February 8, 2016

OPINION: Quran-burning controversy exposes liberal hypocrisy

Danedri Thompson


If nothing else, we can thank the Rev. Terry Jones for exposing the blatant hypocrisy of President Obama and liberals.

The Rev. Terry Jones planned a Quran-burning event in Florida on Sept. 11. The pastor with 50 followers incited U.S. Generals and President Obama to warn that any attempts to burn the Quran would result in the death of U.S. soldiers (and probably civilians, too) at the hands of Muslim extremists.

The President urged “tolerance” on the part of Jones. Um. Which is more “tolerant?” Burning a Quran or beheading innocents because of some guy in Florida burned your holy book?

Maybe the President should have preached tolerance to the would-be violence inciters rather than to Florida’s version of Fred Phelps.

What’s so hypocritical about Obama’s sentiments and strong words against the Florida pastor is his handling of the “Cordoba House” community center near Ground Zero.

When Muslims sought to build “Cordoba House” within blocks of Ground Zero, Obama gave a lecture on religious freedom to those who opposed the development.

“Muslims have the right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country,” he intoned when asked about the New York City mosque controversy. “And that includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan.”

Where’s the lecture on freedom of speech to the people who opposed the Quran burning?

“It is something that is not the right thing to do. With freedom comes responsibility,” Obama told Larry King.

Well, Mr. President, here in America, Americans and those visiting our country have the right to burn books, protest military funerals, burn flags and dip crucifixes in urine. They’re not the right things to do, but they certainly have the right.

It’s funny how Obama only seems to notice “rights” when they expressly suit his purposes.

And then there are the crazed liberals who insist on painting every conservative or Republican with an enormously broad brush. According to most lefty-bloggers all conservatives are just shy of a white sheet and a Klan-membership card.

“Vote Republican and burn a Quran.  Same difference.  I mean it. Really,” a nutjob lefty posted on her blog o’ crazy.

These liberals are the same people preaching that we shouldn’t paint all Muslims with a brush that notes 19 Muslims flew planes into buildings nine years ago killing more than 3,000 people. Rightfully, we’re supposed to judge Muslims as individuals and assume from first meeting that they’re all moderate practioners of the Religion of Peace.

Meanwhile, all Republicans are Quran-burning bigots who can barely tie their own shoes.

I can’t speak for all Republicans, but I can certainly speak for this one: I don’t think the federal government or the President should step into the mosque controversy in Manhattan. The building should not have any special privileges nor additional bureaucratic red tape. Its developers should receive the same treatment as any other developer.

It’s not intolerant to build a community center with Islamic worship space in lower Manhattan. It’s completely insensitive, however, and the general public should shame and embarrass the developer who wants to build such a monument at that site. It’s even more offensive that the plans are to call it “Cordoba House.”

Cordoba was the capital of the Caliphate during Muslim rule of Spain, a place where Muslims conquered their enemies in the 8th Century. It’s akin to calling the building “Victory Community Center.” It’s about as insensitive as it gets and if the developers of the site had any real tolerance for the people in New York, they’d find a different space.

Meanwhile, Rev. Jones should be allowed to burn any books he wants. It’s stupid, and he looks like an idiot. But the last time I checked, this was still America, and her freedoms provide for the supremely moronic to behave that way. (See presidential election 2008 for another fine example.)

The reasoned response to both controversies is that everyone has certain rights in this country – the right to never ever be offended isn’t one of them.

I’m offended every time a liberal opens his or her mouth, but they should still be allowed to do it — if for no other reason than to show their hypocrisy is breathtaking.


  1. Gardner Pride says:

    When did this paper become the stomping ground for Danedri’s political rants. When was the last time Denedri wrote a column that wasn’t blasting the current administration and those wretched liberals? This isn’t the kind of opinion piece I expect from the staff of a local, small town newspaper.

  2. The Patriot says:

    But there is no Republican hypocrisy is using the Koran burning and the “ground zero” mosque which is not on the ground zero site as political wedge issues.

    You are right that burning the Flag, the Bible, the Torah, Koran, Crucifix in urine, and whatever are free speech issues. It is also right to point out the consequences associated with such free speech. We have soldiers, missionaries, employees who work at embassies, and other American citizens in Muslim countries. I see that Ms. Thompson has no qualms with putting their lives on the line. But safe and sound 6,000 miles away she crows.

    It is also completely assassin to lay the blame of this stupidity on liberals when the conservative talk radio and TV pundits crowed the loudest about these issues. The blame for the hyping of these issues lie with everyone of every stripe that thinks we are at war with all of Islam and not terrorists. We even have a local merchant exercising his right of free speech on his front window while demonstrating his bigotry and stupidity. I served to protect that right even though I have no respect for what he is doing.

    Ms. Thompson every jejune opinion piece you write is crudely constructed to paint Liberals as bad and socialist and only true Conservatives are good and true patriots. Regardless of any subject, your “opinion” piece has just one purpose – to push your ideology. Just once I would like you to write an opinion piece that is thoughtful and well researched. But that requires a commitment to the truth, research, and professionalism.

  3. The Patriot says:

    Correction: the word “assassin” at start of 3rd paragraph should be “asinine”

  4. Jeff Barber says:

    ” According to most lefty-bloggers all conservatives are just shy of a white sheet and a Klan-membership card.” Really? I’m a lefty-blogger and I don’t think all conservs/repubs are racist but I do think all racists are want-to-be conservs/repubs. I love how repubs paint liberals as “Lefty” just because we don’t pay homage to Ronnie. I don’t even think your beloved Regan could get elected today as a Democrat? But all kidding aside Danedri, I’ll but you another beer at the Legion and continue to set you straight. You really need to stop drinking the Republican Hater-aid.

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