February 7, 2016

Limer lauches website to educate voters about upcoming bond issue

Danedri Thompson
Brett Limer hopes voters will have all the facts when they fill out their ballots for a $73 million Gardner Edgerton School bond issue. The mail-in election ends on Jan. 31.
Limer attended a few district presentations on the bond issue.
“Some of the things they’re saying – they’re not necessarily lying, but they’re not telling the whole truth,” he said.
The district’s public presentations allow for limited question and answer, Limer said, but he hopes a website he’s created, www.gardnerschoolbond.info, will fill in some of the blanks for voters.
“The school presentation and usd231.com give half the information,” Limer said. “I’m helping to give the other half.”
For example, district’s website and a recent mailer says that Moonlight Elementary School is exceeding its capacity. The mailer says the district built four modular classrooms on the elementary school’s property in 2010 and another modular classroom in 2011.
But Moonlight’s enrollment actually decreased between 2010 and 2011, Limer said.
“There’s actually decreased enrollment at three of the six elementary schools, including Moonlight Elementary. There are more students in trailers this year than there were last year, yet student headcount is down,” Limer explained.
The district projected that Moonlight would gain 13 kids in 2011. Instead, the school’s headcount decreased by 34 students.
The projection was short by 47 students, Limer’s web site explains.
That’s a concern for the parent of two students, because school officials are saying the bond issue is necessary based on future projections.
Read the entire story in The Gardner News print edition on Nov. 23.


  1. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    There are a couple of other things weighing on my mind as I ponder my vote on this pending school bond issue.

    If I understood Dr. Gilhaus correctly last week, USD231 has tentatively set 2015 to begin planning for the construction of a $75,000,000 second high school to be completed about 2017.

    And, if I am not mistaken, the City of Gardner has about $134,000,000 worth of infrastructure improvement projects (excluding electric utility) planned through 2016, many of which have been delayed for years. Revenue sources for over $101M have not yet been identified for those projects.

    For me, it is not just about artificial turf and confusing enrollment figures. I worry about how we are going to pay for all these projected items.

  2. Kudos to ... says:

    Kudos to Brett Limer … I hope all the voters will make an educated decision at the ballot box on January 29th, 2012.

  3. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Here is the School District’s info on the January 2012 bond issue.

  4. for the story Gardner News. Now when are you going to do a story about the principals at some of the schools sending home letters and voter registration forms and doing robo calls about voting and how it fits into the November character trait of citizenship? And teachers telling kids they need to return the forms to class. Wondering at what point the line has been crossed a bit just to get yes votes.

  5. ThePatriot says:

    Where are the numbers that Mr. Limer is citing coming from? How can I “have all the facts” if I can’t check the source of his numbers. If citations were in the print edition, why not here also?

  6. None of the info that has come home from the schools has asked parents to vote one way or the on the bond issue…asking parents to simply register to vote is teaching kids citizenship and responsibility, as we should all make our voice’s heard at every election

  7. …one way or the other….

  8. I disagree. Why are the schools spending my money on a voters registration drive? Do they do this EVERY election, or just bond issues. I don’t remember getting anything from the schools about the county or city elections. Do they have to report how much money they have spent? I want to know.

  9. I’ve lost track of how many voter registration forms that have come home with my kids. I would guess the count is up to about six. Given the fact that I am a already a registered voter, that seems like a giant waste of money to me.

  10. Six? Who pays for them? I mean, does the school print them, or just pick them up and pay people to hand them out to kids? I don’t like this. Did they do it for other elections too?

  11. Judith Rogers says:

    It is my understanding the schools let city personnel into our schools to brain wash the kids on the pool issue and sent all kinds of things home with the kids on that one too. Just like our city, our schools know no shame and will do whatever it takes to get what they want. Just like last evening Councilman Pugh assaults Councilman Fotovich in his front yard it is my understanding because Pugh doesn’t like Fotovich. Used to be Drovetta’s boys and/or thugs used lies, hate and the recall process to silence the voices that were adverse to their thinking. Now Pugh resorts to violence and assault because he doesn’t like another’s opinion or how they speak out. The Lehman/Drovetta dynasty cannot end soon enough for me and it distubs me even more when I see the same type of cronyism government and loss of moral values seeping into my school system, however, I think it has been there for some time but I didn’t want to see it. All of the same sick symptoms are there and presents even further concerns that makes me irritated to have to address and deal with, especially when I know our youth are being involved under this umbrella of wrongdoing. Pennsylvania has their scandals and we have ours right here in our own backyard. It doesn’t surprise me to see this wrongdoing and conflict – it has been coming for years. The big boys and their politicians don’t want the gravy trains to stop and the average citizens have had it up to their eyeballs as they get poorer and the kids aren’t even at the head of the table as they should be. Our country is suffering and I don’t see it improving in the near future.

