February 12, 2016

Kiegerl establishes Gardner residency

Mark Taylor


Mike Kiegerl (R-Olathe), current representative of the 43rd Kansas House District, established residency in Gardner days after three federal judges drew him out of the 43rd District.

Kiegerl said he signed a six-month lease for a residence in Gardner in response to the redistricting.

His fourth term expires this year.

“I have been representing Gardner for eight years, and the latest redistricting took me out of Gardner and gave me a district that is east of here,” he said.  “The court gerrymandered me out of Gardner and put me in a district with Arlen Siegfreid.

“I don’t want to go up against Arlen. He is going to be the new speaker, and I have a great working relationship with him.”

Kiegerl, 73, said he wants another term to accomplish legislation regarding children’s issues, immigration, and tax cuts.

“I think I have to do what I have to do to fulfill my final responsibilities,” said Kiegerl, who emigrated to the U.S. from Germany.  “This country had been very good to me, and this is my way of giving back.”

Bill Sutton and Dan Thompson, both Gardner Republicans, have also filed for the 43rd District seat.

A primary election will take place on Aug. 7.

According to Brian Newby, Johnson County election commissioner, Kiegerl will have to withdraw from the race and re-file for the newly created district.


  1. Mr. Kiegel should have retired graciously. Power grabs and ego are not becoming.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    Fifty shades of manipulation, conniving, dishonesty, etc., etc. Kiegerl, many people do not want what you have to give……………you haven’t got a thing done except for the special interests in eight years so I don’t have any hope for you – who are you going to give more tax cuts to – bet I know who!!!!! Does your lease allow you to break it if you don’t win?????? I am sure it does because some crony enabled you……………I am surprised you didn’t move in with the Dictator or Mertz…………………….the stench in Gardner just got a little worse over the weekend……….

  3. Gardnerwhos says:

    Yeah, Mr. Kiegerl ONLY likes gerrymandering when he’s the one doing the gerrymandering. Mr. Kiegerl, and your crazy Conservative cohorts forced the courts to draw boundaries; the courts didn’t seek this honor. And, frankly, the their map looks much better than the nutty map the House came up with.

    Gardner News: Are there any rules regarding the percentage of time the candidate must spend in his new home to establish residency? Does anyone want to take bets on if/when Mr. Kiegerl will be furnishing, dining and sleeping in his new apartment in Gardner? Carpetbagger.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    I like how Kiegerl says: “The court gerrymandered me out of Gardner”………….he and his fellow puking, lowlife legislators gerrymandered him out of Gardner but don’t want to take responsibility for it……………Kiegerl certainly tells you why he wants to stay with the Gardner district that is so like him in so many lousy ways………….the same ole lowlifes who will manipulate, connive or do whatever it takes to get and keep the control they so want and always blame the media or the courts when things don’t go accordingly to their edicts………..Kiegerl represents everything that is wrong with our country today and more and there are many more just like him in that Republican Party……………the people are going to be suffering the many adverse affects from the slimy politicians in Kansas……….and from the thieves they enable and support.

  5. Free2speak says:

    Gardner has grown exponentially since the last census. In fact, we have grown enough to warrant our own district and representation in the Kansas House. This is a great thing for Gardner. I’m sure Mr. Kiegel has served Gardner well during his tenure, but now it’s time for him to move on. He has a district in which he resides. If he wants to remain a Representative for Kansas he should represent those who are in his district.
    Gardner has two candidates competing to represent our district. These candidates live here, shop here, eat here, and have or have had children in our school district. You will see them on the streets, at the grocery store, and in the coffee shops. They attend city council meetings and KNOW what is going on in Gardner. At the end of they day their cars are parked in a garage at their residence. Mr. Keigel signed a six month lease in order to “establish residence” in Gardner. I wonder how many times his car will be in that “established residence” for the night?
    What Mr. Keigel is doing is within the law, but in my opinion, it is unethical and typifies what a politician is. His actions move him from representing the district to representing self-interest. When that happens, it’s time to go. The good people of Gardner deserve MUCH more than a Representative with an empty garage in his “established residence.” I know I could pick up the phone and meet with either candidate locally almost any time. This is what Gardner deserves.

