February 8, 2016

Newspaper staff members earn awards of excellence

Two Gardner News writers will be recognized in the 2011 Kansas Press Association Awards of Excellence competition for stories they wrote in 2010.

Reporter Corbin H. Crable received a first place finish in the “Series” category for three articles about southwest Johnson County’s ties to the Clutter murders. His series, called “The Origins of Evil” appeared in three editions of The Gardner News in June 2010.

Reporter Danedri Thompson earned a second place in the “Government/Political” category for a Jan. 6, 2010 story, “Political committee likely in violation of campaign finance laws.”

The KPA sponsors the Awards of Excellence competition to recognize outstanding work by Kansas newspapers. In 2010, 77 Kansas newspapers submitted more than 3,500 entries in 53 categories that focused on writing, photography, design, advertising and newspaper websites.
Crable and Thompson will receive plaques for their work during an awards ceremony on April 30 in Junction City.


  1. Now that is more like it. Newspapers can make a difference – a difference that counts for citizens. Just like the LA Times receiving a top award for all of their reporting on corruption within cities in California – citizens would not even be aware of so much if it were not for newspapers and decent citizens stepping forward.

    How many times do government entities ignore the requests or the cries of the citizens when they feel something is not right? For several months now I have been trying to get a report from the Johnson County legal department as to why 38 business entities at New Century are not paying property taxes or a very small portion (such as Century Link which is paying around $31,000 this year and yet their full tax bill should be over $800,000 – think of the lost school tax dollars just on that one business and this has been going on for YEARS.) Calvin Hayden, our district commissioner and Sen. Rob Olson have given me some lip service on this issue but that is about all and the rest of the Commissioners and Hannes Zacharius, the County Manager, continue to ignore my requests. I was told the only way they would talk to me about this issue would be where the Jo. Co. legal department would be at the table. Wouldn’t you say that tells you this is a touchy issue. Consequently, I told them to give me and ALL CITIZENS a written report on these businesses – how did each exemption come about, what exemption is in place for each business, how long will the citizens lose tax dollars, etc., etc.????

    Newspapers and concerned, educated, informed citizens can truly make a difference – it boils down to whether they WANT TO AND WHAT THEY STAND FOR – that is my OPINION.

  2. congrats says:

    Congratulations on A JOB WELL DONE. You are both great reporters. Danedri way to stick with the story, you’ll probably win another award next year.

  3. HAL 9000 says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed each story and congratulate you both on your success. We are gaining on the bad guys. Keep up the pressure!

  4. Wow…must have been a low-level year for quality work.

  5. Wow! Tom must be another one of the backstabging jerks living in this area……..I bet I know which cult you belong to, Tom…………

  6. Tom- sounds like sour grapes from someone who regularly profits from the evil doers who patronize his “tax abated” business. You scratch his back, if you’re on the council, and he’ll scratch yours.

  7. Keep up the good work, Danedri. Expose these people for who they really are and really work for!

  8. Like a pack of wild dogs on you Tom. Be careful don’t voice your opinion or they will chase you down.

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