November 25, 2015

Kiegerl retires from Kansas Legislature

Mark Taylor
Rep. Mike Kiegerl (R-Olathe) announced on July 12 that he  plans to retire early from his final term in the Kansas House.
He is not running for re-election and his term was set to expire at the end of 2012.
In a letter to 43rd District Precinct committee members, Keigerl said “the time has come for me to move on, and I am working on a project which will consume most of my time in the fall.”
Kiegerl has served four terms in the statehouse.
“It has been my great privilege to represent you in the Legislature these eight years, and I am most grateful for your friendship and support.”
Kiegerl, who was drawn out of the 43rd District following redistricting efforts this summer, said he was throwing his support behind candidate Dan Thompson (R-Gardner) for the 43rd District seat.
“Although I know that Dan Thompson is the better successor, I urge you to select the winner of the Aug. 7 primary as my replacement,” Kiegerl said.
“I have asked Speaker O’Neil to assist him, and I stand ready to help with a smooth transition.
Kevin King (D-Gardner) and Bill Sutton (R-Gardner) have also filed for the seat.
Sutton and Thompson will face off in the August primary.
The victor will meet King in the November general.
Kiegerl did not return phone calls seeking comment by press time.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Kiegerl with no comment???? He was certainly never a listener and you could never get a word in edgewise when he was pontificating because he always knew it ALL………….but the ole jaybird still continues his asinine politicking by saying he knows Thompson is the best choice but will leave it up to the people and to how they vote (much like he did on the intermodal issue and other issues)………..he knows a clown when he sees one but doesn’t have the fortitude to actually say it…….worthless politicans have their heads on a swivel and will rotate them as necessary for that particular point of time……….then you wonder why your country is in such a mess????

  2. Common Sense prevails…..Not talking about you Judith.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    Some people will be making their voting decision based on how many campaign signs a candidate has out there on the streets and based on recommendations given to them by their Facebook buddies and they will say this method is one based on being informed and educated on the important issues. Give me a freaking break…………..sometimes there is not a candidate out there worth your vote such as when the choice was between Eilert and Surbaugh……neither one deserved my vote in my opinion and consequently that was the first time I did not vote for one particular office, however, with the gene pool citizens are facing in many instances, I think it would be smart not to cast a choice because all of them are not good ones. When the elected dingbat puts the knife in your back, you will at least be able to say you didn’t vote for him or her – not the way I would like it but it is what it is. But knowing the cult mentality of so many, some dingbat will be representing you in some position and you will be suffering the consequences big time.

  4. Judith Rogers says:
  5. As a parent of a child with special needs, I appreciated the dedication and determination Rep Kiegerl did working to end or shorten the wait list for services.

    He is a conservative and he knows that those who are most vulnerable need protection. We will miss him in the state house!

    Mark Flora-Swick

  6. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Nicely said, Mark, and I agree with your assessment of his championship.

  7. Judith Rogers says:

    Did he actually get anything done for you ??? If so, I would love to have the details. Do you think his vote to support Brownback in taking more tax revenue from the citizens have an affect on you? Do you realize how much the big boys take from you every day and year with respect to tax revenue? Have you enjoyed seeing millions of dollars of tax revenue taken from you for that Walmart store and from at least 22 business owners along Main St. Gardner plus the huge tax revenue you lost from the sweet deals Coleman and the Allen Group and TradeNet got and the tax revenue you lose every year from those 38 companies in New Century who pay no or very little taxes of what they should?? How many millions of dollars do you think you lose in tax revenue due to those fraudulent “farm” appraisals the thieves get due to the politicians not doing the right thing. How do you like paying for what those thieves didn’t pay with respect to the numerous benefit districts we have going or creating attorney fees that you have to pay – do you enjoy bankrolling their sorry rearends and be involved in their development risks? Kiegerl is one of many who didn’t and hasn’t done a damn thing for you in my opinion except bring on more cronyism government that is putting you in the poor house and no money for things that are most important like schools and your public library. I believe very few citizens actually know or realize what is going on in their halls of shame and many of the ones that do know are right in there with the thieves – that is my opinion.