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    The choices out there for the people are certainly limited once again……….it is business as usual throughout the state and it certainly ISN’T business for, by and of the PEOPLE……..these election and/or the appointee governments are more of the same ole, same ole cronyism governments with more slime involved each year………and Kiegerl’s, the Dictator’s and others’ conniving, manipulation, dishonesty are fine examples of lousy government……………..

  7. nonamers says:

    @Free2Speak – I agree. I’ve always felt that Mr. Kiegerl has been a good representative for us and despite some of the other posters out here, I don’t feel like throwing tomatoes at him just because his district was affected by redistricting. Some people just wanna throw tomatoes, I guess, and are happy with any reason to start tossing them.

    That said, Kiegerl ought to either bow out gracefully or challenge in his new district, in my opinion. You’re right that he is likely following the letter of the law by establishing residence here (assuming, of course, that he actually chooses to run). After all, Hillary Clinton did the same thing by moving to New York so she could get herself elected there, instead of Arkansas (or wherever she’d been living before). It’s legal. Just kind of tacky. And a slap in the face of the other candidates, both declared and the ones who might declare for the race.

  8. Judith Rogers says:

    Tackiness is the name of the game and worse…………..the back room deals continue big time and our whole country is more at risk by the day……..slime, grime and crime are the names of the game and the lowlife politicians are losers, especially for the average citizen.

    Look at the Jo. Co. Dist Court civil records for this newest Randy crammed down your throut and look at his resume on line and tell me whether you think he shows the traits of a responsible person who will be making most important financial and other types of decisions FOR YOU. My comfort level sure isn’t there after looking at these FACTS – that is my opinion.

  9. Judith Rogers says:

    Slimy Politician Kobach has said today: ” incumbents in renumbered districts need not resign their current positions. Incumbents who moved into new districts to file, however, may be required to resign.”

    If Kiegerl jumped the line as he said he would, then I should happily be looking for his resignation very quickly it appears……………might get rid of him for a few months at least and longer unless the people continue to not use their brain when voting………..or not voting at all, however, it will be interesting to see what is out there for the people to vote for other than one clown I know of running for office.

  10. Judith Rogers says:
  11. Claud Hobby says:

    We have the right to change our mind …Kiegerl seemed pretty sure of himself after the 2010 session. This is a reprint from his newsletter.

    I will file for re-election in a couple of weeks. My motto will be One More Time, One Last Time! I love the job and it has been an honor to represent you. I had not expected in my dreams to be chosen this late in life to serve so many. This is what makes America so great, so beloved, the land of unlimited opportunities. It offered a very young immigrant the chance to earn an education, raise a family with a saintly wife, start a business and become successful, teach as an adjunct at the college level for 27 years and then get recruited to represent the interest of 25,000 persons. Only in America!

    Eight years in politics is enough. The new District deserves a new Representative and I proclaim in writing I will not run again in 2012, when I’ll be 73 years old. God willing and with your support I will get to tackle some unfinished business in Topeka. In my next letter I’ll discuss my plans for the upcoming campaign,

  12. Judith Rogers says:

    I cracked up this morning when I read the Beasley Bunch’s Facebook page and to see where Drovetta says: “Loss of focus on true responsibility too much focus on power trip. Similar to the local situation.”

    He truly doesn’t get it when I call him the DICTATOR every day……………I bet his confession is the same thing over and over again when he goes and if he goes………I know I have heard and suffered his irresponsible leadership for years now and I know for a fact I will be suffering the adverse affects he has brought about until I go to my grave………

  13. nonamers says:

    Jealous, Judith? Methinks thou dost protest too much.

    As much as you complain about the people that the voters elected, as much as you seem to hate the voters and citizens of Gardner (based on the number of times you’ve said you hate them or have complained about them), it seems like you think YOU should be Dictator. That way you could FORCE people to listen to you, right?

  14. Judith Rogers says:

    Jealous????? Jealous of what???? That is a good one……..scraping at the bottom of the bowl and remember how the Dictator won by 3 votes, wasn’t it???? Many will and have NOT listened to me…………..the Dictator and I have totally different thoughts, viewpoints, words, actions, moral values, etc. and I hope I never lower myself to his level. In the meantime he can give you drivel about power plays since you love to drink his koolaid…………..he knows all about power plays, him and the rest of the lowlifes or should I say Gardner’s Finest…………for starters his power plays are going to bring you a higher tax bill this year and higher utility costs……..Gardner will soon (as they have had) have some of the highest taxes in the County and for sure within the state for school taxes……hope you have the money for all of it or you might be like your most recent APPOINTED Council member and have a hard time paying your bills……….while not voting………..he thinks the intermodal is GREAT and will bring many blue collar workers here to Gardner to live and work……..I would say they won’t be able to afford shirts with collars while working at those hire and fire jobs at $9 to $10 an hour in pay and probably little or no benefits….yeah, the Dictator has done lots for you with his power plays and you will be living in a pithole.

