February 12, 2016

Health care reform will save individuals money

Bill Lucas
In response to: Kansas Congressional delegation reacts to Supreme Court healthcare ruling in the July 4 edition of the Gardner News: LINK
[Congressman Kevin Yoder, who represents Kansas’ Third District which includes Johnson County, said in a statement Thursday morning. “It will lower quality and increase the cost of care of all Americans. It is a tremendous burden on small business and our struggling economic recovery, and we simply can’t afford it.”]
I have saved several hundred dollars in out of pocket cost share expenses in preventive care this year that I would have paid without the ACA.   Focusing on preventive care will raise the quality of care not lower it.
As usual, Congressman Yoder makes statements yet cites nothing to back up his mouth.  The CBO, on the other hand, has stated the ACA will bend the cost curve of health care downward and so far it has.  One only has to go to the CBO website and read about yourself.
So do Americans stand for denying care based on preexisting conditions even when a child is born with it?  Should we go back to lifetime and annual caps?  When one hits the caps, the only option is to die.  Is this for what Americans stand?  The Republicans claim they want to repeal the ACA and replace with something better.
They also promised to focus on the economy.  We saw what they did when they won majorities in several states and the congress. They worked exclusively on birth control, abortion, union busting, cutting off funding to Planned Parenthood, and more tax cuts for the wealthy.  From 1994 to 2006 they held majorities in the House and Senate and did nothing about healthcare.  From 2001, they held all three branches of the Federal government and still did nothing about the rising cost of healthcare.  Instead, they passed a huge expansion of Medicare with the addition of prescription drug program, lied about the true cost, and did nothing to pay for it.  Republicans — the so called experts in fiscal responsibility.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    And I will tell you one other thing that Obama has done to help citizens. I have two companies I have to deal with for medical supplies. I talked to my doctor about one of these companies about 1 1/2 months ago and told him how I felt this company was creating unnecassry costs for Medicare since I wasn’t needing these supplies they kept sending that I didn’t need and wanted to make sure I was taking the proper steps to protect my health and by not going along with this thieving company and their practices would not affect me adversely. He assured me I was doing the rights things to protect my health and also saving citizens dollars by not going along with the practices this company was involved.

    Well, lo and behold, just yesterday I received letters from both of the medical supply companies providing information about how Medicare was placing steps into effect to stop or eradicate these fraudulent bloodsucking ways of doing business. Glad to see Obama is putting into action ways to save Medicare that has helped so many and so they may continue to serve the citizens. Much more needs to be done and the citizens have a duty to be doing their job in their everyday lives to stop the theft and fraud. It begins with every citizen.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    With no help from Brownback and his clones, Insurance Commissioner Praeger continues to help citizens of Kansas as best she can. Here is a live chat she was involved in today about the Affordable Care Act.


  3. nonamers says:

    How is it, Bill, that ACA saved you several hundred dollars? The timeline posted by the AFL/CIO (http://www.aflcio.org/Issues/Health-Care/The-Affordable-Care-Act-Timeline), doesn’t really seem to explain how individuals could be saving hundreds of dollars by August 1 of 2012. It also doesn’t explain why the labor unions, whose push for benefits for their members pretty much established the old status quo for health care coverage in the US, would be posting ACA timelines, but that’s a different discussion for a different day.

    What’s significant is that those “several hundred dollars” are being lifted directly from taxpayers’ pockets. You may be happy to soak taxpayers for individual savings and economic ruin for the country, but some of the rest of us are a little nervous that the stated good of ACA…providing healthcare for everyone…does not justify the crisis it will lead our country into. Even a patriotic guy like you ought to understand the trepidation people might have over the US government forcing its citizens to buy its products. Tax or individual mandate, however you want to call it, shredding the Constitution and wrecking the economy will not result in a better quality of life for American citizens. But it might keep Emperor Obama in office for another four years. And, apparently, line your pockets. Goody for you, Bill.

  4. nonamers says:

    And in case you missed the point about “Constitution shredding”, try this link: http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2012/08/01/august-1-2012-the-day-freedom-of-conscience-died-in-america/

  5. Here is a link to the correct timeline:

    go to healthcare.gov/law/timeline/

    Effective for health plan years beginning on or after September 23, 2010 — free preventive care:

    I have EOB’s that document my savings; however, I am not revealing my personal health care issues to anyone.