  8. nonamers says:

    Yes, Judith he did. He served the community instead of complaining about everybody else.

    It’s clear to see where you would stack up next to him. Heck, even current candidate Dan Thompson, who walked out of his last elected position, has done more than you have. At least he gave it the ol’ college try before he quit.

    Sitting at home, screaming at your monitor isn’t the same thing as actually helping the community. If it was, we’d all be public servants. Which clearly, we’re not.

  9. Judith Rogers says:

    Speak for yourself Nonamer, not for me. I speak for myself and even sign my name to my postings which is more than you have ever done, Coward. What about that over $1 MILLION I brought in for the citizens by being a watchdog of the thieves/politicians/bureaucrats who either didn’t pick up the phone to say, hey, my tax bill is not correct or the rubber stamper bureaucrats/politicians who did just that by rubber stamping and not doing due diligence for the citizens. Many rubber stampers are involved in those tax bills going out incorrectly and to my knowledge, you have never checked on the jaybirds screwing you every day and you never will and you may very well be one of the jaybirds since you are too ashamed and embarrassed to take ownership of your drivel.

  10. nonamers says:

    Hahahaha! You’re too funny, hypocrite! I mean, Judith. The names mean the same thing.

    You have a lot of nerve to keep harping on the anonymous posting issue when you clearly have done that in the past and probably still do it today. Every time you try to revive this pointless debate, you get REALLY quiet when asked to justify your own anonymous actions. Unless you own up to your pathetic hypocrisy, you just keep embarrassing yourself, calling yourself the names you think you’re calling all the anonymous posters out here. So let’s hear about it, Coward. Ready to stand behind your actions for a change?

    Besides, I’ve given my name here. I log in every time I post here. So quitcher complaining. If the only rebuttal you have to anything anyone posts is to whiningly change the subject to meaningless drivel, you really must not have very solid backup behind the arguments you’re making.

    As for your million dollar claim? Are you STILL trying to claim credit for that? Did you specifically do anything to make that happen or just sit, screaming at your monitor until others made the changes that saved the money? Or was there money actually saved? Have you subtracted from that total the amount of government employee time you waste with all your dirt-digging FOIA requests, most of which you use to present misrepresented half-truths to try to get vengeance on people you’ve decided you despise? How many worker hours have gone to serve your ego, Judith? Plus the amount of money that the taxpayers have to pay you to sit at home.

    But that’s okay. I know you want to believe that, by hiding behind your computer screen, you’re doing as good a job as our elected officials. But hiding is hiding, name or not. They say that people who don’t vote can’t complain about the people who get elected. The same thing goes for people like you who are never satisfied with our government, but do NOTHING to improve it but complain. You act like you know better than everyone else in government. Maybe you oughta prove it for a change.

  11. Judith Rogers says:

    You may contact the Treasurer’s Office for more information or refer back to a Commissioner Meeting where they thanked me for finding the error and bringing in over $1 Million in tax revenue to the citizens who were owed that money. I am sure you will not take the time to watch that meeting but will continue your usual hate and lie drivel which you are only able to do because you are so worthless. You probably don’t even know how to compute taxes to determine whether a billing is correct and if you did, you probably wouldn’t say a word about it but let the thieves get by with their 75% tax incentive when it was only approved for 50% – much like your rubber stamping bureaucrats who don’t check a thing while they get their big salaries and excellent benefits via the taxpayers.


    In the meantime I am sure Brownback will be taking care of the thieves on Friday evening and getting some money for his campaign finance coffers. You take care of me and I will take care of you. More should be going to jail than just Blagovitch in my opinion.

