February 8, 2016

Marriages and Divorces

Clint Allen Breithaupt, 45, Olathe and Leslie Linnette Thomas, 43, Olathe
Christopher Terron Bruner, 34, Lenexa and Lindsay Patricia Miller, 33, Lenexa
James Virgil Davidson, 30, Richmond, VA and Nancy Helen Hull, 29, Richmond, VA
Alan Christopher Davis, 28, Overland Park and Amanda Marie Temple, 28, Overland Park
Eduardo Arturo Hernandez-Hedges, 22, Olathe and Kaitlyn Elise Phillips, 23, Olathe
Scott Joseph Hofer, 41, Olathe and Lesley Ann Mellody, 34, Gardner
Jarett Leo Malone, 28, Olathe and Kristina Maria Krout, 28, Olathe
Kyle Ryan Morris, 25, Prairie Village and Erin Nicole Hoag, 24, Prairie Village
Nelson Roberto Rodriguez, 33, Lenexa and Lizly Hernandez Dominguez, 30, Overland Park
Adam Carl Satteson, 27, Winston-salem, NC and Ellen Caroline Stolle, 26, Winston-salem, NC
Justin Ray Saving, 29, Overland Park and Laci Jo Beard, 26, Overland Park
Joseph Burton Shaw, 24, Overland Park and Stacy Christine Hall, 23, Overland Park
Sean Patrick Sweeney, 21, Lawrence and Emily Marie Whitlock, 20, Olathe
Guy Randal Watson, 50, Sugar Creek, MO and Melanie Ann Steinle, 49, Overland Park

Jeffery Bitner vs. Tobi M. Bitner
Jason Michael Dreiling vs. Christina Marie Dreiling
Stephen A. Edwards vs. Elisa L. Edwards
Susan D. Friend vs. Scott A. Friend
Kelly Lynn Robertson vs. Jason E. Robertson


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