February 6, 2016

JCCC board member to offer resignation at Aug. 15 trustee’s meeting

Melody Rayl has submitted her resignation from the Johnson County Community College board of trustees. The trustees will consider her resignation at their regular monthly meeting on Aug. 15.
Rayl, Olathe, has been a college trustee since 2008. She was chair of the board in 2012-2013 and over the years served on the board’s human resources and audit committees and as the liaison to the JCCC Foundation and the collegial steering committee.
Rayl cited a desire to focus on family and career as the reason for her resignation. “It has been my absolute privilege to have had the opportunity to serve as a trustee for my beloved JCCC for nearly five years,” she said. “However, my service to JCCC, and to the community at large, particularly during my tenure as chair of the board over the past year, has had a significant impact on the work-life balance I strive to maintain. Therefore, I do not feel I can continue to devote the time and attention necessary to serve JCCC and the citizens of Johnson County in the manner they deserve.”
“Melody Rayl has been an outstanding trustee for JCCC,” said Jerry Cook, board chair. “Her leadership was so important during the transitions of the past year. The college, and the board, is grateful for her vision, wisdom and courage.”
“The college will miss Melody’s diligent leadership and enthusiastic spirit,” said Greg Musil, vice chair of the board of trustees. “Everyone at the college, and especially her fellow board members, owe her a special debt of gratitude for her years of service.”
The trustees will appoint someone to complete the rest of Rayl’s term, which ends June 30, 2017. Interested persons will be invited to submit an application to the college. The board will review the applications and narrow them to a list of final candidates. Those candidates will be interviewed, and one will be chosen to fill the seat on the board. The exact timeline and process has not yet been finalized; when it has, it will be announced and the vacancy will be posted.


  1. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Robert Drummond of Olathe was appointed yesterday afternoon to replace Ms. Rayl. Drummond served on the board from 2009 to 2012.

    I found it interesting that Karin Brownlee of Olathe was one of four candidates interviewed by the JCCC Trustees. Brownlee was a Republican member of the Kansas State Senate, representing the 23rd District from 1997 to 2011. She was Assistant Majority Leader of the Senate until appointed Kansas Secretary of Labor in February 2011 by Governor Sam Brownback. Nineteen months later, Brownback ordered her to step down for undisclosed reasons.

    Immediately following her abrupt dismissal in September 2012, Brownlee stated the reasons were “very complicated…it’s a personnel matter. I think the governor and I measure performance in different ways. It’s hard to understand.”


  2. Judith Rogers says:

    Brownlee is looking for a new home……….if she lands here in the Gardner vicinity I think I will scream………wish I could get rid of Brownback as easily as he got rid of Brownlee………the lowlifes all run together like a pack of wolves and fight among themselves constantly…….nasty, nasty, nasty……….

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