. Judith Rogers says:

    You know very well who the special interests are Beasley and you don’t need me telling you who they are. I don’t moan, groan and whine – I state my concerns as any civic citizen should do. Again, you always put your spin on things to suit your needs. Intelligent people recognize you for what you are Beasley and there are others just like you, sad to say.

  9. No I don’t know who they are or what you’re talking about. I think most people don’t know what you’re talking about. “Special Interest” is your Boogie Man term to try to scare people into believing your whining and complaining.

    As a “civic citizen” I’ll state my concerns as well.

  10. Judith Rogers says:

    Your comments don’t fly Beasley – just like you don’t have credibility which you have proved on several occasions just like your lack of integrity, ethics, character, etc.

    I do want to state again that Overland Park and Leawood do not allow open storage lots and for good reason – they protect the citizens’ best interests and they know these lots do not create tax dollars. Some things you walk away from because they won’t ever be an asset. I believe I DESERVE the same protection that Overland Park and Leawood give to their citizens. Only two council members voted against these open storage lots, Harrison and Fotovich but Broxterman, Pugh and Morrow could not bring themselves to say NO as I wished they would have and conditional permits are not the answer to this problem. This risk exposure is just beginning to raise its ugly head – these lots won’t stop at 2.11 acres or stop with just this one or only in this area of your city. Welcome to Intermodal Land brought to you by you know who and who said they wanted to control things to protect the citizens. It is all downhill from now on – especially your property values, your quality of life and escalating costs you will have to pay. That’s my opinion based on experience and research. .

  11. Nice work planning commission. Nothing says welcome to Gardner better than an 8 foot corrugated metal fence hiding creosote impregnated railroad ties.

    Here is what you homeowners can look forward to


  12. Let me see says:

    if I can help you understand what “special interest” generally means Ryan. From dictionary.com:
    special interest 
    a body of persons, corporation, or industry that seeks or receives benefits or privileged treatment

    Now go forth to city hall and see if you can find anyone that fit this description. Give special attention to anyone who might have been appointed to a city government position (Maybe the electric utility board?). You may want to look especially close at appointed or elected officials that work in a specific industry that would benefit from certain business coming to town (trucking, home building, for example). Hmmm . . .shouldn’t have to look to far now, should you?

  13. Moonlight Mother says:

    So does this mean huge trucks are going to be rolling down Moonlight? Traffic is already horrid, especially at the rail tracks. Now we get semi trailers as well?

  14. Intelligent person says:

    Yes, I also see Ryan for what he is – an opportunist. And quite a good one at that.

  15. That’s a whole lot of anonymous posts in a row, Judith.

  16. 10th Anniversary of the signing of the Patriot Act. NAFTA Ascending: Obama Administration signed agreement. First Mexican trade-truck entered United States from Mexico to Garland, Texas on October 26, 2011 without inspection at the border. Kansas City is the center of the NAFTA highway (I-35–north from Canada and Minnesota, south to Mexico). Is no one concerned about homeland security???

  17. Help Me Understand says:

    How does Ryan personally benefit here? Is it the big paycheck he gets from serving on the utility board, or is there some other grand conspiracy afoot?

    Judith always calls him out, personally. I’d like to know what she thinks he’s gaining.

    Or, does Judith just attack him because he disagrees with her personal views on how the City should operate? Or, is it just because he fought to give the people of this City their legal right to recall? Or, is it just because Ryan isn’t afraid of her an her insults?

    Can anybody help me out here?

  18. Send the jobs to Mexico. Then, the July 2011 NAFTA signing removes 2 billion dollars in duties on American goods.

  19. @Help. If there is a Boogie Man check out there for me it must be being sent to the wrong address because I haven’t received it. Drovetta is probably stealing it out of my mailbox again.

  20. Granny too? says:

    How many different names CAN Judith post under?

    @Help – Judith calls out Ryan because she knows his last name and it makes it that much easier for her to attack him personally.

  21. doesn't matter says:

    Judith for Mayor!!!!!!
    I mean if noone can do it better than her, why not? Oh i know, its kind of hard to get votes when EVERYONE in town is a Cronnie, Backstabber, cult member, who dont know anything about anything and we are just a bunch of uneducated people.

  22. Judith Rogers says:

    This article tells you Kobach has the same problem the Beasley Bunch has – can’t quite be honest enough to fill out that durn campaign finance form. People such as Beasley always says: “It’s not my fault – these errors are “innocuous and common” – just blame it on that pesky “liberal bias.” Beasley and his kind show themselves for what they are every day and no one has to say a word – it is there for all to see.


    Kobach fined for campaign reporting issues
    Wichita Business Journal
    Date: Thursday, October 27, 2011, 7:43am CDT
    The campaign for Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach was fined $5,000 Wednesday for inaccuracies in campaign reporting.

    The Topeka Captial-Journal reports that according to the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission, Kobach’s campaign omitted $35,011 worth of contributions and $42,947 in spending from reports filed in July 2010, October 2010 and January 2011.

    Kobach acknowledged the errors but said they were innocuous and common among political campaigns, and that the fine illustrated a liberal bias among some members of the ethics commission.

  23. GardnerPride says:

    Judith, can you please illustrate where the Recall committee omitted donations or spending? Can you show us the fines or investigations implemented by the Election Office? I don’t remember reading any articles describing such issues. Remember, anonymous donations aren’t the same as omitted reports, and there has been no further action taken by the Election Office. Perhaps this wasn’t a very accurate comparison, and of course completely irrelevant to any issues at hand in Gardner, but that’s par for the course with you.

