February 8, 2016

Olathe council appoints Ryckman to at-large position

Mark Taylor
The Olathe City Council filled one vacancy and created another on Feb. 28.
The council voted unanimously to appoint Ward 3 Councilman Ronald Ryckman to fulfill the remaining term of At-Large Councilman Bob Montgomery.
Montgomery told the council in January he intended step down to focus more of his attention on his other elected duty in the state legislature.
He agreed to stay on until his replacement was named..
Ryckman works in construction services, land development, and real estate.
He has been active as a member of the TLC for Children and Families Board, the Bi-State Commission, the K-10 Association Board and Executive Committee, the K-7 Corridor Review Committee, and the Olathe Convention and Visitors Bureau Advisory Council.
“It really is an honor to have this opportunity,” Ryckman said of his appointment.
Twelve candidates submitted applications for the at-large position, which expires in April, 2014.
The council will now begin the search for Ryckman’s replacement in the Ward 3 position.
Mayor Michael Copeland said he wants a Ward 3 appointee who “will commit to running for re-election.”
“I think it’s important for the continuity of this council,” Copeland said.
Applications for the vacant position will be accepted until 5 p.m. on March 30.
The term expires in April, 2013.
Persons interested in applying for the position are asked to visit https://www.olatheks.org/secure/Forms/PubServ.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    More political appointments…………..

  2. Amused citizen says:

    Just one question Judith? How many millions of dollars did they save the people of Olathe by not having a special election?

  3. @amused says:

    She only complains about appointments when it’s someone she doesn’t like making the appointments. Which, for now, is pretty much everyone.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    Know how political appointments affect your personal lives and how they are part of the rotten political world and then I am sure you would not be amused or perhaps you would be if you are part of that rot and want the status quo, cronyism governments to continue……….

  5. Amused citizen says:

    Judith, You do understand that this was not a normal appointment. That Mr. Ryckman was elected by the people of Olathe and that he is just going from Ward 3 to at large?

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    And why do you think Mr. Ryckman wants to switch from Ward 3 to at large? The majority of political appointments are for a reason and I would say the major reason is to ever bring about the political incest families that are so prevalent in our society today and which do nothing to protect the average citizen. What will be Mr. Ryckman’s, a developer, next step be in the political world?? Stay tuned and it will play out before your eyes in living color.

  7. Judith Rogers says:

    Look at the PAC that Kobach just started and him being the Secretary of State and involved in our election process…………..oh, yes, they are just such innocent protectors of the people…….bull hockey in my book and through my experience with the losers………..

  8. Judith Rogers says:

    Look at how past Illinois Governor Blagovich (spelling?) tried to SELL Obama’s Senate seat. He was found guility of that and I don’t know if he is in prison now or not but he sure needs to be right there looking out behind the bars along with oodles of other worthless, corrupt politicians we have across the U.S. and in our backyard – that is my opinion.

  9. Judith Rogers says:

    Remember Ryckman wanted that Senate seat of Brownlee’s for the rest of her unexpired term when she got appointed as Secretary of Labor. Ryckman didn’t get the nod from the local corrupt politicians but Rob Olson did and he is a sorry excuse of a representative for the people in my opinion based on his lack of action for the people on those farm appraisals that are so rampant throughout the state of Kansas (he and Calvin Hayden promised me much and produced nothing) and which are causing huge losses of tax revenue to the people. plus taking no action on those 38 companies in New Century who pay no or little taxes of what they should nor has he done anything about the owners of mobile home parks getting by with residential appraisals and tax bills when they should be considered commercial entities and paying much higher taxes that the citizens need so much and deserve. Rob Olson, Ryckman and a whole bunch of other yoyos talk big and do nothing for the people – dirty, rotten politics in my book and the messes and financial rape will continue as long as the people are apathetic and do nothing to help themselves.

  10. So many answers.... says:

    …and all of them are blind supposition. At best.

    Typical SWOTI

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