February 12, 2016

Intersection upgrades will alter downtown parking spaces

Danedri Thompson
Planning will move forward on a project to expand the intersection of Main Street and Center Street.
Todd Thalmann, an engineer with city contracted TranSystems, presented three different plans to council members during a work session on Jan. 9.
Thalmann called the first plan he presented the “Cadillac plan” for transportation purposes. It would make the existing center line the midway point for expansion and provide the best solution for future traffic flow. Under the proposal, all lanes would be 12-feet wide; Westbound Main Street would include a 100-foot right turn lane and two through lanes as well as a 400-foot left turn lane at Center; and eastbound Main would include two through lanes and a 300-foot left turn lane.
Construction and right-of-way purchases for the plan would cost approximately $926,000.
Thalmann also calls the plan the “nuclear option,” because it ignores the project’s effects on neighboring property owners. It would probably result in the total takeover and relocation of Patriot’s Bank, located on the southwest corner of the intersection. The proposal also eliminates all on-street parking on Main Street in front of businesses on the north and south sides of the street.
A second plan was drafted to consider the concerns of neighboring property owners, which include Patriots and Metcalf Banks, Bruce Funeral Home, Gardner Pharmacy, Dolphin Song, Design Company and all other businesses in the 100 block of east Main.
The plan would create 11-foot wide lanes with a center line shifted north.
“It certainly doesn’t accommodate traffic as well,” Thalmann told the council.
Ideally, left turn lanes would be 400 to 600 feet long. A length, Thalmann said really isn’t feasible in the city’s urban core.
Under the second proposal, the turn lanes would be shortened to 225 feet.
“It gives you enough. 250-feet is usually a pretty good rule of thumb in an urban core,” he said.
The second proposal also eliminates the right turn lane from westbound Main Street to avoid relocating Patriots Bank. The plan preserves all parking on the southside of Main Street between Center and Elm Streets and eliminates all parking spaces on the north side. Construction and right-of-way purchases for the second plan would be approximately $691,000.
The third plan Thalmann presented to council members marries elements from both plans. It shifts the center line to the south and maintains lane widths of 11 feet. It retains the right turn lane on eastbound Main Street, maintains all parking on the north side of Main Street, and allows for four to six parking spaces on the south side of Main near Elm Street. The estimated construction and right-of-way cost of the plan is $717,000.
That cost doesn’t include remedies that would be necessary for Bruce Funeral Home as the plan would fundamentally change a Main Street entrance into the funeral home. The entrance leads to a garage, and funeral officials told city staff a garage entrance is necessary for the home to maintain its Kansas business license.
Under the proposal, the details related to the funeral home would still need to be worked out.
“One of the more viable options is possibly relocating the west side of the (funeral home) building,” Dave Greene, public works director, said.
City council members reached a consensus to move forward with the third plan as long as the concerns of the funeral home owners can be addressed.
“We have to find a way to accommodate them,” council president Kristi Harrison said. “There’s no other option.”
Officials anticipate construction on the project will begin in April 2013 and conclude before the end of August of 2013. The project may include reducing the speed limit near the intersection.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    I wonder if the day will ever come that Kristi Harrison ever says: “We have to find a way to accomodate Judith Rogers and citizens like her”……………..what a laugh…………..

  2. Judith there is no one else like you, so I don’t see Kristi ever saying that.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    “There is no other option.”

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    I would buy a pig and cook it if I wanted to eat baloney……………

  5. I wonder if... says:

    …Judith could be any MORE self-serving and wasteful.

    Here we now see the core of all her many, many posts: government waste doesn’t matter as long as it’s spent on her. When it’s not, she’s all “cronies and lowlifes, ruining everything”. Apparently, all it takes to “ruin everything” for Judith is not getting her way.

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    LOL………when did I ever get my way????? Those yokels don’t work for me and never have but I have to continue to pay, in so many ways, to take care of the thieves and the worthless politicians and bureaucrats.

  7. State of Affairs says:

    The politicians DO NOT LISTEN to we, the people. They do their own thing. And, Great Grandma (a real live person) and myself have to pay thru the nose.