  24. Judith I hope you weren’t quoting me when you used the word “Innocuous” that is way too big of a word for me. I thought we knew eachother better than that.

    What were we talking about again? Oh right, the planning commission was dictating…..

    “I’m not happy with the fact that it’s a galvanized fence,” Commissioner Dan Popp said. “I would like to see black-powder coating.”

    “There is no rule or regulation that requires the fence to be coated,” Holland said. “It would be a hardship and significant cost to rim the entire property that (black-powder coated) fence… We really appreciate your approval tonight.”

    Popp said, ” The fencing, isn’t going to break the bank.”

    I guess we should be grateful Popp only wanted the fence black-powder coated and not gold trimmed.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not thrilled to have some storage place in the middle of town. My concern is the planning commission dropping lines like, “I would like to see it black-powder coated.” This is the same issue that happened with the O’Conner’s place. Are there policies and procedures that they are going by or is this just what they would “like” to see? On top of the “The fencing, isn’t going to break the bank.”

    Let me remind everyone that last I checked 85% of the tax base is made up of the residents. It would be nice to have some businesses in here to spread that out a little bit. If a business can’t look at the planning commission’s specifications for building and be confident that that is what they can plan off of, but instead they need to worry about what the planning commission “likes” that night why would you want to build in Gardner.

  25. Judith Rogers says:

    Another reason conditional permits are bull hockey for addressing this blight and nuisance. Again, I ask to be protected like Overland Park and Leawood protect their citizens – DO NOT ALLOW OPEN STORAGE LOTS WITHIN THE CITY LIMITS. You think they have any open storage lots in Missions Hills or where so many of these money guys live in Overland Park and Leawood? You don’t want the miniature horses, well, I don’t want open storage lots to adversely affect me and other citizens in so many ways. Pretty simple to me since all you have to do is say NO, but politicians and their worthless appointees, like yoursefl Beasley, don’t govern for the people – they govern for the big money guys and the special interests and give the crap and the astronomical bill to the citizens. Beasley and his kind have shown time and time how they excel at conniving, manipulation, lies, hate, etc. to get what they want and the people who have to suffer the consequences of cronyism government and pay to keep the money mongers happy, are not even in the equation – that is my opinion.

  26. Judith Rogers says:

    No, Gardner Pride, what is par for the course is how you and people like you enable and support the wrongdoers. And why the average citizen suffers so from the campaign finance system we now have and why campaign finance reform is one of the most needed reforms in our country. I could go on and on about the wrongdoing that occurs in so many areas as I have done repeatedly, but it is a waste of time with respect to yourself because you know about it and condone and enable the wrongdoing. I can see why you don’t take ownership of your comments – I wouldn’t either if I were a person of your low caliber.

  27. Judith Rogers says:

    I know who the Drovettaittes and the Gardner Prides and the Beasley Bunch govern for – the ones who have got rich and richer during the last 20 to 30 years. That ole average citizen has suffered terribly and continues to suffer. A middle class family with a couple of kids who may be in college or soon to be are feeling the squeeze along with those kids who had or have to borrow to get thru college – don’t think that 1% can relate or care to relate to the average Joe who earns $25,000 to $50,000 a year and their “real” income shrinks each year. Give your ole politicians and bureaucrats the litmus test – they will fail miserably in my opinion.


  28. GardnerPride says:

    Oddly enough, your attack on those who post under their own name is exactly the same as the attack against me. I guess you just can’t win with some people. Poor Granny must be heartbroken that you think of he in such a way.

  29. Judith Rogers says:

    Granny is her own person and makes her own choices just like you do, Gardner Pride, however, your choices cerrtainly tell me of your lack of character. You and I, in my opinion, are like oil and water – we do not mix and never will just like I don’t mix with the likes of Beasley, Drovetta and their kind.

  30. The planing comission should not be making decisions on wims. Codes should make everything clear before questions come. The problem Gardner has is for years we had a planing department that did not do anything to create better codes. The planing director prefered limited language in the codes so they could interpret with more wigle room on there wims. Now that entire department is mostly gone which needed to happen but don’t look for this to get fixed soon. There’s nobody there to fix it.

  31. GardnerPride says:

    That’s a great point Resident. Does the strengthening of code fall on the shoulders of City Staff, the Planning Commission, or the City Council? I’m not really sure how that would work, but certainly appears to be a project worth addressing.

  32. Judith Rogers says:

    First of all, do you think any of those at city hall are going to come up with a code or anything else to NOT allow open storage lots???? I don’t because I saw how three Council members voted on this issue just recently plus the planning commission (more Drovetta appointees) and I am sure those votes got the blessing of our Dictator. Do you honestly think they aren’t going to take care of Gardner Bank (who got the property from a Sheriff’s sale and claims farm use of the property) and all the rest of the developers, builders, investors, savings and loan outfits, other money guys and other special interests and take care of the citizens instead. You can divert the issue to codes, ordinances, conditional permits and on and on with the manipulative measures at their disposal – this city government will not vote or govern for the people – that is my opinion. The PEOPLE are going to have to bring about needed changes from worthless, corrupt politicians, campaign finance, rigged processes and the list never ends as to what the people need to accomplish – they have not been doing their jobs for years and years and they are in a real pickle now and the way back to decency will be a hard one. There is so much underlying rot that I don’t even know what the starting point would be but, of course, making better choices in the voting booth, and that would be dependent on who in the Sam Hill is running for office, would be a good start but then only the tip of the iceberg would be affected.

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