February 14, 2016

JC Marriage licenses, divorces May 27

Miguel Angel Balderas-Garcia, 26, Overland Park and Cassie Sue Young, 21, Overland Park
Trent Andrew Figg, 23, Chillicothe, MO and Victoria Elizabeth Hallett, 23, Chillicothe, MO
Michael Lee Kochendorfer, 23, Olathe and Sheri Ann Hofferbert, 24, Olathe
Robert Glen Wakefield, 43, Mission and Lenora Amanda Berg, 36, Mission

John K. Doll vs. Kelly M. Doll
Bradley James Crow vs. Amber Nicole Evans Crow
Teresa Ann French vs. James Calvin French, II
Peter L. Geers vs. Barbara J. Geers
Daniel S. Horton vs. Melissa A. Horton
Andrea H. Marchant vs. Brian J. Marchant
Shawn Quenzer vs. Annora Quenzer

Christine L. Anderson vs. Ralph Raymond Anderson, III
Darrell Powell vs. Jacqueline Powell
Shenya Robinson vs. Clint Robinson, III
Wendy E. Sullivan vs. Timothy M. Sullivan
Beatrice Mitei vs. Larry Zewalk

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