February 11, 2016

July sales tax collections less than projections

Sales tax revenues did not meet projections in July despite a 1 cent sales tax increase that started July 1, according to preliminary figures released from the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Actual monthly sales tax collections missed projections by approximately 1.5 percent. The department of revenue projected the state would collect $379.3 million in July. Instead, receipts showed collections of just $378.9 million – nearly $2.3 million less than anticipated.

The report shows the state collected more sales tax this July than in July 2009, however. Kansas collected only $344.3 million last July.

— Danedri Thompson


  1. And just think there were those who were willing to give Patterson and Illig with Cerner $350 Million or more this year that will be paid by sales tax that the people should have received but instead will be going to pay off more Star Bonds to take care of these two cronies. And Patterson and Illig will be dragging in millions more from their Wizards stadium just like George W. did with the Texas Rangers. George W. didn’t make his money from oil – he made his money from sweet deals just like Kansans have been called upon to bankroll for years. Brought to you by worthless politicians who do not work for the people but the special interests – they feed off of each other and give the people the big fat bill.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    The Beasley Bunch show what they are best at…………

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