February 12, 2016

Homestead Interchange groundbreaking this Friday

Members of the general public are invited to a groundbreaking for the Interstate 35-Homestead Lane interchange on Friday.
Construction on the interchange near Edgerton began in March and officials anticipate its completion in fall 2013.
The Kansas Department of Transportation project includes construction of a diverging diamond interchange that will eventually provide access to the BNSF intermodal facility and neighboring logistics park. In addition to the interchange, the $30.6 million project will include paving Homestead Lane from I-35 to 19st Street.
The kick-off event is set for 11:30 a.m. on March 16 at the southwest corner of I-35 and Homestead Lane.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Oh, boy, the rotten politicians will be out in full dress for their photo-op……..they will be lined up with Skippy Kalb along with the worthless, costly bureaucrats……..that is going to be one expensive gold shovel groundbreaking………..at least for the people who will be paying the tab……the Chamber of Commerce will be there along with the SW Jo. Co. Economic Development Corp., the County Commissioners, a few representatives and/or senators – maybe Brownback will show up and let the thieves know he trying hard to get that bill thru wherein they won’t have to pay income tax in Kansas……….all part of the citizen bloodsucking committee……………I hear Edgerton has two new intermodal businesses……the Boxcar Bar and the Rusty Rail liquor store……….let the economic development begin and all that comes with it………

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    The Facebook crowd aka the Beasley Bunch are giddy this week about T-shirts………maybe they can hurry up and get them made and wear them to the groundbreaking………you really have to wonder when and where these people work – their employers should be charging THEM to show up – note I said show up and not WORK………..they are about like those homeless people who are getting $20 A DAY for walking around being a WiFi and these local yokels are worth about the same amount of money a day………..IN MY OPINION.

  3. I wonder why Judy’s posts are longer than any article ever written in the Gardner News.

    Also the need for multiple posts? Lonely I guess. Maybe she needs that hug more than we know.

  4. Pavlov dings his bell... says:

    …and SWOTI drools all over the website.

    Didja notice how the article is about an interstate interchange and SWOTI automatically starts ranting about dirty politicians and projecting what the so-called “Beasley Bunch” is talking about on a completely different website? It’s such a large part of the operant conditioning she’s trained into herself that she doesn’t even seem to know she’s doing it.

    Not to mention that, in this case, with the new interchange, she can’t recall the times in the past where she tried to claim that a new interchange wouldn’t be built so all the truck traffic from the Intermodal would be forced to drive through Gardner instead. So she contradicts her past rants with her present rants, all to the tune of whatever Pavlovian bell is dinging to drag her fingers to the keyboard.

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    Aren’t you excited about having the opportunity to be PAYING for that interchange and all of the costs to come your way and have the pleasure of dealing with millions of trucks per year, etc., etc. Please be sure to give those responsible for bringing this mess to you a great big kiss which probably starts with you looking in the mirror today to see your arrogant self – that is if you can see yourself for the cracked mirror – I would think it would be cracked to the point of being unusable………………..

  6. Judith will you join my March Madness bracket? I’ll send you the request.

  7. Millions of trucks per year?

  8. Um...are you talking to us now? says:

    Sorry, but it’s kinda hard to tell when you’re talking to us or if you’re just screaming at the walls. Your first two posts were rambling rants that said pretty much what you always say whenever a new article comes up. Dirty politicians…mumblemumble…Beasley Bunch…mumblemumble…lowlife nonamers…mumblemumble…Dictator…MUMBLEMUMBLE…

    If you’ve found a moment of lucidity and actually ARE addressing us, maybe you could explain why, with an Intermodal that you and your friends (and actually a lot of us) couldn’t stop and has in no way affected the end result of a big truck facility and lots of trucks, that having a direct interchange that gives the trucks an easy path to the big road is something to complain about. Keeping in mind, of course, that it’s not JUST the you and me who will be paying for it. The Intermodal will pay in the taxes on their business and sales. The warehouses will pay. The trucking companies will pay, including extra fees collected for each truck that hits the roads. You DO know that’s what the weigh stations are for, don’t you? To collect usage taxes on the trucks because of the additional wear and tear they put on the roadways?

    I’m not happy to have to deal with all the hassles the Intermodal is bringing to us, but I find it odd that, even for things that will help reduce the affect it has on our towns, you’re STILL looking for reasons to complain.

  9. Judith, here is the link so you can join the Gardner March Madness Tourney Challenge! If you need help getting logged in let me know.

    Our group is “Gardner City Braggin Rights” Good luck with your picks.


  10. Judith Rogers says:

    The cowardly no-namers are getting all puffy in their chests this morning…………..”if they tell you that your taxes are going to go down, then it will be because you will be living in a highly commecial, industrial area where no one wants to live”……………do you hear that loud thud??? That is your property values taking an even bigger dive. Maybe I could get a “farm” appraisal on my property like the developers, builders, investors, etc. do and lower my property tax bill to almost zilch or maybe I could go before my City Council and talk them into having me just pay 30 or 15% of my taxes or no taxes at all for the next 10 years……….that ought to help my community meet their needs………or maybe I could be like those 38 companies out in New Century who don’t pay ANY TAXES or very little of what they should and that going on for years………..or perhaps my City could approve a TIF or the good ole Neighborhood Improvement Plan for me to cover my costs for improving my property or maybe they could get me some Star Bonds…………or perhaps or perhaps or perhaps or perhaps……….those big boys will not be paying a damn cent if they and the rotten politicians can connive and manipulate to get it done…………

    Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vf63d7h2k3E to again view what is coming your way and worse and you have the PRIVILEGE of paying for the costs……………..If citizens can get out, they need to do it now because they are going to be paying more than likely the highest school taxes in the whole state just like they have been doing for years, one of the highest city taxes in the whole County like they have been paying and every other taxing entity will probably be increasing their taxes for you……….WELCOME to intermodal land brought to you by you know who.

