February 11, 2016

Mayor candidates provide presentations

Photo by Rick Poppitz, kcvideo.com

Photo by Rick Poppitz, kcvideo.com

Video: Rick Poppitz, kcvideo.com
Special to The Gardner News
WATCH VIDEO At a Feb 28 forum candidates gave presentations and responded to questions. Links for Gardner City Council and USD 231 candidate presentations will be provided as they become available the first week of March. The forum was sponsored by Gardner Edgerton Republican Group.
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  1. Judith Rogers says:

    In my opinion both of the candidates for Gardner Mayor will bring you more of the same ole status quo government you have had for years and which has resulted in citizens being in one of the top three highest taxed cities in Johnson County and to say nothing about being in the HIGHEST TAXED SCHOOL DIST. IN THE COUNTY AND POSSIBLY IN THE WHOLE STATE. . Morrow has rubber stamped anything and everything placed before him by Drovetta and City Staff since he was elected into office – if he ever voted NO then I believe you would have to hunt hard for that NO vote or votes. He and the appointed Drovetta clones and all of the candidates running for City Council will be bringing you more of cronyism government. When they all say “WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS” then I believe every average citizen should be scared out their apathy. The new Community Development Mgr. you are now paying for is there at City Hall for one reason only and that is to wheel and deal with the thieves who will want a deal for their benefit but one that average citizens will be paying dearly for and for years at that. If you don’t know the drill or can’t see thru all of the propaganda, rhetoric, etc. that has been put out there for years, then you never will.

    So far I have seen no candidates for office with the city of Gardner that is worth a citizen’s time to rush to the polls to vote for. They are the same ole Republican Party and Chamber of Commerce and Koch Bros. entities who will be working for big biz, investors, developers, etc. and the average citizens will seldom, if ever, be at the table but continue to be the ATM to pay the costs and expenses for those entities who don’t want to pay for them such as not paying the same utility rates as a citizen nor do they want to pay their full taxes of all kinds for the needs of the community, county or state.

    I hope to be bringing you more detailed information in the days ahead on things your city never talks about but which is costing you, the citizen, dearly and comment further on candidates for office.

    These are my opinions and much different than what you normally hear from your politicians. A politician I am NOT – I look at myself as a realist and someone who treasures the TRUTH and who wants the FULL STORY IN LIVING COLOR on important issues given to the people and which I think citizens very seldom get. But the saddest thing I have found is that you give citizens all the information they should have and they continue to enable and support losers that are doing them in. You get the government you deserve, enable and support.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    I want some politicians/bureaucrats like Savannah to work for me…….the 911 guy sure was a winner and the parents evidently were doing a fantastic job of rearing Savannah………..


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