February 8, 2016

Olathe purchases $1 million aerial truck

Mark Taylor
The Olathe City Council approved the purchase of a $1.053 million ariel truck for the city’s fire department on Sept. 18.
The 100-foot apparatus replaces a 2007 model that has “major safety, repair and maintenance issues,” according to city staff.
The 2007 model was expected to have a 15-year life span.
According to a staff memo in the council’s packet, the “unit has been in service only 59 percent in the past three years and only available one day in 2012.
“…The articulating arm of the apparatus, which was the major reason for its purchase (for overhead water dispersion) has, on occasion, become stuck in mid-air, causing severe safety concerns with the firefighters caught on the apparatus.”
Also, when the unit is out of service, it places additional burden on the department’s other apparatus, which could shorten their life spans.
Council members were told the 2007 model is manufactured in Finland, and getting replacement parts from overseas is difficult.
A retrofit of the 2007 model would cost an estimated $700,000 and the unit would be out of service for eight to 12 months, according to staff.
The city will receive a $330,000 credit for trading in the 2007 model.
The trade-in credit, and a $27,596 pre-payment discount, will bring the price of the new aerial truck to $695,569.
The new aerial truck is expected to arrive between March and April next year.


  1. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    I want to know the name of that apparatus manufacturer. I want to be sure I never purchase a fire truck equipped with their aerial ladder.

  2. I’m interested as to why Gardner News reported this. How does this pertain to Gardner? It’s a shame Olathe was fleeced on their truck. I wonder why they bought from Finland. Low bid? Apparently not in the long run. Pierce is Appleton, WI and I’d think there are other US based manufacturers of fire apparatus.

  3. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Johnson County Fire District #1 provides primary service to the cities of Gardner and Edgerton and the rural areas of southwestern JoCo. In case of a major incident, Olathe Fire Dept is the closest neighboring agency available to provide firefighting assistance.

  4. I can see how that pertains to Gardner. However, at no point does the article reference that. More likely, it’s another case of Gardner News fancying themselves as some sort of government watchdog, advocate for the people. I’m okay with that. Why don’t they publish a separate entity and call it Johnson County Government Watchdog & Political News Sheet? There was a structure fire in my neighborhood last night. I don’t see any “news” on that. Just an update about 4H and Brownlee is out.

  5. Far be it for me to defend Gardner News, RED, but I would imagine that GN has to fill a lot of its content from other news sources around the area. They don’t have the staff to run down every local story…WAY too cost prohibitive, especially for a small-town local paper that’s still trying to print on neewsprint…so they pick up other stories from “the wire”. So we get stories about KOMA violations in Shawnee or updates about the social calendar in KCMO because they can’t afford to truly cover Gardner. Also, looking at it from a cynical, purely financial standpoint, it makes sense that GN would sensationlize controversial stories: draws more attention and gets more upset people arguing on their website. In that respect, they’re not much different from KCTV 5.

  6. You folks have too much time on your hands to be arguing on here all day.

  7. How is that relevent, Senior? It’s kind of ironic that you come out and post on two different threads, but are complaining about other people posting on threads.

    Do you have an opinion on the topic or are you just here to pick sides?

  8. this does relate to the city of Gardner the city has the same brand and type of fire ladder truck Olathe is getting rid of.

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