February 8, 2016

Marriages and Divorces

John Henry Chestnut, Jr, 29, Olathe and Julie Marie Spielhagen, 24, Olathe
Wesley Javier Febus, 27, Olathe and Selida Perez, 26, Olathe
Seth Michael Gartland, 23, Irving, TX and Emily Jeanne Respeliers, 22, Irving, TX
Brian August Hardy, 34, Overland Park and Anna Marie Schmalz, 27, Overland Park
Darin James Mcginty, 30, Platte City, MO and Amanda Lynn Fletcher, 30, Platte City, MO
Melvin Antonio Mejia, 20, Grandview and Nely Hernandez, 20, Overland Park
Forrest George Olendorf, 39, Fairway and Maria Juana Castillo, 39, Fairway
Michael Robert Septer, 48, Lenexa and Elaine Rebecca Barnard, 35, Mission
Craig Charles Smith, 60, Merriam and Glenda Nadine Smith, 56, Merriam
Cameron Christopher Thomsen, 22, Auburn and Brittany Nicole Boyers, 23, Olathe
Barry Scott Voelker, 38, Overland Park and Bridget Anne Aguirre, 43, Overland Park
Christopher Paul Charles Wallace, 27, Shawnee and Kayla Anne Brohn, 29, Shawnee

Beverly Jinkins vs. Kelly Amerine
Susan Ballesteros vs. Stratton Green
Hugo Elias vs. Urglide Jean Julien
Moah Chandler Kelly vs. Alyssa Michelle Kelly
Mary Michelle Kowalewski vs. Shawn Michael Kowalewski
Mark D. Sutcliffe vs. Shannon M. Sutcliffe
Jodi K. Weiss vs. Scott C. Weiss

Forrest W. Cook vs. Lori S. Cook
Samantha Evans vs. Wayne Evans
Mark C. Johnston vs. Andrea L. Johnston
Paul C. Klahn vs. Lori L. Klahn

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