February 13, 2016

Intermodal has first tenant

The Intermodal has a tenant.

According to the Kansas City Business Journal, grain exporter, The DeLong Co. has purchased the first site in Edgerton.

“The DeLong Co. is pleased to partner with local farmers in bringing their agricultural products to global markets,” Bo DeLong, vice president of grain for The DeLong Co., said in a release.


  1. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:
  2. Yeah, that will be Gardner’s Farmers Market along with Gardner being the rental dynasty of Johnson County and the whole area. Drovetta and his clones can’t give out tax credits fast enough to build more rentals for what is coming. The illegals will be heading here for the low-paying, no benefit, hire and fire jobs and the slimy employers will be claiming they use E-Verify. You have less than two years to try to unload your property – lots of luck with that one. You will have no choice but to stay but you better have a few dollars for a good gas mask and some defensive driving and how to keep your neighborhood safe from crime courses. Your taxes should be good and high too so you can bankroll the thieves and their politicians. Paradise on the prairie brought to you by your own vote.

  3. Not really “our own vote” Judith. Our own vote would have put the Intermodal Site in Gardner which would have allowed us some type of regulations on the structures, look, feel, etc.

    “Our own vote” was taken from us by Peters and Co. We are now at the mercy of our Edgerton friends.

  4. Yeah, like people and politicians such as yourself, Beasley, would be “controlling or regulating” the big boys on this deadly and costly project to the people???? Peters and Co. did me and the citizens the biggest favor of a lifetime to keep those thieves out of our city who would be owning our community. We are at the mercy of no one but ourselves and that is done by our words, actions, inaction and voting records. And I sure know, Ryan, what the Sam Hill you would and not do to protect the overall citizens – you put the knife to their back every chance you get to take care of your checkbook and plans to make more money for yourself and the special interests – that is my opinion.

    Whine some more about how you don’t have the intermodal project in your city limits – it falls on deaf ears with me and always will but when the long term suffering continues because of that project, I know you and others will be on the list who I and many others will be cussing and discussing. You better be reading that Book of Morman a few more times and try to find your conscience, that is, if you ever had one.

  5. Judith why are you always so hateful? Is Ryan not entitled to his own opinion?

  6. DinoLover96 says:

    Touche, Dean!

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