February 6, 2016

Moonlight subcontractor to do side job for city

Danedri Thompson

A Moonlight Road project subcontractors picked up a side job on Monday after Gardner City Council members approved a $23,500 contract for an overlay to south Moonlight Road between Grand and Warren Streets.

David Greene, city public works director, told council members Nov. 15 that the portion of Moonlight is showing signs of wheel tracks and alligator cracking.

“The overlay we’re proposing will last us a couple of years,” Greene told council. “Maybe three.”

Greene said an overlay project on that part of Moonlight probably would’ve been on the list last year, however base failure on 183rd Street took precedence, and a potential Moonlight overlay was scrapped due to budget constraints.

Greene said the asphalt subcontractor on Moonlight, Superior Bowen Asphalt Company, would try to accomplish the project as soon as the end of this week.

“If approved, I’m trying to get it during off-peak hours,” Greene said. “… This will be a one day deal.”

As early as Tuesday morning, Greene said city staff would be notifying residents who may be affected by the project. It shouldn’t cause much trouble to area businesses, he explained, because the work will be further south of businesses along Santa Fe Road and Moonlight Road.

However, the road work will result in a single-lane of traffic on Moonlight during the one-day construction period.

Greene said although the project wasn’t in the city’s budget, approximately $30,000 remains in the city’s Special Highway Fund and can be used to fund it.

In other business, city council members:

• approved a truck route ordinance. The ordinance designates as truck routes, Center Street south of Gardner Road, 167th Street between Moonlight and Waverly Roads, Main Street, Moonlight Road north or Main Street, Old U.S. 56 Highway and 175th Street west of Waverly Road and east of Interstate 35.

approved an agreement with the Johnson County Board of Commissioners for improvements to 191st Street between Waverly Road and Gardner Road. Under the terms of the agreement, the city will purchase right-of-way within city limits for the project, while the county will provide design, utility relocation and construction costs.


  1. That city budget is to meet the requirements of the law and then the shuffling of the money begins and goes on for the year and this has gone on for year after year after year after year……………you have to be an expert to keep up with the shell game it appears…………tell me about that outside audit (paid for by taxpayers) that says everything is hunky dory…….we don’t have money in the budget for this project so we will just use these other funds……….the APPOINTED Electric Board goes along with that mentality also along with the APPOINTED Council…..but in the end the citizen taxpayer is paying and in many ways…………….

  2. Sorry Judith, but the citizens of Gardner can’t vote on every position in the city. You need to come to terms with that.

  3. Mark, I am very aware of that fact but I would hope the citizens would be aware of what their votes have brought them in the long run………..all need to realize the proximate cause of these problems……….it takes some critical and independent thinking to get to that cause………it’s not rocket science but it does take someone who just doesn’t buy into the constant propaganda and rhetoric that is fed to them in an ongoing way and people who have some strong moral values which doesn’t seem to be too prevalent these days ………..

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