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    Just remember, Bill, that the Nonamers have no integrity or ethics and will never take ownership of their comments because they are such cowards and trouble makers. They have a hard time with real men, like yourself, They even have a harder time dealing with a woman such as myself. They have no credibility because they are Nonamers.

  7. StopTheMadness says:

    Five major Obamacare taxes that will hit your wallet in 2013

    1. Medical device maunfacturing tax: This 2.3 percent tax on medical device makers will raise the price of (for example) every pacemaker, prosthetic limb, stent, and operating table. The tax is particularly destructive because it is levied on gross sales and even targets companies who haven’t turned a profit yet.

    These are often small, scrappy companies with less than 20 employees who pioneer the next generation of life-prolonging devices. In addition to raising the cost of health care, this $20 billion tax over the next ten years will not help the country’s jobs outlook, as the industry employs nearly 400,000 Americans. Several companies have already responded to the looming tax by cutting research and development budgets and laying off workers.

    2. The ObamaCare High Medical Bills Tax

    This onerous tax provision will hit Americans facing the highest out-of-pocket medical bills. Currently, Americans are allowed to deduct medical expenses on their 1040 form to the extent the costs exceed 7.5 percent of one’s adjusted gross income. The new ObamaCare provision will raise that threshold to 10 percent, subjecting patients to a higher tax bill. This tax will hit pre-retirement seniors the hardest. Over the next ten years, affected Americans will pony up a minimum total of $15 billion in taxes thanks to this provision.

    3. The ObamaCare Flexible Spending Account Cap

    The 24 million Americans who have Flexible Spending Accounts will face a new federally imposed $2,500 annual cap. These pre-tax accounts, which currently have no federal limit, are used to purchase everything from contact lenses to children’s braces. With the cost of braces being as high as $7,200, this tax provision will play an unwelcome role in everyday kitchen-table health care decisions.

    The cap will also affect families with special-needs children, whose tuition can be covered using FSA funds. Special-needs tuition can cost up to $14,000 per child per year. This cruel tax provision will limit the options available to such families, all so that the federal government can squeeze an additional $13 billion out of taxpayer pockets over the next ten years.

    The targeting of FSAs by President Obama and congressional Democrats is no accident. The progressive left has never been fond of the consumer-driven accounts, which serve as a small roadblock in their long-term drive for a one-size-fits-all government health care bureaucracy.

    For further proof, note the ObamaCare “medicine cabinet tax” which since 2011 has barred the 13.5 million Americans with Health Savings Accounts from purchasing over-the-counter medicines with pre-tax funds.

    4. The ObamaCare Surtax on Investment Income

    Under current law, the capital gains tax rate for all Americans rises from 15 to 20 percent in 2013, while the top dividend rate rises from 15 to 39.6 percent. The new ObamaCare surtax takes the top capital gains rate to 23.8 percent and top dividend rate to 43.4 percent. The tax will take a minimum of $123 billion out of taxpayer pockets over the next ten years.

    5. The ObamaCare Medicare Payroll Tax increase

    This tax soaks employers to the tune of $86 billion over the next ten years.

    As you can understand, there is a reason why the authors of ObamaCare wrote the law in such a way that the most brutal tax increases take effect conveniently after the 2012 election. It’s the same reason President Obama, congressional Democrats, and the mainstream media conveniently neglect to mention these taxes and prefer that you simply “move on” after the Supreme Court ruling.


  8. StopTheMadness says:

    P.S. The ObamaCare law actually contains 20 new or higher taxes on the American people. These taxes are gradually phased in over the years 2010 (with its 10 percent “tanning tax”) to 2018 (when the tax on comprehensive health insurance plans kicks in.)

  9. StopTheMadness says:

    Clearly there are plenty of links supporting both sides of the argument.

    But the questions remains. How do they plan on paying for Obamacare? I know the current administration prints money with reckless abandon but that can’t go on forever. And let’s not forget, this is a tax according to the Supreme Court.

    Oh wait, maybe the tax hike on those earning over $250,000 (For the record, I don’t fall in to that catagory) will finance it. I think not. It appears that tax hike will only finance this massive government for aound 7 days. Then what?

  10. Judith Rogers says:

    StopTheMadness, you have no credibility since you take no ownership of your comments and/or allegations nor do you advise citizens on what facts, basis or research you base your comments. In other words, StopTheMadness, you are a propaganda peddler with nothing going for you. Another hater pushing some political agenda which never is in the best interests of ordinary citizens – that is my opinion.

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