  12. nonamers says:

    Judith, you’re clearly confused if you think that people hate you just because you post silly and slanderous things and we call you out on them. From the things YOU post, it’s obvious you understand how to hate others…apparently just about everybody. But you don’t seem to understand real hatred. For instance, I haven’t really seen people mocking your church because of the things you post here. I haven’t seen them make fun of your heritage. I haven’t seen anyone try to associate your name with sexual offenders, just because they had disagreed with you years ago.

    Of course, these all are things that YOU have done to others. As has been said in the past, and is still true today, most decent people don’t have to hate someone just because they disagree with them. What’s YOUR excuse?

    So, if you’re really determined to brag on your years-old thank you letter, maybe we can look a little closer to what your actions have cost us, or helped cost us. Wasn’t it you, and your friends, who drove out a major development project that would have brought in millions of revenue dollars to the city…and the taxpayers? You DO remember that the Intermodal was due to be built, exactly where it’s being built, but the area, and the annexed land, and the tax revenue all were going to come to Gardner. You DO remember how the decisions had already been made, but you and your friends decided to take a nose, removed, to spite face approach so you could refuse Gardner guaranteed tax revenue from that project…FOREVER? How you cheered when the Intermodal went to Edgerton, saying Gardner was well shut of the project? That alone is enough to cover the fantasy million you claim to have saved taxpayers.

    But let’s get back on topic and ask what you’re doing to serve Gardner, like guys like Kiegerl did for years. Aren’t you clearly on record as saying you hope all Gardner businesses who have received any kind of incentive or tax break fail? Aren’t you leading a boycott-of-one against all those businesses you’ve decided you disagree with? How you refuse to shop in Gardner and patronize the businesses who make our city strong, provide jobs, and more importantly, help reduce the tax burden? Aren’t you STILL carrying out your years-old vendetta against our largest single, Gardner-based employer, trying to undermine that company because you apparently hate its owner?

    Are you SURE you want to continue with self-aggrandizing notion that you’re actually serving our city and all of us taxpayers by hiding behind your keyboard instead of taking direct, positive action for us?

    And you’re STILL ducking your anonymous posting history, Judith. Nice to see that your hypocrisy remains steady, at least.

  13. Judith Rogers says:

    LOL………I really scare the pants off you, Cowardly Backstabber, and others like you……….intelligent, decent citizens know what I stand for and they know what you stand for…….adverse cronysim government will continue only if the people allow it and then they will deserve it……………….and many of those businesses are not doing any more and I would say less than the average citizen since the citizens are about the only ones wanting and paying their FULL TAXES and there is no way will I support and enable the Chamber of Commerce nor the SW Johnson County Economic Development Corp. who are involved in the financial rape of the average citizen. We have the big money guys and organizations of this type for most of the huge suffering that we see in today’s world.

    Keep your mouth running, Lowlife and your lies are there for anyone who wants to swallow them – everyone has their choices to make.

  14. nonamers says:

    Lies? As if you could tell the difference, hypocrite.

    Shall we go to the archives for proof of the things I say? Can you actually put more behind your posts than just your name? Like the truth for a change?

  15. Judith Rogers says:

    Bring it on, Cowardly Nonamer……………I stand tall everyday compared to some lowlife who won’t even take ownership of their crap……………

  16. nonamers says:

    Stand tall? Got any more Mormon joke, Judith? Gonna mock the Catholic Church again? Tell me, Judith, do you still think that the former Councilman’s church is a cult?

    Don’t blame me for your words. Don’t blame me for not taking ownership of your own cowardly anonymous posting, Panda. Until you actually acknowledge your own actions, you have pathetic little room to complain about the actions of others.

    So we’ll wait. Again.

  17. Judith Rogers says:

    The Nonamers of the U.S. provide lies and crap like this one:

    Many of the crazies put out there that Obama is not an American, he is not a Christian and all kinds of lies……….Nonamers are certainly part of that garbage and you see it every day and people are sick to death of it.

    You can wait until hell freezes over as far as I am concerned Nonamer because I have no desire to talk to you whatsoever – total waste of time for me to do so and I don’t care to brush shoulders with or have anything to do with people of your caliber. .

