February 6, 2016

Missourians should send McCaskill message she’ll understand in 2012

Danedri Thompson


Seriously, Missouri, would you do something about Sen. Claire McCaskill?

I would never presume to tell the good folks just east of here what to do (fire her), but one of your senators is quickly becoming a laughing stock of at least half of the nation.

Missourians did the right thing in passing Proposition C on Tuesday evening.

Voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot initiative that seeks to exempt Show-Me-Staters from purchasing mandates in the recently-passed federal healthcare law. By a margin of almost 4 to 1, Missouri voters rejected the mandate Aug. 3.

The ballot initiative was largely symbolic – but should’ve sent a message to and a shiver down the spines of federal lawmakers that ramrodded the bill through Congress earlier this year.

McCaskill told reporters on Wednesday – “Message received.”
“I certainly noticed the vote on Prop C, the healthcare law, and: message received,” she said.

Sadly, I think the senator may be suffering from earwax build-up, because immediately following her “message-received” statement, she explained why the nearly two-thirds of Missourians just didn’t understand the new law.

“I think there has been … a lot of noise about the mandate that people have gotten so focused on that they don’t realize that there’s going to be more access and affordability and more choices,” she said.

Actually, senator, I think they understand the law and they don’t like it. That was the message Missourians were trying to send on Tuesday. Their votes didn’t signify that they needed or wanted a lesson to understand it.

But McCaskill believes that’s exactly what’s missing.

“I know there’s a lot of work we need to do on not just the provisions of the law, but most importantly, making sure everyone knows what’s in the law,” she said. “And I can only be hopeful that as time goes on, more and more people realize the positive things that are in the bill.”

She dithered on noting that more Republicans voted in the primary election on Tuesday, and complaining that she wished Republicans would heed the message voters sent in 2007. No word yet on exactly what message that was.

While she said she got the message after Tuesday’s election, her words lead this columnist to believe she missed the mark. She’s up for re-election in 2012, and Missourians should send her a much clearer message two years from now. The message should say: “You’re fired.”


  1. I think Claire should get a medal myself. This proposition C is a money waster for the people. How can you say you do not want the law when so many people do not even know how the law will affect them. All Proposition C will accomplish is putting more dollars into attorneys’ coffers. A lot of fear mongering with no substance as far as I can tell. Will the health care reform be perfect – no, it won’t but it will be a start in something that was so needed for the people of this country especially if you were one of those people who couldn’t get insurance on the open market at an affordable price and I have first hand experience on that one – I was basically without health care insurance for 18 months because of the lousy system that was in place with no company willing to insure me. There are millions here in our country who have lost their jobs in the past two years and have lost their health care insurance right along with it – what would their options be without this reform – there would be no options except to have their fellow citizens pay for their health care. I want everyone insured and meet their responsibilities even if I have to subsidize to some extent – a lot better than the citizens paying the full load of them not having health care insurance and we have to pay for all of their costs. You have state laws with respect to having insurance in order to own and drive a vehicle – the same needs to be in effect for health care insurance – hold some people responsible and accountable and make health care insurance affordable with coverage available to ALL.

    Claire is one of the few elected officials who said NO to earmarks and which every other elected official needs to be doing to stop the cronyism government which is so costly to the American people. Claire has been fighting very strongly to get government contracts in line and make sure the shennigans on that is stopped just like the city of Gardner needs to be doing. She has also stood tall to get more consumer protections for the people in the financial reform bill which was recently passed – all someone needs to do is read their stupid bank credit cards to know their wrongdoing needs to be reined in and then we also have the lenders and investment banks and crooked appraisers who did such a job on all of the American people. Anybody who doesn’t think those entities need to be regulated is someone of the same low level of quality in my book.

    I have had a lot of cruddy things crammed down my throut by the government, especially here in Gardner and Johnson County, but wanting all people to have health insurance is sure not one of them. It is the smart thing to do to control costs, provide coverage for all and bring financial stability in the long run to our people and our government. I cannot think of one single reasonable minded person who would think it would be to their advantage to NOT have health care insurance unless it was another taker wanting the people to take care of them such as big biz and the developers have done for some time which brings you such a nice high tax bill. It will cost me a whole lot less if everyone is insured rather than me paying for the people who don’t want to contribute to the cost of their health insurance costs – that law is fine with me to make people responsible for their costs – I have had it taking care of the takers. But that insurance has to be AFFORDABLE – you can’t blame people for not carrying insurance if there is no way they can afford the sky high premiums and many times for cruddy coverage.

    So, Claire, thank you and keep up the good work!!!!!! Still much work that needs to be done and I am sure health care reform will need more adjustements in the future but basically I, too, think everyone should be insured.

  2. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Well done, Danedri. Although I am generally an admirer of Sen. McCaskill, I think this is a much better-crafted piece than your recent whiney babble about a Florida teacher. This is a more appropriate way to showcase your skills.

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