February 10, 2016

OPINION: Occupy Wall Street rides again

The petulant children known as the Occupy Wall Street crowd are back, and this time they’re vowing direct action and civil disobedience, including blocking bridges,  on May Day.
Like the last time the groups calling themselves part of the loosely-allied Occupy Wall Street movement rallied, their list of wants is shockingly vague, poorly considered, and barely informed.
Organizers in as many as eight U.S. cities said marches across the globe on May Day will call attention to abuses of power and wealth. They’re urged people to walk out of classes and work on the first of May in shows of solidarity.
While this paper went to press before the full extent of Occupy Wall Street May 1 protests could be understood, our hope is for no violence and limited participation. We couldn’t agree more with the right of protest and free speech, but it’s largely wasted without a cohesive message.
What exactly do they mean by abuses of wealth or power? What are the solutions?
Without the exact “abuses” we can’t fathom a solution. But one thing we’re certain, not showering for days on end, joining drum circles in a public park, and defecating on police cars likely isn’t the answer. Those are just a few of the group’s activities during their initial eight week protests last fall.
Identify the problem, come up with creative solutions. Or, occupy a job. But don’t sit in a park and complain.


  1. ThePatriot says:

    Apparently free speech has limits (it must be worthy in your eyes). Regarding solutions, when have your opinion articles produced any? The quality of your editorials is sophomoric and empty of any substance. Your editorial staff must have a low opinion of the petulant participants who threw tea (controlled by the British government and East India Company) into the Boston Harbor on December 16th, 1773.

    Of course, your paper reported on the hacked emails of climate change scientists (University of East Anglia) declaring this incident proves climate warming is scam. No problem with supporting petulant criminals when it suits your ideology. But, of course, you have not reported on the 5 subsequent investigations which have cleared the scientists of any wrong doing and supported the ‘honesty and rigor’ of their work.

    The dishonesty and lack of substance in your reporting is a disgrace to journalism.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    I have to wonder if this Opinion piece was written for no other purpose than to antagonize or bait the people to do “something”. If it was, then I want to remind any and all I have had it up to my eyeballs with manipulation, lies and conniving that I have seen so much of in my local, county, state and federal government entities and beyond These people speaking out are not the scum of the earth in my opinion – they have concerns but I highly doubt if the lowlife politicians, thieves and bureaucrats will give them the time of day – they more than likely will only be receiving the bird which they give me when I speak out.

  3. nonamers says:

    Not the scum of the earth? The Occupy movement is rife with violence, sexual assault, thousands of arrests, property damange, and untold cost to the taxpayers. Is that what you call “not scum of the earth”?

    Some links for you…links where people are highlighting what you don’t see in the news…





    Yes, that IS a plot by Occupy members to blow up a bridge in Cleveland, and yes, one of the five men arrested DID rent a warehouse where Occupy members are staying…so we know that he IS an Occupy member.

    If you’re looking for lowlifes, the Occupy movement seems to have plenty

  4. ThePatriot says:

    A low life is also a person who posts false information. The Occupy Movement was 99.99% peaceful and respectful. As there were in the Tea Party movement, there were single individuals who did bad things. To characterize the whole movement with the actions of these few people is to lie.

    To take photos or videos from outlier events or events that had nothing to with the Occupy Movement and then use them to paint the movement in a false way is deceitful, sinful, and morally repugnant. To see the reporting on the movement on ABC, CBS and NBC and then seeing it reported on Fox was like seeing two different movements. Except the Fox segments always showed the same 10-15 seconds of the same arrests for months on end.

    It is worrisome that people who claim to love this Country and support the Constitution think nothing of using lies and deceit. Also, they appear rabid and against any free speech with which they disagree.

  5. nonamers says:

    Yeah, right, Patriot. Whatever Koolaid you need to sell yourself to make it all right for you. There aren’t any lies in the links provided. The May Day Occupy protest that ended up with a TV news van smashed isn’t just an open celebration of “free speech”. It’s the type of violence that has marked a lot of the Occupy protests, not just the made-up .01% number that you quote. Shall we count a tally of Occupy violence?

