February 12, 2016

Letter to ed: Mindset that right to own guns is immoral is vexing

Ralph Leno
Gardner businessman

Since I don’t use guns very often, I leave the ongoing debate over gun-control advocacy to those who do use them, the idea being since gun users are more knowledgeable on the subject than I, they are more easily able to reply with civility to the hysteria that often characterizes the side that wants no one but the government to own guns.

The column you printed in the Jan. 19, 2011 edition of The Gardner News, ‘Guns given to nuts under the auspice of Second Amendment rights,’ by Donald Kaul characteristically insures high profile gun owners, the NRA, and the Second Amendment, at which the author is particularly peeved for having the nerve to enshrine the right of a person to defend himself along side of his right to burn the flag of his own country.

Since you printed this lovely piece of unbalanced bombast, we can only assume that you agree with its contents, and sadder still, its attempt to instruct us on moral behavior.

It’s not so bad Mr. Kaul wants to make sure loonies don’t have guns, or even that he’s indignant normal people can still own them. We are as accustomed to that sort of freedom-hating as we are the illogic that because a small percentage of criminals have guns, honest people shouldn’t. Most vexing is the casual mindset that one specific right granted by the Bill of Rights, the right to own a gun, is somehow not just a mistake, but is intrinsically immoral solely because it can be abused.

I am grateful the founding fathers emphasized throughout the Constitution that all of our rights, in particular the Bill of Rights, are given to us by God, not men.

I am also grateful they wrote the Constitution, and not Mr. Kaul, or the people who print his nasty arguments in order to teach us how to live.


  1. ThePatriot says:

    I own a gun primarily for self defense. However, I applaud the Gardner News for printing an “opinion” piece that presents an opposite view to the one I hold on this subject. Mr. Leno’s seems to think only opinions that the paper agrees with or agrees with him should be printed. Mr. Leno called the opinion piece “unbalanced bombast.” Opinion pieces are usually unbalanced since they express a particular point of view. I guess that pesky constitutional “freedom of the press” contained in the 1st amendment becomes rather annoying when the press actually uses it.

  2. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Donald Kaul, retired columnist for the Des Moines Register, wrote some additional words on this topic yesterday morning, which I found very interesting.


  3. Gun laws are controversial just like illegal immigration. Gun laws were brought to my attention much more when President Reagon was shot and also Mr. Brady.

    Myself, I believe guns are used to kill people. Normally if you are hunting for animals, you aren’t using handguns. Guns increase violence in society as proven by worldwide statistics. U.S. is one of the most violent or the most violent country in the world if you look at statistics. We lament our soldiers killed in Iraq and Afganistan as we well should, but what about all of our citizens being killed on American streets. I believe a soldier is much more at risk of getting killed back home than in some of these battles they are in but I don’t know that for a fact.

    So many times I have seen the people who advocate the ownership of guns get looney with their propaganda and rhetoric about our rights being violated, we have the right to carry guns, they use fear tactics, etc., etc. Myself I feel that with every gun out there that my chances of getting killed by one is increased. England is much more to my taste because it is my understanding gun ownership is very much limited there and, of course, I believe their statistics show much less killing by guns.

    So this topic will be forever discussed here in the U.S. I know I sure don’t like all those guns being shipped to Mexico that could end up very much adversely affecting me. It is the people who use guns that kill but I don’t think it would hurt to not have guns in our society to the extent they are now.

  4. Responsible Citizen says:

    I lived in a State where you had to take a certified gun class before you got your permit to carry. Carrying a weapon was needed, unless you wanted a bear or a rabid wolf or wolf pack to kill you or your family or your pets.

  5. Country vs the City. Some people still hunt & fish, pick berries, and have gardens to put food on the table. Don’t know what they are teaching in the schools now. This info must have gone out the door with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and the Lord’s Prayer.

    Lady from New York just loved bacon & pork. Then, she came to Kansas and saw pigs and was in horror to find where bacon & pork came from!!!

    Then, there was the lady that reprimanded this man that hunts for food for the table. She told him that he should not be killing animals–he should be buying meat from the store that makes meat!!! Where is this store??? Meat is animal source made available to us by God & OK’d for us to eat.

    People not guns kill people. Forevermore, is there not any logic???

  6. This article tells you how guns are not being put to GOOD use. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41257218/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts

    Perhaps some of these gun store owners are not being responsible just like the employers who constantly provide work for illegal immigrants.

    Money and greed is the name of the game and certainly the people are worshipping these two idols and putting their lives,their country and their fellow man at risk by doing so.

  7. Nugent for Prez says:

    Whether guns are legal or illegal criminals are going to get their hands on them one way or another. I own a handgun, and enjoy going to the range whenever i get the chance but i’ll admit that the main purpose for that gun is for home protection. I pray everyday that I never have to use it for the reason I bought it, but im not taking any chances when it comes to protecting my wife and my little girl. I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

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