February 12, 2016

Marraiges and Divorces

Zachary John Browne, 26, Olathe and Kristen Taylor Hyatt, 25, Olathe
Henry Benjamin Earley, 26, Anchorage, AK and Kristina Marie Rausch, 25, Anchorage, AK
Oleksandr S Iegoreichenko, 25, Leawood and Melinda Renee Hogue, 26, Leawood
Scott Edward Kellenberger, 26, Stilwell and Joy Denise Jansen, 25, Mission
Tyler Joseph Kempf, 25, Arlington, VA and Anne Marie Lyon, 23, Arlington, VA
Jesse Leroy Langdon, 40, Parkville, MO and Laura Elizabeth Beachy, 36, Roeland Park
David Harold Majors, 66, Overland Park and Cynthia Jean Stuart, 60, Overland Park
Antony Maina Njoroge, 32, Olathe and Lydia Wambui Mwai, 31, Olathe
Rickard William Tinberg, 69, Prairie Village and Judith Patricia Arnone, 68, Prairie Village
Richard William Wheeler, 27, Olathe and Kendra Leigh Vanfossen, 22, Olathe

Kaitlyn Broadbent vs. Justin Broadbent
Christine A. Carr vs. Keith D. Carr
Rosa Cristina Castro vs. Milton Ernesto Castro
Celeste Coleman vs. Karl Coleman
Kari Lynn Decker vs. Thatcher Kent Decker
Brian Hodle vs. Kristin Hodle
John Mwangi Chege vs. Judith Mwikali Nzioki
Kimberly Wang vs. Todd Allen Wang
Deon J. Wooton vs. Joshua Wooton

Mary E. Bergeron-Guerrero vs. Jose L. Guerrero
Jill Janette Henington vs. Chris Charles Henington
Laura Thompson vs. Richard Thompson
Daniel A. Wynkoop vs. Jennifer M. Wynkoop

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