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Danedri Thompson
New faces will represent Gardner and Edgerton in the Kansas House of Representatives, Kansas Senate and on the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners.
They will be sworn into their respective offices after the ball drops on 2012.
They include:

John Toplikar,
6th District County Commissioner-elect
Toplikar represented the 6th District, which includes Gardner, Edgerton and parts of Olathe, on the county commission from 2003 to 2009. He narrowly lost re-election in 2008, but won the seat back in November 2012. He will take office in January 2013.

What issues or policies will be your priorities during the upcoming term?

My priority is to ensure that all essential county government functions are provided to the public.

What challenges do you anticipate during your term?

There is non-essential spending included in the budget now and more will be proposed to be included in future budgets. I will work hard to reign in wasteful spending so there isn’t pressure from other others to increase taxes to pay for excess spending.

Contact information:
Toplikar can currently be reached by phone at (913)780-5908. Once he takes office, he will also be available via a county email address and county office number.

Bill Sutton, 43rd District Kansas House of Representatives
Sutton of Gardner will be a newcomer once the legislative session starts in January. His district includes Gardner and Edgerton.

What issues or policies will be your priorities during the next term?

There are a lot of major issues facing us this session.  Two of the most critical are one, putting Kansans back to work; and two, insulating Kansas from the harmful effects of ObamaCare. This will mean making sure that KanCare is implemented smoothly, and making any changes there to make it work more comprehensively and efficiently. In this vein, I also want to make sure that our developmentally disabled population are treated effectively and in a timely manner.

What challenges do you anticipate during your term?

I think the school finance formula will be the most challenging issue.  We have to find a way to efficiently and effectively fund education, making sure that tax dollars make it to the teachers and classrooms.  This is where education spending best benefits our children.

Contact information:
Currently, Sutton can be reached through email at or by phone at (913)488-1665. Once he takes office, he will also be available via state email and state office number.

Julia Lynn, 9th District, State Senate
Although a long-time legislator, Lynn, of Olathe, will represent Gardner for the first time
when the session starts in 2013. Her district includes the northern half of Gardner and parts of Olathe. Lynn is seeking a leadership role as assistant majority leader in the Kansas Senate and said she hopes to represent all of Johnson County in that role. She also hopes to chair the Senate Commerce Committee.

What issues or policies will be your priorities during the next term?

My role would be defined as not only someone who helps the caucus with internal communications, and secondly that we’re communicating more effectively to our constituents using the more modern technologies that are available.

What challenges do you anticipate during your term?

I will have a partnership on behalf of Johnson County with Senate leadership to make sure that we get done what we promised and that the caucus is working together, and really taking the reigns of the Senate Republican message to the entire state.

Contact information:
Lynn can be contacted via email at, or by phone at (913)832-5311. During the legislative session she can be most easily reached through her Topeka office at (785)296-7382.

Pat Apple, 12th District, State Senate
A long-time legislator, this will be his first time representing part of Gardner and Edgerton in the state Senate. Apple, of Louisburg, did not respond to this questionnaire via email or via telephone.
According to the state legislative website, he can be reached at by phone at (785)296-7386 or by email at