February 13, 2016

Marriages and Divorces

Bekhzod Sheralievich Ashurov, 31, Kansas City, MO and Dilnoza Anvar Kisi Hamraeva, 21, Overland Park
Antonio Damon Barber, 39, Olathe and Shelby Lynn Dameron, 37, Olathe
Charles Camden Pat Tamisiea Burton, 23, Overland Park and Margaret Marie Hanzlick, 22, Overland Park
Abel Adan Duarte, 28, Shawnee and Nataly Chavarria, 24, Shawnee
Ryan Anthony Lane, 25, Kansas City, MO and Jessica Logan Riekenberg, 29, Kansas City, MO
Frank Raines, Jr, 52, Shawnee and Carol Ann Semaan, 51, Overland Park
Michael Joseph Ramsey, 38, Kansas City, MO and Karla Dawn Kistler, 41, Kansas City, MO
John Aaron Shaw, 58, Overland Park and Leslie Karon Weaver, 56, Overland Park
Jacob Thomas Summerlin, 27, Shawnee and Felicia Marie Dipede, 26, Lenexa
Joseph Deane Unruh, 52, Overland Park and Kristen Michele Beckner, 37, Lenexa
Brandon Michael White, 24, Shawnee and Leah Catherine Miller, 23, Shawnee
Michael Cole Wilson, 27, Bucyrus and Allison Rae Woodworth, 30, Bucyrus

Tiffany T. Day vs. Adam W. Day
Kendra Diane Hughes-Sam vs. Christopher Stuart Sam
Thomas Daniel Schulter vs. Jessica Schulter
Ladonna Sullivan vs. Michael Jl Sullivan

Shelley A. Erickson vs. Gregory J. Erickson
Casey David Hill vs. Summer Jade Hill
William A. Meredith vs. Deanna L. Meredith
Madonna Ozman vs. Dennis Ozman
Kim Williams vs. Randal Williams

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