February 8, 2016

KDOT requests commercial trucks use Homestead interchange, not 191st

The Kansas Department of Transportation is asking all commercial truck traffic traveling on Interstate 30 to access the BNSF Intermodal via the new I-35 and Homestead Lane interchange, or exit 205.
Commercial truck traffic is currently utilizing the Gardner Road and I-35 interchange, exit 207, and then taking 191st Street west to the intermodal facility. The street is a local Johnson County road and was not constructed to handle heavy commercial traffic. The stretch of 191st Street east of the intermodal is already experiencing damage to its roadway pavement due to heavy commercial truck traffic. The stretch of 191st Street from the intermodal to Waverly Road was recently reconstructed as a heavy haul road, but 191st Street east of Waverly was not constructed to handle heavy commercial trucks.
The new interchange at Homestead Lane was built specifically to accommodate heavy truck traffic. Designed as a diverging diamond, the interchange provides a safer and more efficient route for commercial truck traffic.
Commercial truck traffic should access the intermodal via the Homestead Interchange. From there, commercial trucks should travel north on the newly constructed portion of Homestead and then west on 191st Street.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    I have noted many, many more trucks going up and down Center St. And, of course, they are using Hwy 56 through town. I believe the citizens need to demand that Center St. not be designated a truck route and we need to take over maintenance of Hwy 56 through Gardner from the state of Kasas in order to be in a position of stopping truck traffic on that roadway through Gardner. If citizens do not take this action, then they better be more than willing to pay the big bucks for maintenance of those two roadways within our city limits – costs that will never end and will only continue to increase. Citizens not only have this enormous financial cost the way things are now but they also are really going to be also facing some serious safety issues, especially for our children. Just today I went to Olathe the back way on 151 St. I got to the corner of 151st & Hwy 56 at the stop light there and huge gravel truck went right thru that red light on 56 Hwy – if I hadn’t been paying close attention, that truck would have made roadkill out of me real quick. The truck driver was going entirely too fast, put his brakes on for a moment and then he sped up and right through that red light. This is just the beginning of the hell citizens are going to be facing in the years to come and most citizens won’t lift a finger to help themselves on these matters and that is really pathetic.

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