February 14, 2016

New sewer plant opens

Gardner and Edgerton officials gathered to celebrate the opening of Big Bull Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility. The plant construction was jointly funded by both cities. Staff photo by Danedri Thompson

Gardner and Edgerton officials gathered to celebrate the opening of Big Bull Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility. The plant construction was jointly funded by both cities. Staff photo by Danedri Thompson


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    And the ignorant people of Gardner wonder why their water, sewer and electric bills and taxes are so high……they bring it on themselves by paying the huge infrastructure costs for the thieves who don’t want to pay their taxes or assessments and get their “farm” appraisals but thanks to your slimy politicians and bureaucrats the thieves are still smiling on the way to the bank and working people are digging their own graves into poverty because they enable and support these lowlifes……….the people who have such power just never seem to get it and City Hall and the thieves take full advantage of the situation that they have brought about for years……….

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    Maybe, just maybe, citizens might want to review their city’s 2014 Budget by going to http://gardnerkansas.gov/images/uploads/Administration/Budget/2014%20Budget%20Overview.pdf

    It should be quite clear why the citizens’ utility bills and taxes are so high and will be going even higher………..that is if the citizens want to face the truth of how slimy their politicians and bureaucrats are along with the thieves…………the lies, conniving, manipulation and moral corruption are alive and going strong…………

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    On June 27, 2012 I sent an e-mail to Doreen Pescek, Gardner City Clerk at that time, with the following question:

    “3. What will be the appoximate KPER’s employer paid amount or percentage of salary per employee be in 2014 when the 47% increase kicks in and what is the employer paid amount or percentage now and what is the city’s plans to cover this increase or are you going to wait until the last minute and figure it out then?”

    I received the following answer by e-mail from Laura Gourley on June 29, 2012:

    “The KPERS increase over the 4-year span from when the increases begin in 2014 through 2017, inclusive, is 47%.

    On Page 12 of your Gardner City Proposed 2014 Budget you will find the following statement:

    “As the General Fund includes 72% of the City’s human assets(not including Gardner Energy), the greatest impact of the aforementioned implementation of the merit pool and state-mandated
    increases to KPERS and KPF are shown in the $.72 million increase to Personal Services.Additionally,4 staff positions (Special Projects Manager, Administrative Assistant, and 2 police officers)were included for 2014.”

    $720,000 alone to pay for the increased cost of the pension plans for city employees due to KPERs being $8 BILLION IN THE RED and I hate to think if there is a similar increase for KPE. And it appears this $720,000 is just for one year. And the city of Gardner has been hiring new employees like crazy since the first of the year due to their manipulation and conniving and they got the asinine Council to sign off of it. Just this past week they advertised for three more NEW positions according to their ad with possible total wages of $214,908. One of those positions is for a City Administrator Management Manager and to me that position carries almost identical duties that the past assistant mgr. carried – they said they weren’t going to fill that position and were going to get a Community Development Director instead. They are getting both of those positions filled by merely changing the title of the position – more conniving and manipulation in my book.

    I do not know how citizens are going to continue to bankroll these excessive pension plans and taking care of the thieves along with all of the other crap that goes on. But the citizens continue to bankroll all of these government workers and politicians who are stabbing them in their backs along with stabbing their wallets even more.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    The actual title of the NEW position I was referring to above is City, Administration, Management Analyst.

    The City of Gardner has also advertised for the NEW position of Fiscal Services Division Manager at a cost up to $87,072 per year and who will report to Gourley…………I don’t know what Gourley will now be doing………perhaps counting her toes while the taxpayers pay her probably at least another $90,000 per year and a lovely, millionaire retirement program……..hopefully she isn’t collecting TWO retirement programs bankrolled by the citizens like the City Mgr. gets………..

    The last NEW position advertised is for an Accountant to the tune of up to $54,624……..I guess she will help with Gourley’s terrible workload too…………….