  18. nonamers says:

    Coward! Coward! NOW you refuse to talk to me? When faced with having to show some integrity and answer for your actions? I believe that makes you a Hypocrite, too! As I’ve mentioned before.

    You see, Judith, you’ve left yourself in an untenable situation. You make such a big deal about anonymous posters and how people lack integrity, so when asked to justify your own actions, you have to change the subject or run away because you’ve left yourself no other options. Besides being honest for a change.

    Have fun taking your time off from talking to me. Think you could grow some courage while you’re gone?

  19. Judith Rogers says:


  20. Judith Rogers says:

    Hey, the words are SO telling…………

    “Wasn’t it you, and your friends, who drove out a major development project that would have brought in millions of revenue dollars to the city…and the taxpayers? You DO remember that the Intermodal was due to be built, exactly where it’s being built, but the area, and the annexed land, and the tax revenue all were going to come to Gardner. You DO remember how the decisions had already been made, but you and your friends decided to take a nose, removed, to spite face approach so you could refuse Gardner guaranteed tax revenue from that project…FOREVER? How you cheered when the Intermodal went to Edgerton, saying Gardner was well shut of the project? That alone is enough to cover the fantasy million you claim to have saved taxpayers.”

    Did YOU and/or others miss out big time (more than the over $1 MILLION I have brought in for the citizens) since Gardner didn’t get the intermodal???? Crying in your beer???????? Can’t make that deposit to your bank account either here or offshore or in Switzerland???? No wonder there are those who hate my guts……………hard to get to the truth sometimes but it always does come out…….time will tell and tell big time……….

  21. nonamers says:

    So you’re even MORE of a liar now, Judith? I thought you said you were done talking to me. I guess the truth must really sting.

    And yes, the citizens of Gardner miss the money you and your buddies drove out of town. It’s money that would have reduced the taxes that all us normal citizens have to pay.

    You still haven’t proven the million dollars figure you throw around. I could send in an email to the state tax office pointing out all the people who haven’t claimed their tax refunds and make the same claim of giving millions back to the taxpayers. As far as we know, given your proclivity for twisting the truth, they might just have sent you a letter saying, “Thanks a million!” and you’ve blown it up into some kind of Mother Teresa award for yourself.

    But since you seem to be failing at math, you’ve left Gardner taxpayers in the hole. Jog your memory a little bit when this conversation was about helping Gardner, not bragging about yourself. Even if your ONE million dollar tax savings is true, the MULTI million dollar loss of tax revenue over the life of every venture in the Intermodal far outweighs the whatever benefit that the single instance you claim to have provided for us. You’re throwing away the wallet full of cash so you can save a few pennies of pocket change.

    And while we’re at it, let’s go back once again to all those things you keep ducking, Coward:

    Like the Gardner businesses you’ve directly said you want to fail. And how you won’t even shop in Gardner.

    Like the Gardner citizens you try to drag down, all because you don’t seem to be able to let go of your petty hatred of past perceived wrongs that apparently only you can see.

    Like all the bigotry you continue to display and refuse to acknowledge when asked “did you REALLY say that?”

    And let’s point out AGAIN, Hypocrite, how you refuse to hold yourself to the same standard of integrity that you constantly rail about in others. Still waiting to see if Panda can own up to her noname habits.

    But that’s okay. You weren’t talking to me. So go run and hide, Coward. Go mutter to yourself about how everyone ELSE is hateful while you hide behind your religious bigotry, while you support and cheer people who throw away tax dollars that Gardner desperately needs. Go tell yourself that nobody has integrity while you REFUSE to answer for your own, glaring lack of it.

    The rest of us will wait to see if, maybe this time, your broken promise to quit talking to people who question you will stick.

  22. Judith Rogers says:

    Smile…………….keep talkng, Lowlife…………

  23. Judith Rogers says:

    Meanwhile, Commissioner Praeger continues to try to help the citizens of Kansas but certainly with no help from Brownback – no surprise…….

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