February 10, 2016

New KS House districts proposed

Danedri Thompson
Johnson County will likely add three new representatives to the Kansas House of Representatives next year.
A redistricting proposal, which easily passed a House committee on Monday, would separate Gardner, Edgerton and Spring Hill into three separate districts. Currently, all three communities are part of the 43rd District and are represented by Mike Kiegerl, R-Olathe.
Under the committee’s proposal, Gardner would belong to the 8th District. Spring Hill would remain a part of the 43rd District along with part of Olathe; and Edgerton would be a part of the 10th District, which includes Baldwin City.
The full house could debate the proposal, drafted to reflect population shifts in the 2010 census, as early as next week.
A Senate committee will debate its plan to redraw the Senate’s 40 districts later this week.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    When people have asked me who my representative is in the Kansas legislature for the past several years, I have continued to state that I have no representative considering how Kiegerl does not represent the average citizen but continues to only represent the special interests, big biz and the money boys, etc. and I don’t look for any big change in my lack of representation considering what I continue to see with respect to almost all representatives and senators in the state of Kansas and including the poor excuse we now have as a governor. The average Joe Blow is on their own in my opinion and they better have a fat bank acount to cover all of the costs that are placed on the little guy to cover the wants and needs of the bloodsuckers which include worthless politicians, bureaucrats and the thieves.

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