  8. Whatever Judith says:

    Judith, please retire, I’m tired of seeing you on here. You are extremely rude and lack any sort of class. You are the reason other cities laugh at Gardner

  9. Judith Rogers says:

    Too bad you are unable to skip over my comments………………….other government entities and cities like Gardner laugh all the time as the citizens pay thru the nose to keep them and the thieves in the style to which they are accustomed……….wait until Brownback comes thru with his new school financing and eliminates state income tax for the big boys – you will play an instrumental part in making up for that lost tax revenue……………will you think Brownback lacks any sort of class and is extremely rude for what he is about to place before you on a silver platter paid for by the people??????? I can hardly wait for you to read your property tax bill in the next few years as your school mill levies continue to increase and probably some of it will be due to your stupidity in voting for an increase. Also why should I retire from bringing you the truth each day………..I am about the only one who deals in the truth and many can’t stand to see it or hear it – as slimy Beasley says, there is no one like me………..grint your teeth again as you read these comments………….and perhaps get back to work as you should be doing rather than stealing time and money from your employer………………

  10. @Judith Rogers says:

    Why should Ms. Harrison find a way to accommodate the vocal minority, like you?

  11. Judith Rogers says:

    She and others will never accomodate me in any way…………that is extremely clear……………I know who appointed her and I know how she votes on important issues and how it is most important for her to go along to GET ALONG………..look at her picture on the city of Gardner’s website and you will know what is important to her…………could the V be any deeper??????…….love that professional look………………..

  12. Whatever Judith says:

    We live in free country and have freedom of speech and maybe I’m old fashioned but my parents taught me “if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all” I just get frustrated with how you continually bash the city government and for what ever reason you think its the right thing to do. One thing I would ask and I think everyone would ask is keep yourself professional and adhere to a level of respect that is appropriate. Your comment about council women Harrison was uncalled for and didn’t need to be voiced, whether you like it or not she sits on the council as does everyone else and they all deserve professional respect. I don’t agree with some of the things they do but to publicly ridicule,call out with a negative comment or action is just plain disrespectful. I say this all the time, if you want change, productively speak and discuss it don’t disrespect. Oh and VOTE, in the end all city employees work with and for the city including the citizens and businesses and are only as strong as the weakest link, please don’t be the weak link instead help foster a strong community steeped in pride and professionalism. Also Im not stealing time from my employer, I work for myself and Im good with that

  13. State of Affairs says:

    Repeating–The politicians DO NOT LISTEN to we, the people. They do their own thing. And, Great Grandma (a real live person) and myself have to pay thru the nose.

    Judith, keep posting. I have an open mind. I can consider the other person’s opinion and think for myself.

  14. Charlie K says:

    Well apparently State and Judith can consider one another’s opinions anyway, just not any opinions that happen to disagree with their own.

  15. @Judith – Judith you make my day reading your posts. They are so humorous and if I did not know your age before today, I am pretty certain I do now. I am pretty confident with that patehetic comment that you made regarding Kristi Harrison, you are likely between 70 and 100. That comment is so outdated especially coming from another woman, that it is laughable. What is next from you? The mayor walks with a cane so he should not be allowed to be mayor? Or better yet, there are a couple of councilmembers who are overweight so they should not be allowed to serve? Or do you just attack attractive women who do not dress or think like you do? I often wondered what type of person personally attacks and puts others down with such a visciousness that it is really difficult for most people to comprehend, well I found one. I have listened to you complain about the lack of responsiveness you receive from officials and staff. I really hope that there are people within that realm that read this particular post. Here is what I want to say to them. I hope that you do NOT listen to people as closed-minded and backwards in their thinking as Judith Rogers. I hope you do not waste one ounce of energy or time on her. Please instead listen to people like me who represent the majority of this city. We are the people between the ages of 30 and 40. We are the ones who are above attacking a person for how they dress and most of us can manage to be open-minded enough to value opinions that differ for our own. Judith – You continue to sit and type your hatred each day, personally attack those that do not have your same opinion, and complain about your stress and health problems. I call those problems self inflicted and divine intervention.

  16. State of Affairs says:

    Sarah, what do you plan on doing to your Grandmother? Tax her out onto the street?

  17. State of Affairs says:

    Looks like this expansion is in preparation for the intermodal, making Highway 56 3 lanes to Topeka and 3 lanes to Kansas City. Edgerton plans are to take more of the mini market’s driveway (the gasoline pumps are already very close to Highway 56 lanes) and customers can enter thru the back door; but the gasoline pumps are in front of the store. Further, residents were told that they can enter the bar and grill from the residential side of town. Guess the liquor store will have to prepare for customers to enter thru the back door. Hulett Street and Nelson (main street) will be 2 of the remaining 3 one-lanes.