    Then here in a year or so they will all be leaving citing that they aren’t paid enough………..more wrong with City Hall than low pay in my opinion………….way, way more……………

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    Please note Gourley’s snarky reply to my Question No. 3 indicated above…………she really didn’t answer my questions……..she repeated what I told her……this is the kind of crap you get from City Hall time and time again………..you sure as hell haven’t heard the bureaucrats or the politicians talking about this huge increase in pension costs, have you????? That is because they are never forthcoming with you…………they only tell you what they have to and then most of the time, the information is hidden deep down in some document……….that is my opinion………..you better be ready to dig for the information you really need and be able to comprehend what the Sam Hill they REALLY are doing…………..

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    I have just finished reading Debbie Hickman’s article in the Gardner News about Gardner Energy installing smart meters in Gardner. For the year of 2014 they would install 500 meters for a cost of $200,000. They say smart meter installation would be completed in 2017. Well, since in 2009 the Jo. Co. Appraiser advised me there were 214 commercial entities in Gardner and 5,232 residential entities, they sure are going to have to install more than 500 meters per year – at that rate it would take them over 10 years to install all the new meters if they install one for each entity in the city – either that or there are a whole lot of people living WITHOUT electricity.

    Then the following statement made by Bill Krawczyk, Electric Director, is the one that really caught my eye:

    “the meter and installation is provided at no cost to the customer”

    Is there a citizen out there who believes this statement? Did the Good Fairy fly into town and pick up that charge of $200,000 for the year of 2014 only???

    Somebody out there tell me again about my “transparent” government…………..and you are paying these jerks big money to tell you this crap………….

  7. Judith Rogers says:

    I hope citizen look at Page 15 of the city of Gardner’s Proposed 2014 Budget. There is a section titled the Wastewater Development Fund Budget. Can you see how much money citizens are having to pay for that slimy sewer plant that Edgerton did not have enough money for so good ole Drovetta and Press made a sweet deal with them so Gardner citizens can be involved in the costs and so the thieves who only want to pay 25% of their taxes plus other breaks can have their wants and needs met. Look at the debt service you are paying for 2013 and 2014 and how you are going into the hole because of these sweet deals made in the back room and then rubber stamped by most of your Council members. Look at how much farther in the hole you are for the Waste Water Fund Budget. Give me a freaking break people – can you not understand why your taxes and utilities are so damn high? Are you going to vote for these Council members if they rubber stamp this proposed budget? You have another deficit on the Electric Fund Budget – see Page 16. Don’t you wish you had that $1 MILLION that good ole Walmart is getting because of that financial raping TIF – don’t you think Walmart could have afforded to pay THEIR OWN DEVELOPMENT COSTS? I hope all citizens note the delinquency rate on those benefit district assessments as shown on Page 22 – keep in mind jaybirds like Gardner Bank and Simmons First National Bank who get citizen backed financing (at citizen risk also since it shows how many of the benefit district entities are not paying their assessments and in some situations aren’t paying their taxes either) are getting their “farm” appraisals and like Simmons First National Bank reduced their tax bill from over $5,000 for one year down to $3.08 – do you think those thieves and bureaucrats and politicians are taking you on an expensive, risk filled ride? I do.

    In conclusion our city mgr. says: “The City of Gardner has tremendous economic development opportunities.” I hope every citizen actually realizes what their role is and will be for tremendous economic development opportunities. That kind of crap has been going for a long time in Gardner and the citizens continue to sit around with their fingers up their noses – that is my opinion. I hope citizens enjoy paying for all of the high costs including paying the huge amounts of money for these bureaucrats to bring you a budget of this kind and you will be paying for it all while they and the thieves smile on the way to the bank and plan for their millionaire retirements, also bankrolled by you.

  8. Judith Rogers says:

    Think about it – http://www.nbcnews.com/business/pandemic-pension-woes-plaguing-nation-6C10825512?ocid=msnhp&pos=1. Citizens will be paying 47% more in 2014 for government workers retirement program in Kansas, KPERs, and they will still be underfunded You will be seeing these increased costs with your school districts, cities, counties and state government entities. Think your utility costs are getting out of hand…….I would say that is one of your minor concerns but still a definite concern since much of those costs are to take care of the thieves. Have your politicians and bureaucrats been talking about this huge increase of retirement costs with you??? Yeah, sure…………….

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