February 12, 2016

Marriages and Divorces

Bryan James Bailey, 27, Overland Park and Karen Marie Wells, 27, Olathe
Bradley Alan Beagle, 27, Lenexa and Christen Ann Dykmann, 26, Lenexa
Brian Scott Birk, 43, Roeland Park and Jennifer Marie Herrick, 38, Roeland Park
Joseph Thomas Brown, 30, Prairie Village and Whitney Lynn Coen, 29, Prairie Village
Wesley Eugene Clinger, 36, Olathe and Samantha Joy Vierra, 25, Olathe
David Thomas Dooley, 25, Overland Park and Sarah Elizabeth Dula, 25, Overland Park
Justin Levi Felts, 23, Olathe and Cressa Margaret Ford, 24, Olathe
Mathew Ryan Furse, 29, Leawood and Heather Rae Trafter, 28, Leawood
James Patrick Francis Hatler, 23, Kansas City, MO and Madeleine Grace Dorr, 19, Stilwell
Mark Edward Kramer, 25, Olathe and Angela Ko, 25, Olathe
Kyle Emmett Olberding, 28, Overland Park and Ashley Elizabeth Haddad, 28, Overland Park
Daniel Herbert Phelan, 29, Mission and Meredith Claire Luker, 24, Mission
James Michael Pratt, 33, Greensburg, PA and Chelsea Dawn Mcchesney, 23, Greensburg, PA
Kuat Kuat Reg, 31, St.joseph, MO and Suzan Patricia Albogast Mazula, 41, Overland Park
Alan Arthur Rose, 37, Overland Park and April Danielle Utley, 31, Overland Park
Mayco Santiago, 37, St Croix, VI and Sharmilet Roxane-mildred Webster, 30, St Croix, VI
Nicholas James Robert Seddon, 32, Orlando, FL and Cali Elizabeth Boyd, 33, Gardner
George Lester Singelton, 29, Camden, NJ and Maranda Renee Farrar, 31, Olathe

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