February 6, 2016

New Casey’s store gets preliminary approval

Danedri Thompson
The intersection at Madison Street and Moonlight Road gets an ‘F’ grade during morning and afternoon rush hours, but the construction of a new convenience store on the southwest corner won’t make it much worse, planners said.
City planners recommended that members of the Gardner Planning Commission approve a preliminary plat for the construction of a new Casey’s General Store at a Jan. 28 meeting.
Michelle Leininger, city planner, said the intersection’s level of service during peak traffic in the morning and afternoon is an ‘F’ and an ‘A-F’ scale, similar to the grading scale.
“It doesn’t function at the level of service for very long each day,” she said.
She told commissioners that city engineers don’t think the intersection needs signalization at this time, even with the addition of a new store on the corner.
There are nine factors that trigger the need for traffic signals at intersections. The triggers include things like vehicle volume, school crossings, accident history at the intersection and if the intersection is part of a larger road network.
“It’s kind of a culmination of multiple things,” she said.
Although there are a number of factors officials consider when signalizing roadways, Leininger said there’s no specific combination of triggers or factors that definitely indicates a signal is needed.
She said city engineers and traffic consultants say that putting in traffic signals prematurely can make intersections less safe.
Planning commissioners recommended approval of the preliminary plat for the new store. City council members also must approve the preliminary plans. Officials will also be asked to approve a final plat before construction can begin.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    I do NOT understand the reasoning power of Gardner’s planning department………..they give the location an “F” during morning and evening rush hours………the very times when many citizens would be stopping there for gas and as the city grows and traffic increases, I would think more problems would arise for this location and for the citizens.

    It seems the planners ok when they shouldn’t and don’t ok when they should…………..and taxpayers are paying thousands and thousands of dollars every year for this type of “leadership and management”………..as usual the key here is “leadership” which time and time again is very questionable and seems to create problems/adverse affects rather than reducing them and at a hefty costs to citizens.

    Here are two requests for info I sent to the Gardner City Clerk and the Council today. Myself I do want to know how tax dollars are spent and I wish more citizens would make similar inquiries – perhaps the Gardner News could print citizen inquiries and the city’s reply to each inquiry – citizens would be more informed.


    In reviewing a recent list on expenditures, I note the citizens paid $600 for Mayor gift cards in the month of December. I need to know the amounts of the individual cards and the names of the individuals receiving them.

    I also note the citizens paying for two lunches, I presume for the city manager, for lunch meetings to review meeting agendas. I do not believe the citizens should be paying for these lunches. These meetings should be held during working hours at City Hall.

  2. This is the same city engineered the mess at Moonlight intersection near the rail tracks. I am not surprised they ok’d Casey’s. All they care about is pay and certificates on the wall.

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