February 10, 2016

Marriages and Divorces

James Allen Bell, 40, Kansas City and Michelle Lea Blackaby, 0, Kansas City
Robert David Bixby, III, 37, Fayetteville, AR and Nanci Elizabeth Williams, 36, Fayetteville, AR
Reyes Eduardo Brito Bahena, 31, Belton, MO and Kristin Renee Kolasa, 22, Belton, MO
James William Dent, 25, Merriam and Janelle Kristine Larson, 25, Overland Park
Jessy Clayton Dizmang, 31, Lenexa and Meta Raye Penney, 31, Lenexa
Jared Ryan Ernzen, 31, Overland Park and Emilia Kay Buck, 29, Overland Park
Justin Woodruff Fugitt, 26, Olathe and Nicole Danielle Parks, 24, Olathe
Chad Michael Grauer, 35, Raytown, MO and Suzanne Jo Blakely, 31, Overland Park
Matthew Alan Guilfoyle, 26, Leawood and Emily Elaine Spikes, 27, Leawood
Charles Clayton Remley, 32, Roeland Park,  and Elisabeth Margaret Good, 24, Roeland Park
Barron Douglas Snider, 33, Oklahoma City, OK and Lisa Marie Wood, 30, Oklahoma City, OK

Sarah Nichole Angell vs. Tyler Scott Angell
Saleh Ghavami vs. Zahra Azimpour
Heather K. Blasche vs. Stephen B. Blasche
Rebecca E. Brown vs. Paul J. Brown
Jeanne K. Buglewicz vs. Eric D. Buglewicz
Frank J. Ciccarella, Jr vs. Valerie N. Ciccarella
Steve Cordell vs. Karen Cordell
Micah Allen Dee vs. Melinda Renee Dee
Jessica Victoria Earnshaw vs. Damon Eugene Earnshaw
Kristi Halbrook vs. Steve Halbrook
Rebbecca Hefley vs. David Hefley
Rebecca Bailey Hundelt vs. Christopher Gerard Hundelt
Michelle Christina Mages vs. Kelly George Mages
Zackary David Plott vs. Denise Susanna Plott
Evan J. Sewell vs. Shannon Sewell
Kipling R. Stamper vs. Tia M. Stamper
Carrie Sue Werth vs. Edward Joseph Werth

Melissa Ashley Fuhr vs. Aaron Michael Fuhr
Tina M. Johns vs. David M. Johns

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