  11. Cowardly no-namers? says:

    You mean yourself, don’t you, SWOTI? You still trot out the hypocrisy of using that on other people, but not including yourself? Or your friends out here? When I see you drop a “cowardly no-namer” on State or Senior or Patriot…when I see you drop it on yourself, then you might be able to get away with using that without painting yourself as the biggest hypocrite in the county.

  12. Judith Rogers says:

    I take ownership of my comments EVERY DAY and my comments apply to all of the no-namers and others whoever they may be………………cowardly no-namers who love to spread the hate but don’t want to take ownership of it…………………go get your buttons and/or T-Shirts ready for Friday and your flash mobs or waste more time on Facebook or take care of the thieves so the people will lose even more tax revenue and thereby giving the people even higher taxes………..just returned from slimy Walmart and there was a man standing there with a sign saying NEED FOOD OR WORK……you will be seeing lots more of that……….my bill at Walmart was $100 and I said to the check out clerk there goes a $100 for just one small basket of items, however, I was glad I had the money to pay for it (on that big Social Securty check I received today which the lowlifes refer to as welfare) and she replied: “Yes, I wonder how I am going to continue to cover the increased costs and you wouldn’t believe the number of people living on food stamps who come thru here”. I like to know how in the Sam Hill people in that shape are going to be able to pay for those school bonds and city bonds that will result in over $100 MILLION in costs – do you think they will be able to afford to keep their homes and pay property taxes…….think you are only going to be paying $2 or $3 extra a month like the school district told you……..what a joke…..

  13. Look Judith, if you want to be part of the Facebook group all you have to do is join. We’d love to have you.

  14. Get it in Gardner says:

    Just thought I’d post this video so you will have something to talk about at the picnic.


    There are 10 more if you have some free time.

  15. Judith Rogers says:

    “Get It In Gardner”…………….oh, you are gonna git in Gardner all right and you are going to need more than whole home cleaners to clean up the place and the air and the price is going to be HIGH………..

  16. What a liar, SWOTI says:

    You’ve NEVER owned up for all the no-name posts you’ve done in the past. You know the ones, where people have seen you post under a nickname on the KCStar and called you out for it. And the KCStar and GardnerNews aren’t the only places you post, I’ll bet. How many of all the places you visit do you use Judith Rogers as your nickname.

    So you want to differentiate between the no-namers you like and the no-namers you don’t? That makes you a hypocrite. Sorry, but there’s no other way about it. If your complaint is that you don’t know the names of the people who post out here…presumably so you can try to destroy their personal lives…then you have to complain about ALL no-namers or you’re a bald-faced hypocrite. You have to acknowledge what everyone else knows…that you’ve been every bit as much the no-namer as the people you accuse, so your condemnation falls on you, too. Or you’re a bald-faced hypocrite.

    As for “spreading hate”? Well, you’re a hypocrite for that, too. Heck, SWOTI, you’re the queen of “do as I say, not as I do”. Who out here spreads hatred more consistently for more people than you? Do we need to create a list of all the peoople you actively insult and despise? So it’s even more hypocrisy piled on top of all your other hypocrisy, that you try to deride “haters” out here. That shoe fits your foot.

  17. Judith Rogers says:

    And you are still a cowardly, backstabbing no namer……………………..yawn……..can’t even say your hate to my face………..little boys in big boy pants – you gotta just love ’em…………….

  18. Haha! Make up your mind... says:

    First you say that everyone out here’s hating you all the time, then you say that we’re not? This must be Contrary Day for you or something. But you’re still a hypocrite, even when you change the subject.

  19. You can never pull one over on Judith. She’ll always one up you with her hateful speech, then you’ll walk away from your computer with a nasty feeling and wonder….why did I let this old lady get to me? Someone once said, “Walk away dog, just walk away…” I can’t remember who or where I heard this but for some reason it comes to mind. :)

  20. State of Affairs says:

    “ll-15-2011: New Jersey farmers dodging millions in taxes like Jon Bon Jovi who only paid $100 last year on his extensive real estate holding in New Jersey that he uses to raise bees. At the same time Bruce Springsteen received farm subsidies because he leases his property to an organic farmer. Andrew Breithart was not afraid to expose the corrupt. People questioning that his death was from natural causes.”

  21. “People questioning that his death was from natural causes”

    Brietbart was young, but was known to have heart problems. It appears suspicious that he died right on the eve of his next big venture of taking on the media’s look-the-other-way handling of President Obama’s record…the actions and relationships that the public ought to have been told about, but weren’t. But it’s just as easy to see that the pressure of taking on such a big task might’ve been to much for him. Rather than chase phantoms that aren’t there, Breitbart would much more likely have wanted people to look at what IS there.

    Still…it DOES make you wonder…Vince Foster turns up as a suicide in a remote stretch of park right on the eve where investigator are looking for leads on Travelgate; Breitbart has a fatal heart attack at age 43 right before he begins is “vetting” of Obama. It’s the perfect setting for a conspiracy theory to be sure.

  22. I’m wondering why Judith shops at a Walmart she considers slimy?

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