  15. doesnt matter says:

    Judith you dont just have differences with Drovetta you have differences with everyone. No matter who it is you dont agree with anyone.
    Over and Over you have been asked to state what you want out of someone, over and over you have been asked to step up and make a difference, and over and over you have been asked who you would support. You dodge the questions and come up with more hogwash. When JUDITH wants answers JUDITH is supposed to be given answers and if she doesn’t get them or if they are not what she wants then they are dictators or evil demons here to take our souls.
    Who are a huge attention junkie, you crave it, you need it, you have to have it. You dont really care about what goes on at council meetings, you dont care who the Voters vote in or who they dont. Noone can make you happy, you just enjoy posting your abusive posts and get excited and enjoy the thrills that you get when people argue back, cause lets face it, its easier for you to post on these one sided stories but a very bias “newspaper” who have clearly backed only ONE person on the council. Its easier for you to complain and state what is right than to step up and make a point to actually try to make a difference in office. I would suggest to either try to do some good for this town, or do us some good and find a new town that will tolerate your garbage.

  16. Judith Rogers says:

    Judy, Judy, Judy………..you make it sound like it is all about Judy………far from it……..when you get your tax and utillity bills in the coming year, you will know who it is all about and it sure won’t me bringing you increased costs and cut services……….no way can you attach the cronyism governments you have across the USA on Judy or Judith……….go with the Dictator or perhaps a clone of him and see what you get……………what difference could a person like me make at City Hall???? Are you crazy – do you see the job, which you are a part of, that is done on Fotovich every day out of the year and how can I make a difference when your City Hall/School Dist. and more government entities stonewall like crazy and won’t even give you information that you need such as what the City’s total debt is. I have brought in over $1 MILLION in tax revenue for the citizens by being a watchdog over the thieves and the rotten politicians/bureaucrats and that is a hell of lot more than the nonamers and/or the Beasley Bunch or all of Gardner’s Finest have done in the last seven years to my knowledge.

    Don’t worry about me making a difference – I already have – let’s see what difference the nonamers, who don’t even have the guts to take ownership of their sniping, can make…………..I will await the headlines of your great deeds and how you have helped out ole Judy……….

  17. nonamers says:

    All we have to do is count the number of Judy posts on this site, Judith, to see that it really IS about Judith the Dictator. Even now, you’re going against the will of legal election results, as it to you the will of the people doesn’t matter. STILL complaining about elections your friends lost? I don’t hear you complaining about the six votes that got Fotovich elected over the next closest candidate, but then again, elections are for the little people. Judith the Dictator doesn’t seem to believe in elections. It’s gotta be your way or you’ll shoot…I mean, “shout”…down all dissent:

    In every.

    You’re like Nixon with his enemies list, except even Tricky Dick didn’t read off his list every time he spoke. And Nixon was probably more likeable.

  18. Judith Rogers says:

    Come one, Nonamer, tell me about the DIFFERENCE you have made……….tell me how much better off ciitzens are from your gutless, anonymous postings…………you don’t even want to have an identity because you are such a lowlife…………

  19. nonamers says:

    One difference? I was one of the people who made the difference between electing Dave Drovetta instead of Larry Fotovich.

    But more important, because I believe and trust in our country and our way of government, I can happily say that Dave Drovetta is my mayor AND that Larry Fotovich is one of my Council representatives…even though I disapprove of some of the actions that Mr. Fotovich has made since he’s served on the Council. Though I voted for one and not the other, they’re BOTH my representatives in Gardner government. And neither of them have to know my name, or yours, to have been duly and legally elected to their positions.

    So the main thing that I can do that, apparently, you’re incapable of doing yourself, is that I can trust in the voters, even when they don’t always vote how I’d like them to vote. If you can’t trust the voters, you might as well be the “Judith the Dictator” that you seem bent on becoming.

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