February 11, 2016

Legal Notice

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING. Notice is hereby given that the Planning Commission of Gardner, Kansas will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 120 E. Main Street in consideration of the following item:

CASE NO. Z-14-01/PDP-14-01, proposed rezone from C-3 (Commercial District) to RP-3 (Garden Apartment Planned Residential District) and associated preliminary development plan for a portion of the property with tax ID CP78460000 0003 (from the southwest corner, west 350 feet and south 625 feet) and located west of Gardner Road, on the south side of 188th Street.

Detailed legal descriptions are on file at the Community Development Department, 913-856-0913, 120 E Main Street, Gardner, Kansas. All persons interested in said matter shall be heard at this time for the public record. For additional information regarding this application, contact Michelle Leininger in the Community Development Department at 913-856-0913.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    This notice sounds like a simple notification of some rezoning to Garden Apartments. Citizens certainly need to know the background of this property and what has been going on with their DIME for several years. Another case of your politicians and bureaucrats enabling the takers in my opinion and where the citizens get financially raped in the process.

    This property presently is owned by Gardner 188, LLC (another one of the lovely LLCs that are supposed to be citizen lifesavers). The owner’s address is 5521 Mission Dr., Mission Hills, Ks. which is a home owned by Forest & Ashley Simmons (I have to wonder if they are connected to Simmons First National Bank out of Pine Bluff, Ark. that was getting another farm appraisal at 115 N. Moonlight, Gardner, Ks.) and appraised at $800,200. The property being rezoned was deeded to Gardner 188, LLC on July 30, 2012 from Shadow Lane Gardner Investors, LLC (another good ole LLC) – be sure to keep that ownership day of July 30,2012 in mind.

    I will now go over the tax bills on this property from 2008 on. Sometime in the past the city of Gardner gave the property owners a benefit district for their needs – off hand I would say probably for that road of 188th St. and/or perhaps water, gas, electricity, etc. for the OWNERS NEEDS to develop that land and make some big bucks when they sell the property. The bonds floated for that benefit district are backed by GARDNER CITIZENS and it is my understanding if the owners don’t pay their assessments which go to pay for the bonds, then the good ole taxpayers have to step in to pick up the obligation and I would say that is why they are called general obligation bonds and why investors are more than happy to buy those bonds because they know, if necessary, the city is required to increase citizen taxes in order to pay those bonds if the jaybird developers don’t pay their assessments and citizens saw the largest Gardner city tax increase in its history in 2010 – the same year they sold off our fire department.

    Since 2008 this property owned by the LLC entities have been getting the good ole “farm appraisal” on these 15.85 acres and on some other property involved in this benefit district. I just love it when I see those developers living in Leawood, Mission Hills, etc. getting their “farm appraisals” on property located here in Gardner where we get a few stinking dollars in taxes, especially when the politicians and bureaucrats have seen to it that we bankroll these entities while they have contributed so little to the community and our schools especially.

    Here is a review of the tax bills which include the assessments for the benefit district on this property since 2008. Pay close attention as to the dates they have paid their LOW taxes and their assessments.

    2008 Full Taxes $84.09
    City Taxes $15.12
    Assessment $39,017.20
    Delinquent since not paid until May 15,2009

    2009 Full Taxes $81.99
    City Taxes $14.76
    Assessment $39,691.59
    Delinquent again and this time by 3 YEARS since they were not paid until Dec. 18, 2012.

    2010 Full Taxes $88.62
    City Taxes $18.86
    Assessment $38,488.25
    Delinquent again and this time by 2 YEARS since they were not paid until Dec. 18, 2012.

    2011 Full Taxes $89.63
    City Taxes $18.96
    Assessment $37,243.41
    Delinquent again this time by 1 YEAR since they were not paid until Dec. 14, 2012

    2012 Full Taxes $98.36
    City Taxes $20.83
    Assessment $39,686.98
    Delinquent again since they were not paid until Oct. 18, 2013

    2013 Full Taxes $107.58
    City Taxes $23.16
    Assessment $38,479.83
    No taxes or assessment paid yet and payment is delinquent.

    This an example of how cronyism government works and the citizens’ role and responsibilities in it – citizens don’t get their itty bitty taxes owed to them and then they have to pay the payments on the benefit district bonds when those jokers don’t pay such as for three years at a time, 2 years, 1 year or no payment at all yet for 2013 but they sure want their rezoning so they can make probably millions on the sale. From the dates of the payment of the taxes and the assessments and the date of the last sale of the property, I would say offhand Shadow Lane Gardner Investors, LLC probably went bankrupt around 2009 and why the property was sold in 2012 to Gardner 188, LLC.

    Here a few weeks ago the city had Kutak Rock come in and talk to the Council about making yearly reports to investors who have bought our municipal bonds (general obligation bonds are a form of municipal bonds) and how the city needs to advise them of pertinent information with respect to the financial aspects of our city. Do you think our city advises those investors about these losers who we are financially backing but aren’t paying their taxes nor their assessments for as long 3 years? Has your city ever talked to the citizens about these circumstances and how the citizens are affected? Not to my knowledge.

    This example is just the tip of the iceberg………maybe citizens should hire 2 community development directors or more than 1 city manager, etc. and elect more candidates for council positions when they are representing citizens interests so well……..sarcasm intended.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    Another reminder to citizens that over 30% of the parcels of land within the city of Gardner are receiving “farm appraisals” and I would say most of them are owned by “LLC” entities. Do citizens realize how little in taxes these entities are paying and why, in turn, citizen tax bills are so high? Do you honestly think Brownback and his legislators, especially Sutton or Kiegerl, are going to do a thing to stop these fraudulent appraisals since they have been taking care of the LLCs like crazy and have been for years. It is cronyism government and citizens are going into poverty because of it and mostly due to the ignorance and apathy of citizens. Some citizens may believe in cronyism government but I most certainly do not and will speak out about it.

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