    Edgerton City Council has promised to pay the cost of the water/sewer setup for the intermodal plus other projects. Hear there are 2 options for the water/sewer setup–one costing the residents $12.00 a month more to already high bills or $174.00 a month more. Maximum cost is suppose to be presented to the Edgerton City Council at the meeting tomorrow night. (For my critics, look at the news letter that was included in this month’s water/sewer billing.)

    So, neighbors plan on higher water/sewer bills and higher property taxes when the school bond passes the end of this month and the further projects for the intermodal.

  18. State of Affairs says:

    Couples in their 20’s tell me that they wished that they had stayed in Olathe since the property taxes are higher in Gardner (and higher in Edgerton).

    Sex and birth control seem to be the #1 issue/concern of the country. The media spent 1 hour last Saturday night drilling the Republican Presidential candidates on sex and birth control. I thought our country was in an economic crisis–jobless, housing crisis, etc.

    And, further, when have I slammed anyone or forced my opinion on anyone? I have just stated “the State of Affairs”.

  19. State of Affairs says:

    Checked out the “V”. It is in style, Hollywood style; however, administration at my work in a professional position would not allow it. There is a strict professional dress code at my work, even fingernails and make-up are evaluated.

  20. Really Sarah? says:

    You don’t think her outfit is the least bit unprofessional? Come on. Not sure what type of industry you work in, but most women in corporate America who encountered a woman showing cleavage in the workplace would likely be talking behind their back. You know it and I know it. Get real.

  21. I could care less how a councilman dresses. That is my point. I sit and read these posts and for the most part people address issues. Perhaps if Judith would address issues she has with council member Harrison’s politics I may totally agree with her. All I have observed is sarcasm in this case to a quote in an article. What exactly would Ms. Rogers like to have had happen in regards to this particular issue? She does not say. Instead she chooses to attack a person for their attire. I think that is pathetic and leads me to believe she is a person who really does not know what she wants so instead she attacks people personally on what I believe are irrelevant points.

    @state of affairs. I do not disagree that the taxes here are high. I think that most people would agree and would like to see a lower tax rate. I know that my grandmother would struggle to live here. I get that. That is an issue. That is what we should discuss is options for addressing that. As I read through your posts, I think that you are right on for the most part and you can do this without attacking someone personally which in my opinion makes your comments more relevant at least to me.

  22. State of Affairs says:

    One young woman tells me that they NOW OWE MORE on their GARDNER PROPERTY than what it is now worth.

  23. State of Affairs says:

    Do hope that Edgerton Residents will know shortly approximately how much more a month our water/sewer bills will be to pay for the intermodal. I know that there are no more overtime hours at work with this economy.

  24. State of Affairs says:

    Must be the new wave/style. Family in Western Kansas (a small community like Gardner-Edgerton) will also be voting on a school bond. Closing the middle school and sports arena in the smaller town; busing the school kids to the larger town so they can utilize the school teachers there (putting the school teachers in the smaller town out of work); AND SO THAT THEY CAN BUILD A NEWER SPORTS ARENA. Consensus there is that it will not pass. LOL.

    Industry there is a prison, farming, adult book stores, and churches. What else is needed?

  25. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    State if Affairs: Kansas Department of Transportation studies for the 22-mile long US56 Corridor Management Plan concluded that by the year 2040 only the current 5-lane stretch of highway between Moonlight Road and Cedar Niles Road, north of Walmart in eastern Gardner would need to be widened to 6-lanes. Downtown Gardner would have about one mile of 5-lanes and 1.5 miles of 4-lanes. A little over one mile across Edgerton would be 3- or 4-lanes. A 1.25-mile segment east of Baldwin City would be 4-lanes and 2.5 miles through Baldwin City would be 3-lanes. The other 13.5 miles (over 61%) of US56 corridor through rural areas would remain 2-lanes, as exists today.


  26. How wide of lanes do those big trucks need? They should have done this 20 years ago when they widened the road. Or when they tore out the community parking lot to build city hall and the library. These people have more money than sense. How many of them even live here?

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