February 9, 2016

Marriages and Divorces

Brian Keith Bottorff, 39, Shawnee and Daniela Arteaga Short, 42, Grimes, IA
Ryan Michael Burns, 26, Lenexa and Christina Sue Harms, 25, Lenexa
Thomas Bratten Chaffin, 59, Olathe and Carolyn Ann Clemens, 64, Olathe
Hardip Singh Dhariwal, 31, Lilburn, GA and Harshivnit Kaur, 26, Olathe
Joshua James Grauer, 23, Prairie Village and Meaghan Regina O’malley, 24, Overland Park
Strother Andrew Gross, 22, Edwardsville and Chelsea Victoria Crawford, 20, Edwardsville
Bradley Michel Herman, 23, Overland Park and Rachael Lynne Lambert, 22, Leawood
Christopher John Linnane, 42, Mission and Jeannine Lemoine Koranda, 37, Mission
Clifford Paul May, 47, Olathe and Sandra Ann Stark, 52, Bates City, MO
Nicholas James Paradise, 29, Olathe and Madison Paige Phillips, 25, Olathe
Christopher Allen Percival, 23, Fort Riley and Jessica Gabrielle Riley, 22, Olathe
Kanon Taylor Peterson, 23, Leawood and Sara Jean Bognanno, 23, Overland Park
David Morgan Richardson, 56, Parsons and Jettina Mae Mathes, 41, Altamont
Bryce Lee Romans, 22, Kansas City, MO and Jackie Lynn Taylor, 22, Kansas City, MO
Ray Michael Rondeau, 25, Olathe and Leslie Morgan Knox, 24, Olathe
Daniel Allen Sarow, 44, Lenexa and Nicole Elizabeth Pate, 26, Lenexa
Richard Lee Scheck, III, 39, Roeland Land and Deborah Marlene Rice, 56, Roeland Park
Matthew Arno Schumann, 24, De Soto and Jessica Clare Roughton, 21, Shawnee
Gary Paul Shackelford, 23, Harrogate, TN and Katelyn Renee Burke, 22, Shawnee
Kyle Anthony Shrader, 21, Shawnee and Alycia Marie Myers, 20, Shawnee
Alexander Eliot Simon, 24, Chicago, IL and Rachel Anne Shanberg, 23, Chicago, IL
Kevin Renard Taylor, 38, Overland Park and Patricia Kay Fields, 48, Lenexa
Charles Michael Templer, 47, Overland Park and Lisa Marie Boaz, 55, Overland Park
Taylor Larsen Wallace, 22, Overland Park and Ashley Lyn Mcconnell, 22, Overland Park
Devin Joseph Weis, 28, Overland Park and Jody Kaye Franklin, 25, Overland Park
Nicholas Randy Wilson, 33, Louisburg and Christina Lynn Smith, 30, Louisburg

Mary A. Blank vs. Barry L. Blank
Raphael M. Musau vs. Brianna S. Burke
Michael E. Campbell vs. Vicki L. Campbell
Elon L. Colla vs. Andrew S. Colla
Curtis Coons vs. Cheryl Jean Coons
Jean-baptiste Coupet vs. Marie Joelle Coupet
Todd Michael Huderle vs. Denise Gay Huderle
Timothy Leeper vs. Crystal Leeper
Rodney V. Odom vs. Ellen M. Odom
Phuong T. Richardson vs. Eric G. Richardson

Raul Ricardo Gomez vs. Jill Gomez
Theresa Labarge vs. Darin Labarge
Carlos Martinez vs. Juana Martinez
Adam Spies vs. Kerry Ann Nelson
Kiersten Goza vs. Marcelo Reydet

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