February 14, 2016

Marriages and Divorces

Suhib Abdallah Alzaity, 23, Overland Park and Nicolasa Delgado-Marlin, 21, Overland Park
Jose Arthuro Andalon, 23, Kansas City, MO and Heather Nicole Mcguire, 21, Overland Park
Oliver David Bamaca Rodriguez, 25, Olathe and Amy Christine Spoede, 24, Kansas City, MO
Phillip Thomas Cangelose, 28, Raytown, MO and Tara Nicole Vancamp, 27, Raytown, MO
Richard Jason Chaffee, 28, Louisburg and Ryann Vi Green, 25, Louisburg
Rick Esteban, 46, Overland Park and Sissi Liliana Flores Luna, 48, Overland Park
Curtis Michael Falkner, 26, Overland Park and Jamie Nicole Farmer, 23, Overland Park
Clint Jason Freund, 39, Gardner and Jessica Marie Hermon, 27, Spring Hill
Joshua Don Furnas, 21, Olathe and Shelby Elizabeth Klein, 22, Overland Park
Justin Thomas Gibson, 35, Kansas City and Danielle Rae Fusaro, 37, Spring Hill
Gerome Guice, Jr, 44, Lenexa and Kyla Shevonn Crook, 44, Lenexa
Gerald Theodore Knight, 77, Overland Park and Delores Charlene Savage, 77, Overland Park
Scott Clark Long, 33, Gardner and Riah Lynn Hardin, 39, Gardner
Matthew Douglas Nugent, 40, Gardner and Amanda Janice Mulberry, 35, Gardner
Andrew Michael Orth, 50, Olathe and Belinda Lee Woods, 49, Olathe
Kenneth James Owen, 26, Overland Park and Ka Xiong, 30, Overland Park
Joseph Edward Rhea, Jr, 43, Overland Park and Susan Ruth Norkey, 42, Overland Park
Marcus Dewayne Robinson, 39, Mission and Judy Lynn Avery, 48, Mission
Todd William Wiechens, 28, Lenexa and Sara Marie Sattler, 20, Kansas City, MO
Jason Russell Wigley, 28, Olathe and Cierra Nicole Loe, 25, Olathe
Neal Ray Wilkins, 34, Shawnee and Stefanie Brooke Sullivan, 35, Overland Park

Timothy Robert Brook vs. Kimberly Ann Brook
Matthew Ryan Bench vs. Rachel Elizabeth Mathis
Lorinda Neff vs. Kenneth S. Neff
Sydney Lu Sauer vs. Gary Paul Sauer
Darrel Dean Schulte vs. Mary Virginia Schultz
Jennifer Lynn Sipes vs. Eric Lee Sipes

Kimberly Adwell vs. Mark Adwell
Mariella R. Dearmas vs. Evaldo De Armas
Darren W. Marshall vs. Catherine R. Marshall
Syed Farhan Haider vs. Salina Mian
Ryan Hoffman vs. Mirasha Moore
John Welch vs. Hyejin Welch
Sarah E. Wilson vs. Stephen P. Wilson
Jamie Zayed vs. Ashley Zayed

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