February 10, 2016

Meetings scheduled for USD 231 bond issue

USD 231 School District is hosting a series of informational meeting on the upcoming school bond issue.  The bond issue will go before the voters on Jan. 31, 2012.
Below are dates, times and locations of scheduled meetings open to all Gardner and Edgerton community members:
Monday, Oct. 3, Moonlight Elementary, 6:30 p.m.
Monday, Oct. 4, Nike Elementary, 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday, Oct. 19, Pioneer Ridge Middle School, 4 p.m.
Tuesday, Nov. 1, Sunflower Elementary, 7 p.m.
Wednesday, Nov. 2, Wheatridge Middle School, 6 p.m.
Tuesday, Nov. 8, Edgerton Elementary, 3:45 p.m.
Tuesday, Nov. 15, Gardner Elementary, 6:30 p.m.
Thursday, Nov. 17, Gardner Edgerton High School, 7 p.m.
For more information, contact Leann Northway, director of community relations, (913) 856-2000 or visit the USD 231 website at www.usd231.com.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    I have to wonder how much the School District will be charging the citizens for information they may request at these meetings. The following indicates how I requested information in August for salaries by employee and Mr. Gilhaus states he will have to charge me for this information which I highly question the need to since the finance director or whoever handles payroll should have this information on their computer system and I feel it would be readily available and the citizens have already paid to compile this information. Another method of stonewalling just like the city of Gardner utilizes when they don’t want you to have information which definitely should be available to citizens since they are the ones paying the salaries. Sad, sad government brought to you by sad, sad highly paid administrators and worthless politicians in my opinion. I will NOT be voting for this school bond issue.


    12. On the June 13, 2011 Meeting the Board approved supplemental contracts,
    classified compensation and the Building Administrator and Director salaries for
    the 2011-12. I need to be advised what these positions/employee name/salaries
    are that were approved.

    Gilhaus’s Reply: 2011-12 Salaries for Classified, Building Administrators and Directors remained the same as
    their current (2010-11) salaries. If you would like detailed information regarding employee
    positions, names, salaries and supplemental positions it will require a large amount of
    employee time to obtain. Per the district’s Kansas Open Records Act Procedure, the cost
    would be $15 per hour and 25 cents per copy. Please let me know if you would like the
    district to proceed with providing this information.

  2. Good, I’m glad the district isn’t giving away people’s time. For someone so concerned about people and businesses getting a free handout, you sure don’t live by your own word Judith.

  3. payroll reports says:

    There should be no charge for this. No company can make payroll without providing payroll schedules, if for nothing else tax purposes. If it takes the district a long time to determine salaries, etc., in this computeried age, they are very inefficient. For whatever reason, he doesn’t want you to have the information.

  4. Freddyhusker says:

    I am betting the reason they charge a fee is to keep people from asking for huge a mounts of information all the time. It keeps workers from doing their everyday work and winds up costing us all more in the long run. If public offices don’t have some type of charge, they would spend all their time doing reports for citizens and no time governing the city, state, country. Or, they would have to hire extra workers to compile the reports and raise taxes to pay them. Payroll Tax is correct that it should not take much time to compile this report, but if it takes time to stop the task you are working on, do the report, send it to the requstor, and then get back to what you were working on.

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    You go along with this stonewalling and you will never have an open and transparent government – you will be enabling and supporting the back room deals and the rigged processes.

    Gilhaus replied to several other questions, didn’t answer the questions and beat around the bush but when you get to questions the worthless politicians and bureaucrats really don’t want to answer, they pull out the money card and start wanting to charge you. Charges they know I cannot afford to pay and this is their way of shutting down the information highway to the people. I have experienced this process numerous times – it is not that a citizen is wasting their time because you have records showing you haven’t contacted them that many times for information which you are entitled to – it is a matter of them not wanting you to have the information for numerous reasons.

    You also have the cronyism involved when they will give the information to one person but deny giving the information to another. The stink alarms should be going off in our halls of government – especially for those who enable and support this type of government.

    Make your choices but myself I will NOT be supporting those who operate in this manner – especially those who the citizens are paying nearly a quarter of a million dollars a year and to be treated in such a shabby manner. Gilhaus pulled this same crappy attitude over a year ago when he wanted to charge me for dropout rates that I requested and the Board of Education backed him on that too and he had the information all along and could have referred me to the Kansas Dept. of Education’s website which showed the information and which they had already submitted the information to. I spoke personally to the Secretary of Education on this matter at that time and she assured me I should not have been treated in this manner and she said she would be talking to Gilhaus about the matter – if she did talk to him, evidently the conversation was just another example of lip service given to to citizens but the unethical behavior continues. This method of management is about much more than wasting any of their time – this is a matter of them using their power and control as their arrogant attitude allows them to and because the people are allowing this type of government to exist and to flourish.

    I will not support a bond issue that involves millions of dollars for NON-EDUCATION items nor will I support so-called leadership of this kind.

  6. payroll reports says:

    It may take time, but that is what we’re all paid to do. If I complained everytime I had an interruption, I’d be fired. We can’t pick and choose our tasks based on whether it’s annoying or inconvenient. And as I said before, this shouldn’t be a “large amount of information.” This information is required to be kept in report form to report taxes. (I would love to tell the IRS that it’s too difficult or time consuming to provide this information!) If the district has a computer, it should just require pressing the print button. If they are still using hard copy, they could copy and mail it. Excuses are excuses. They should just be honest and say they don’t want to be bothered with giving the info out.

  7. Gardner Resident says:

    Judith – It is quite obvious that you are a negative person who likes to hear their big mouth run. You truely have no clue as to what you are writing about. Again you just like to shoot off your big mouth and frankly, I am tired of it!!!!! My advice to you is to pack it up and move on….to a mental institute!

  8. Judith Rogers says:

    Gardner Resident loves the free press and his freedom of speech to press his message of hate………..I’ll be looking for more of your words of wisdom or those of his cronies……..you should feel better now that you have had your opportunity to Judith bash………I feel so bad……I think I will go into my living room and cry my eyes out………..I also like how he won’t take ownership of his comments………another one of Gardner’s Finest cowardly backstabbers………maybe he can take a character class with Gilhaus………

  9. Message of hate? says:

    Let’s go to the scorecard!

    In the comments of this article, Judith posted 633 words compared to Gardner Resident’s 63. Gardner Resident posted a single post representing only 10% of what Judith posted.

    In their comments, both used unpleasant words to refer to others. Gardner Resident used the words (with reference to Judith):

    negative person, big mouth (twice), and mental institute

    …while Judith used the following words toward an array of people.

    worthless politicians, back room deals and the rigged processes, worthless politicians and bureaucrats, cronyism, stink alarms, crappy attitude, unethical behavior, cronyisn, message of hate, owardly backstabbers, Judith bash

    So…with regards to who might be construed as carrying, as Judith described it, “a message of hate”, what does this scorecard suggest, eh? Who would be better described as being the harbinger of ill will.

    Fortunately, she’s right that we live in a country that allows her the free speech to accuse others of doing, instead, what she so frequently does herself a thousand percent more.

  10. Judith Rogers says:

    What is great is that Gardner Resident is God’s gift and Judith is the bad girl from Babylon……..jokers always have their own set of reasoning and systems to evaluate and remember if your opinion is different than what is the propaganda koolaid of the day you will be bashed……….count on it…….the status quo in all of their glory……….

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