February 6, 2016

Offender registry upgraded

Gardner, Edgerton and Spring Hill citizens can now sign up for emails advising them when an offender registers near them.
Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation announced the upgrades to the registry this week. System improvements also allow expanded search capabilities and maps.
“These enhancements to the offender registry are designed to help keep our communities safe and informed,” Schmidt said. “The information in the system will be more easily accessible to the public and law enforcement community.”
Currently, there are 36 registered offenders in the 66030 zip code  – 28 are sexual offenders; six are violent offenders and three are drug offenders. (One offender is listed as a sexual and violent offender.) There are five registered offenders listed in the 66021 zip code – three are listed for sexual offenses and two are drug offenders. In the 66083 zip code, there are 13 listed offenders – nine sex offenders and four violent offenders.
Using the registry, citizens can search for offenders by name, location, reporting compliance, and offender type. Searches can also be done by phone number, online identity or email address.
Citizens can search for offender information by the offender’s name, location, reporting compliance, and offender type (sex, violent or drug). Searches can also be done by phone number, online identity or email address to determine if the information is associated with a registered offender.
The updates were made as part of the implementation of federal registry system requirements of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act. The Kansas legislature adopted these requirements into state law in 2011. The improvements to the registry were funded through federal grants.
Law enforcement officials will also see improvements to the system, which makes the registry process as efficient and effective as possible. The new system will also improve information-sharing capabilities across jurisdictions and with other states.
The offender registry can be accessed at www.kbi.ks.gov/registeredoffender.
The KBI has maintained the Kansas Offender Registration system since its inception in 1993 to provide investigative leads for law enforcement, to deter offenders from reoffending and to provide the public with current information on persons who have been proven to have been dangerous. Over the years the system has evolved, with Kansas being one of the first states to place a registry on the Internet in 1997, and coverage has been expanded to include violent criminals and drug traffickers.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Got all signed up to get my e-mail notifications. Just a few years ago Gardner had 17 people on this list – it has now more than doubled…………when we turn into the new Argentine in the years ahead I will be curious to see what Gardner’s numbers will increase to…………..I remember very well talking to that County Appraiser in Montana in 2006 who worked right across the street from BNSF’s intermodal there and how she informed me the area was a high crime area with prostitutes and drug dealers right down the street (I didn’t ask for that info – she freely gave it to me). We will continue to get the spin from the lowlife politicians, bureaucrats, economic development guys, etc., etc. about how “great” things are going to be……….time will tell and even then there will be those who will not admit to the truth or the actual reality because that does not serve their interests well.

  2. Whoa there, Judith. Are you SURE you want to claim, right here on Gardner News, that the Intermodal leads to sexual offenders? By your sad logic, the Intermodal must already be here because the numbers have “more than doubled”.

    Maybe you could cough up a little proof instead of dog-wagging the fact to meet your bizarre, convoluted conspiracy theories.

    Better yet, maybe you could avoid using serious social crimes as excuses to slime people with.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    Time and the numbers WILL TELL as they have already done and we will be talking about crimes of all kinds………….do you think people from Overland Park, Leawood, Mission Hills, Prairie Village will be moving here by the droves to live in a highly industrial, commerical area where no one wants to live like the Will County, Ill. Treasurer’s office (county where the Elwood, Ill. intermodal is located) told me in 2006. Yeah, right, I can hardly wait for utopia to arrive…………..

  4. Make up your mind, Judith. You started out saying that the Intermodal was causing a rise in sex crimes, years before work was even started on it. Now you’re talking about some vague notion of people not moving to town. Are you sure you know what you’re talking about?

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    I absolutely know what I am talking about based on research and respecting what you can learn from history and not being a lowlife involved in misrepresentation, conniving and manipulation. Most of all, I take OWNERSHIP of my comments……………..

  6. Take ownership? So is that why you changed the subject when asked why you claimed that the non-existent Intermodal was responsible for the rise in sex crimes in Gardner? Or why you refuse to acknowledge your years of posting as Panda just about everywhere?

    You don’t make a very reliable argument for yourself, Judith.

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