February 6, 2016

Marriages and Divorces

Aaron Michael Adcox, 25, Olathe and Lindsay Renee Williams, 25, Olathe
Jason Michael Barrett, 27, Independence, MO and Kelli Michelle Davis, 26, N Kansas City, MO
Kevin Michael Butler, 25, Independence, MO and Lauren Blair Massey, 26, Independence, MO
Scott Jonathan Dow, III, 78, Santa Fe, NM and Patricia Marie Williams, 67, Santa Fe, NM
Nicholas Robert Feldmann, 29, Overland Park and Erin Lynn Pike, 30, Overland Park
Dustin Shawn Fisher, 41, Overland Park and Angela Marie Busch, 31, Overland Park
Charles Herbert Fritz, 70, Olathe and Elizabeth Anne Francis, 75, Overland Park
Nicholas Isch Garrett, 24, Burlington and Lindsay Leigh Luina, 23, Lawrence
Samuel Ryan Hawkins, 32, Overland Park and Victoria Ann Weygint, 31, Overland Park
John Morrison Holt, III, 24, Colorado Spr., CO and Emily Ruth Boresow, 22, Leawood
Brent Gregory Jackson, 32, Olathe and Natalie Grace Lowe, 27, Olathe
Justin Cody Johnson, 30, Spring Hill and Rachael Danielle Hensley, 24, Spring Hill
Brian Henry Kaiser, 35, Kansas City, MO and Nicole Marie Jeffers, 29, Kansas City, MO
Travis John Kern, 26, Kalona, IA and Whitney Erin Boehler, 26, Olathe
Ajay Kumar, 40, Overland Park and Ishita Biswas, 44, Overland Park
Michael Allen Mall, 41, Overland Park and Jennifer Lee Stockton, 33, Shawnee
Christopher Lee Matsch, 25, Leawood and Katheryn Joy Seversen, 24, Overland Park
Frederick Willis Mosher, III, 36, Prairie Village and Jennifer Jeanne Walawender, 39, Prairie Village
Derrick Lamont Nelson, 40, Overland Park and Kathleen Grace Fortier, 40, Overland Park
Jason Paul Reighard, 25, Gardner and Nancy Kay Hopkins, 21, Gardner
Michael Robert Scheuer, 25, Olathe and Amelia Chandler Gaston, 25, Olathe
Ryan William Schmidgall, 26, Overland Park and Sarah Dell Little, 28, Overland Park

Rashida J. Bonds vs. Dejuan D. Bonds
William D. Mcmoran vs. Tesa L. Randall-Mcmoran

Steven L. Aycock vs. Tashina Aycock
Jewel Lynn Carter vs. Rochelle L. Carter
Erica M. Conaway vs. Mason Alan Conaway
Thomas Paul Hoffman vs. Mary Kelly Hoffman
Moah Chandler Kelly vs. Alyssa Michelle Kelly
Stanley H. Magady vs. Marianne Magady
Sarah R. Mchorse vs. Stephen S. Mchorse
Natosha Clausell vs. Olawale Ogunwale
David F. Peters vs. Mary C. Peters
Terry Oliver Pleasure vs. Lisa Elaine Pleasure

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