February 8, 2016

New driver’s license bureau opens at Great Mall

TOPEKA – Kansas Department of Revenue opened its newest driver’s license bureau June 28 in Olathe’s Great Mall of the Great Plains.

The new bureau includes an express lane for drivers who just need to renew their licenses, more stations and the more secure photo first process where drivers will only need to stand in one line to get their license.

“This new space not only includes several user friendly features, it will allow the department to expand in the future and meet the growing needs of the south Johnson County community,” said Donna Shelite, director of vehicles.

The bureau replaces the department’s old driver’s license bureau on Ridgeview Road, where it had been for 15 years.

The Olathe bureau has become the state’s third busiest serving up to 500 people a day during peak times. The need had outgrown the old space, sometimes resulting in lines stretching out the office doors and people standing outside on hot days.

The new space inside the Great Mall will allow people to wait in more comfort. They will even be able to enjoy a snack at the mall’s food court while monitoring the line’s progress thanks to an electronic sign which will show what number is being served.

Those applying for a commercial or motorcycle driver’s license will also be able to take their driving tests onsite starting in mid-July.

“We are constantly looking for ways to make services more accessible to Kansans, this new bureau should increase efficiency while helping the Department of Revenue continue to grow into the future with Olathe and the surrounding area,” said Nick Jordan, revenue secretary.

The department’s old office at 1839 Ridgeview Rd., Olathe, closed June 24.

The move does not affect the motor vehicle sites located at 6000 Lamar Ave., Mission and 782 N. Ridgeview Road, Olathe which the Johnson County Treasurer’s Office operates. Those sites handle vehicle titles and registration.


  1. Oh boy, I get to go to the ghetto mall to get my license. I can’t stand in a line so what happens to me then??? Will they charge me extra because I am disabled???

    Hey, Nick, I doubt if the efficiency has improved but I know you want citizens to think so – when are you going to put into effect another increase in the cost for a drivers license??? Get those cronies of yours to pay their FULL taxes and not ask for ag assessments and we will be rolling in the dough and you could cut the cost of a drivers license in half for the citizens………….doubt if you do that, Nick, because I know who you and Brownback work for and it sure isn’t for average citizens – we are just your slush fund.

  2. Jeez Judy,

    Is there anything that wont set you off on a rant?

  3. Very little because there is very little that our governments are doing that is based on strong moral values such as honesty, ethics, integrity, character, etc. These government entities produce lots of fodder for a citizen to rant about. Guess the good ole cronyism, status quo government is fine with you, Skeptic and why we have so much of it, however, it is not fine with many decent citizens who care about their country and don’t deserve the crud we are getting for our hard earned dollars and dollars that go to the big boys who get richer while the middle class are placed in poverty more every day. Yeah, Skeptic, there is much to rant about………..

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