  12. Wow, Judith... says:

    Maybe you could blame them for global warming, too.

  13. doesn't matter says:

    Its my understanding Judith that again you prob. have no clue what you are talking about. Nobody is “Brainwashing” our students. Our schools have been listed as some of the best of the best in the State of Kansas, or do you seem to forget all the good things about this town and the schools. As far as the Fotovich/Pugh thing…i’m sure that you have proof that it got “physical” cause good ‘ol Judith wouldn’t dare post anything without Good Solid Evidence, after all she is the current day MATLOCK.

    Dont compare us to Pennsylvania and thier scandals in way are they on the same platform Judith.
    I will tell you again, if you dont like the way things are, do something positive and make the positive changes. Your bickering and complaining and moaning and groaning is getting on everyones nerve….

    I dont even think you can stand yourself and thats part of the problem, your miserable so everyone else has to be aswell.

  14. Jared Taylor says:

    @ThePatriot, Bret has posted several times on the Citizens for the Future of Gardner facebook page and cites all numbers from the USD website.

  15. Jared Taylor says:

    How cool is it that we have just a regular citizen doing so much to educate the voter. Kudos to Brett for the good job. No matter how anyone votes it is great to see that citizens still care enough to try to present facts.

  16. Gardner Citizen says:

    Thank you Brett for the information. If you were to walk around the schools you would find rooms being used for offices with one individual in there. Most of the time they are not there but in other buildings. We need this info out to inform voters concerning the cost of this bond issue. Yes the school district is saying that it will be a minimal cost increase on their end but fail to say that the city will have to raise it on their end. When asked about this the district response is “oh that is obvious that is why we don’t say anything about that.” I am willing to put out a little money in newspaper ads and flyers to make all the truth known.

  17. Maybe if you spent a day at Moonlight you would understand the need. You can quote numbers all you want, but you need to actually experience what they are going through over there. As the parent of 2 children who attend Moonlight I can tell you from personal experience there is an issue there that needs to be resolved. Simply moving boundaries won’t cut it……have you looked at a map of the school boundaries? Where would you suggest moving them? I wouldn’t want to move my children anyway, they love the teachers and the staff there……some of the best in the city in my opinion.

  18. Simply moving boundaries WILL cut it, actually. USD231 changed school boundaries in 2004, 2005, and 2007. Why wait 4 (now 5) more years, when we know changing boundaries can be done somewhat frequently if necessary? Seem fishy to me to wait until a bond proposal, then be told that redrawing boundaries is only temporary. Vote NO!

  19. Gardner Citizen says:

    If the district is crying the blues about not having the money to pay current staff needs, how are they going to pay staff needs for opening two more schools? Bond money can’t pay operating expenses. As far as boundry changes – this is a ploy to make Moonlight be overcrowed so they get the votes from those who will not be paying property taxes (trailer courts). This has been a well thought out plan.

  20. Judith Rogers says:

    Why does the school district deny my request for salaries of all USD 231 Dist. employees??? Does this bond cover educational needs only???? I hardly think so. Have the school district told you what the TRUE COST will be for this bond issue – it sure won’t be stopping at the about $71 MILLION amount. Your school district thru recent years has became another rotten political entity which no more works for education and the people than a man in the moon – that is my opinion and based on my experience with them over numerous years now. In my opinion, they have joined the manipulation, conniving and dishonesty club and working for the special interests more than the youth and our citizens of tomorrow. The people have the final say on this bond issue and how their district is run – we will see if they do their jobs.

  21. I don't know says:

    I am sure Larry Fotovich is to blame for all of this

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