February 10, 2016

New DMV system shuts down

Mark Taylor


Tom Franzen, Johnson County treasurer, confirmed to The Gardner News that the controversial new state motor vehicle computer system shut down on June 29.

Franzen said it was the second malfunction in as many days. The system also briefly shut down June 28.

Franzen said he spoke to the secretary of revenue on the morning of  June 29 and could not get an explanation for the system failure.

The Kansas Department of Revenue issued a press release the same day asking police to extend a two-week grace period for drivers with tags expiring on June 30.

This story will be updated as details become available.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Well, Nick Jordan has given you a taste of what he can do to the Dept. of Revenue – I really hate to think what Brownlee is doing to the Dept. of Labor and all of Brownback’s goons I am sure will totally put those poor people thru the wringer with his new KanCare program while the citizens pay for all of this lousy, slimy government. And all along Ins. Dept. Commissioner Praeger has wanted so bad to help Kansans by doing her job with respect to the coming healthcare program but oh, no, Brownback sends back federal tax dollars for that and we will probably be under federal guidelines instead of some we would have set up ourselves for insurance exchanges and much more……..that is what happens when you have such hate and lie mongers around to call the shots……….the PEOPLE suffer while they play their ego and rotten political games and are so far to the right they are falling off a cliff. Only citizens can take care of much of these problems and if they don’t do their jobs, it will only get worse along with a higher price for absolutely terrible job performance.

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