    – a dozen deaths, including three murders;
    – more than a dozen rapes;
    – more than 25 disgusting cases of indecent exposure, public defecation, etc;
    – more than 500 thefts;
    – more than 6,800 arrests;
    – in excess of $12 million in property damage


    There’s no evil conspiracy out to silence the Occupy movement. But there is a very well-documented history of violence. You just have to open your eyes to see it.

  6. nonamers says:

    @Patriot – we’ll try again since my other comment is still waiting “moderation”. Seems like the website flags any post that has links in it and we all have to wait for someone at GN to get around to okaying it. And since we’re retrying the post, I’ll keep it simple for you;

    Prove that the violence is a lie. I’ve provided quite a few links where people are actually tracking the Occupy violence. It’s not an isolated incident. It’s inherent to the movement. Occupy protesters WANT to be able to break the law and disrupt the lives of people, regardless of whether or not they’re actual targets of their protests.

    It’s not a lie that Occupy protesters squatted on public land without permit or permission, trespassed on private land, then whined when, after weeks of letting them have their “free speech”, had the audacity to whine about being asked to leave…and rioted when police actually had to enforce the laws. And all of it…including cleanup of months worth of trash…comes out of the taxpayer’s pocket.

    It’s not a lie that Occupy protesters had to be forcibly held back from blocking parents taking their small children into day care. Or the Occupy protesters who threw a 70 year old woman down a flight of stairs. It’s not a lie that the May Day Occupy protest featured protesters throwing paint bombs and similar explosive-type devices at police. And smashed up a news van. If my other post ever gets posted, check the link with the pictures from the May Day Occupy protest.

    You can pretend all you want that the “important” part of the Occupy message is the only part of the Occupy movement, but the rest of the world out in Reality Land is forced to look at the ENTIRE Occupy movement. And what we see is ugly.

  7. nonamers says:

    @Patriot – By the way, you mention the Tea Party?

    Find us links where ANY Tea Party event featured rape. Or rioting. Or public defecation. Or even protests without permits.

    Since you saw fit to compare the two, find us ANYTHING involved with the Tea Party that equates to the mass and scale of the ubiquitous violence featured in the Occupy protests. If you’re going to make the claim, back it up or else you make yourself the lowlife liar.

  8. ThePatriot says:

    Like I said: rabid

  9. nonamers says:

    How typical, Patriot. You make a bunch of angry, unsubstantiated allegations, but when questioned, you shoot the messenger instead. It’s almost like you can’t support the things you say so you have to attack people instead.

    You don’t want to be questioned? Try telling the truth instead of making up random numbers and insulting people you disagree with. Tired of seeing “rabid” responses to your rabid posts? Maybe you oughta look at your own rabidity first.

  10. ThePatriot says:

    My apologies for responding so late; but I was just leaving for a 30 day road trip and did not have time to work on nonamers’ selective version of the truth. Violence and acts of disgusting human waste are not part of the OWS movement. These are overzealous and ignorant individuals who do not represent the OWS movement. But, of course, the truth of the OWS movement is an inconvenience for the authoritarians of this Country who want to force their fantasies on America.

    Reports from PJ Media focus only on Seattle and Oakland. They conveniently say nothing about the peaceful demonstrations in Albany, NY; LA; San Francisco; Chicago and Denver. Here is a link that does report on protests at all the sites including the violence in Seattle and Oakland which the OWS movement condemns.


    The reports (from the Power Line blog) of murders, rapes and public defection are just stated and not sourced to any legitimate news outlet. This link tells the true story:


    Bomb plot: The Cleveland OWS movement cancelled their May Day rally in protest of the bomb plot. They do not want to be associated with violence and the actions of such individuals. Here is the full story.


    NBC Nightly News ignore bomb plot: The above link proves it was not ignored by NBC. It was reported on MSNB. I learned about it by watching one of the morning MSNBC shows. I don’t watch the late after afternoon and evening shows on MSNBC because the reporting, while accurate, is too partisan.

    The bomb plot was also reported by the Huffington Post on May 7th.


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