February 8, 2016

LETTER: Council promotes growth as long as it doesn’t affect them

Shirley McNulty

Interesting that the mayor and city council are all promoting unlimited growth as long as the burden does not impact them.  The schools said growth means need for new schools, now the city has no money.  However they still promote more multiple family housing.  Maybe a new city manager will set better priorities.

This is not an endorsement for the school bond.


  1. I didn’t see they were against it, they just said wait for the new council in April.

    The school also said growth was coming from existing families.

  2. A new mayor and City Council would help tremendously along with stopping cronyism and the status quo government we have had for years plus a School Board that also actually works for the people. The people have control of their destiny if they would only get their heads screwed on right and would get decent people to run for office and support them at the polls. Right now and for some time the majority of the City Council have rubber stamped anything placed before them and they certainly are the go along to get along guys and gals. I can’t even recall of a vote the present City Council has given that wasn’t 5 to 0 – when you have an appointed council, that is what you get because the Mayor will only appoint those who will go along with his program – no checks nor balances whatsoever with that type of government. Now you know why that recall happened – because control was the name of the game and they didn’t care what they had to do to get that control back.

  3. Judith – The recall happened because those members went against the will of people and against the way they voted. And….it wasn’t even close. Gardner residents will feel the pain of that vote for many, many years because it cannot be changed now!

  4. Freddy, I disagree with you. I know local politics pretty well and I know how the people behind that recall work. You have every right to stand tall for the lies and the hate and I have every right to stand tall for something better. I may have to suffer a wrong but I don’t have to be part of a wrong………and I have been suffering from the wrongs done for some time………

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