May 29, 2015

Marriages and Divorces

Michael Glenn Abbott, 32, Overland Park and Danielle Cara Strauber, 27, Overland Park
Joseph Jared Acosta Cortes, 22, Overland Park and Brisa Jacqueline Ramirez, 22, Overland Park
Patrick John Bethke, 29, Shawnee and Kylee Jo Peak, 33, Shawnee
Jeffrey Paul Enevoldsen, 27, Lenexa and Melissa Marie Schmidt, 28, Lenexa
Michael Allen Feldhausen, 25, Overland Park and Melissa Jane Baer, 24, Overland Park
Walter Martin Molina, 31, Overland Park and Marysol Meza, 25, Overland Park
Wyatt Evan Naramore, 29, Mission and Kimberly Pearl Rosen, 28, Mission
Kelly James Waterman, 35, Bartlesville, OK and Kimberly Rae Perschall, 45, Bartlesville, OK
Akin John Wines, 34, Overland Park and Jaira Beth Gordon, 33, Overland Park

Cindy L. Collene vs. Todd D. Collene
Annette Essary vs. Ronald S. Essary
Lezlee Ann Bryan Ford vs. Mark Edward Ford
John L. Hess vs. Cathy A. Hess
Billie Joeckel vs. Monica Lester
Angela Denise Nodwell vs. Ronald Eric Nodwell, Jr
Heather Ann Proctor vs. Nicholas Edward Proctor
Michelle C. Stack vs. Brian W. Stack
Scott Toepfer vs. Brandy Toepfer
Carol L. Wilbeck vs. Brayden S. Wilbeck

Majid T. Ghavami vs. Margaret Ghavami
Olga Grunberger vs. Lee Grunberger
Aimee Melissa Hicks vs. Jesse Jerimiah Hicks
Sharon Kaye Holovach vs. Kelly Gene Holovach
Christine Isom vs. Christopher Isom
Krysti Mcmahon vs. Trevor Mcmahon
Elaine Minter vs. John Dennis Minter
Weiling Sun vs. Samuel Kim Mitchell
Rodney V. Odom vs. Ellen M. Odom
Julie K. Wilcox vs. Daniel J. Wilcox

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