February 11, 2016

Moonlight to become quiet rail crossing

The at-grade railroad crossing at Moonlight Road and Main Street will be a quiet zone in the near future. The designation will mean trains passing through the east side of Gardner will not be required to blow their horns.
David Greene, city public works director, said by the end of the month the crossing should receive formal quiet zone designation.
“We did have most of the physical attributes in place after the Moonlight project,” Greene said. “But we had to go through a process.”


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    How much did that “process” cost, in detail please, Mr. Greene??????

  2. Hooray from me. Boo-who from my 2 year old son.

  3. I agree with John, My 2 year old nephew loves the “choo trains’ but the horns get old over a hundred times a day. Living close to the tracks it gets annoying. This includes the late night engineers that have the across town horn blowing fun. Although I am surprised that all that money spent that Judith (the usual Gardner news nagger) brought up, that they didn’t spend the extra money on the sidewalk crossing gates like other “silent crossings” have.This coming from seeing pedestrians crossing the tracks with the gates and lights activated.

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