February 5, 2016

Intermodal bids come in below estimates

Mark Taylor
Construction bids for road improvements serving the intermodal logistics park came in below estimates, Johnson County Commissioners were told Feb. 2.
Hannes Zacharias, county manager, said bids were opened by the Kansas Department of Transportation on Jan. 19.
The bids for the county’s share of improvements to 191st Street, Homestead Lane and a Homestead Lane interchange came in about $3.7 below the engineer’s estimate.
Clarkson Construction Company was the low bidder.
“KDOT is working to finalize the contract with Clarkson,” Zacharias said. “Clarkson is expected to start construction on the projects this spring and planned to be completed by the end of the 2013 construction season.”
The county agreed in 2009 to contribute $14 million toward the project.
The bids for each project follow. The engineer’s estimate is in parenthesis.
Improvements to 191st Street from Four Corners to Waverly roads: $4.7 million ($7.2 million).
Improvements to Homestead Lane from 191st to 199th streets: $6 million ($6.6 million).
Homestead Road interchange at Interstate 35: $21.3 million ($23.9 million).
The intermodal logistics park is expected to open in late 2013.
The initial construction calls for 48,000 feet of track, 1,810 truck parking spaces, and 4,300 container stacking spots.
That will provide capacity for about 500,000 lifts.
The Edgerton intermodal – which will replace a smaller facility in Argentine — will be one of two in the country with electric lifting capability.
The facility will use state-of-the-art electric cranes that measure 253 feet wide.
The Allen Group, developer of the logistics park, has identified one warehouse tenant for the development.
The DeLong Co., an exporter of containerized grain, closed on the purchase of an 8.7 acre site last year.


  1. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    The Baldwin City Signal online newspaper reports that Skip Kalb, BNSF director of strategic development, told those attending the Feb. 15 meeting of the Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce that construction on the Edgerton Intermodal is 40% complete.

    Kalb estimates the intermodal and adjacent warehouse facilities will add approximately 36 trucks per day traveling U.S. 56 through the Douglas County community, located about 14 miles west of Edgerton. He projects 78% of truck traffic from the Edgerton complex will travel northeast through the Kansas City metro region and 20% would travel southwest on I-35 to other locations. http://signal.baldwincity.com/news/2012/feb/15/baldwin-city-well-positioned-benefit-intermodal-ch/

    It has been estimated the rail facility and planned logistics park are within 2-day truck travel of half the United States and could serve 60% of the country’s population.

  2. My goodness! We are soooo lucky.

  3. Very exciting. Can’t believe how fast it’s happening. What do they mean by 500,000 lifts? That sounds like a lot.

  4. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Brooke, an intermodal lift occurs when an intermodal container is “lifted” off a train car and placed on a truck chassis to transport goods to their destinations. Here are some photos taken at BNSF’s Memphis Intermodal, which opened a little over two years ago. The electric cranes are the same as those to be used at the Edgerton facility. http://condrenrails.com/Recent-Trains/TY/II/Nov-25-09.htm

  5. State of Affairs says:

    To brooke–

    Glad you are so excited. Meanwhile, Edgerton Residents, including great-grandma and me, are on edge, wondering how much the fee will be to provide water/sewer set-up for the intermodal. Heard 2 options $12.00 a month or $174.00 a month.

    Our Edgerton City Council has promised to pay for other projects the rail road needs.

    Must go see if I have a money tree in my yard or Fort Knox.

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