February 7, 2016

Group files complaints against campaigns in Mission, Shawnee

Danedri Thompson


A political group said it has filed campaign violation complaints with the Kansas Ethics Commission and with the Johnson County Election Commissioner related to  municipal  elections  in Shawnee and Mission.

The group, Coalition for Better Cities (CBC), lists three possible campaign violations – two in Shawnee and one in Mission.

Citizens in both communities head to the polls April 3 to elect new council members in Mission and council members and a mayor in Shawnee.

In Shawnee, the group alleges that current council member and candidate Jeff Vaught used government resources during a council meeting to campaign. CBC also alleges that incumbents in Shawnee improperly distributed electioneering materials via mail to voters. The group alleges a similar offense by incumbents in Mission.

Johnson County Election Commissioner Brian Newby said his office received the complaints and forwarded them to the appropriate authorities.

“Our rule, any time someone comes to us with something like that, our role is really to pass it on with any agency to investigate,” Newby said. “We’re essentially paper pushers.”

Complaints about campaigns in Mission were forwarded to the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office. The local D.A. handles possible campaign violations in smaller cities like Mission, Gardner, Edgerton and Spring Hill.

Complaints about the Shawnee campaigns were forwarded to the Kansas Ethics Commission, who handles potential violations in cities of the first class.

Carol Williams, director of the Kansas Ethics Commission, would not confirm or deny that a complaint had been filed.

“Any complaint has strict confidentiality,” she said.

However, when complaints are filed, the ethics commission, which meets monthly, determines whether the complaint is sufficient on its face. In a following meeting, commissioners determine whether there’s probable cause.

“It’s at least a two-month process,” she said.

If the commission determines a complaint is valid, they have the option of fining individuals or groups of up to $5,000.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Groups like the Beasley Bunch here in Gardner will continue to do what they do along with certain members of the Council and the Mayor and many of his other appointees. Really pathetic to see how you have a political pig sty within every community you have in the state and of course, it even extends to our county and state governments. The people are paying a really high price for their cronyism governments and will continue to do so as long as wrongdoing is overlooked and not addressed and when the wrongdoers are not held accountable in any way, shape or form. It is alarming to me to see citizens enabling and supporting the wrongdoing but history tells you how it has happened time and time again with distasterous results.

  2. Question says:

    Did the group in Gardner who filed reports with anonmyous donors ever get fined?

  3. State of Affairs says:

    “Andrew Breitbart: Shall we be citizen or subjects?”

    “We the people tell the government what to do; it doesn’t tell us”.–Ronald Reagan

    “A country that forgets it is under God, is a country gone under”.–Ronald Reagan

    [The Gipper (Ronald Reagan) must be turning over in his grave.]

  4. The Beasley bunch did what the people of Gardner obviously felt needed to be done. They recalled certain council people that voted against what the majority of the people of Gardner voted in favor of…
    All this talk of special interest and appointed members is nothing compared to what the recalled council members did to this city.
    Talk to anyone that lived around Gardner and they will tell you how foolish the city was when the former council de annexed the intermodal ground.
    The railroad said they were going to build and they did just that. Just because the recalled council people are retired and may not see any immediate benefits of a development does not mean that the rest of us would not. Invest in some railroad stock and see what kind of return you get.
    The younger generation here in Gardner was robbed.

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    Dist. Attorney Steve Howe has been notified once again but will do nothing in my opinion to address the breaking of the law just like he did here in Gardner and in my opinion Attorney General Schmidt also will not protect the citizens as he should. All of the politicians circle their wagons when it is called for and the citizens can go suck on a stick as far as they are concerned – the rotten politicians and their supporters smile as they give you the bird……………..tonight the Gardner Council likely will be putting citizens in debt for over $19 MILLION more which will probably result around $25 or $30 MILLION when you throw in interest and other costs – I would say that is why Gourley doesn’t want to tell me NOW what the city’s TOTAL DEBT IS. And along with that action they are going to give another joker what he wants while the citizens will lose tax revenue up the gut because of how our politicians/bureaucrats rubber stamp the wrongdoing – that is my opinion.

  6. State of Affairs says:

    John, I met a lady out and about in public that told me that she had to sell her stock in BNSF rail road when Warren Buffet took over.

    Financial advisor told me that he had several clinics that had stock for years and planned just on leaving it for their estate. Forced to sell when Buffet took over. After years, they have to pay maxi for gains. Were to be given 3 years to pay income taxes due on the gains.

    So, how does this figure one buying stocks and making a gain?

    Edgerton residents to pay for the water/sewer setup for the intermodal. Heard one option is $12.00 a month more to our already high water and sewer fees or $174.00 a month more. Edgerton Council reports that Edgerton will provide more projects for the needs of the railroad, so how do Edgerton residents benefit?

  7. Who's kidding who? says:

    SWOTI, you’re hilarious. It is ironic to the maximum that you are using the above article as proof that…what…elected officials who misbehave in office should be held responsible by the voters? Hello? Anyone home in SWOTI-ville? You seem to conveniently forget that during the recall, it was Shepherd and Peterrs who were accused of using Council time and resources to campaign for themselves. And that the voters here in Gardner DID hold them accountable.

    It’s even MORE ironic that you seemed to LOVE the actions Steve Howe took against Dennis Pugh, but are all too happy to throw him under the bus when it’s time to whine about him not taking action against lawbreaking politicians…which follows your whining about him ALLOWING action to go forward against the politicians you seem to like, but who were accused of wrongdoing.

    We all need a scorecard to keep track of your convoluted logic, SWOTI. Sheesh!

  8. Don't Listen to SWOTI says:

    It is nice of SWOTI to take a break from posting unsolicited hate messages for someone who recently passed away:


    Why would you listen to anything this person says? Her only idea is to attack people, even someone who served the community is not immune from her attacks.

    Please copy and paste this message every time she posts so everyone will know the type of person she is.

  9. Yikes, I’m embarassed she used my name on the man’s obituary.

  10. State:
    I do not know how many shares you lady you met out and about in public owned. I do know that once BNSF Berkshire Hathaway merger was completed that BNSF common shares were converted to Berkshire class A shares. However, if you did not own enough BNSF shares to make 1 whole Berkshire class A share, you had to cash in the stock. In other words, you cannot convert BNSF shares to fractional Berkshire class A shares.
    Like most fortune 500 stocks, you will earn a return over time. Any time you are paying taxes, you must have made some form of profit – right?
    As far as Edgerton residents benefiting – they will get property taxes from the railroad in the years to come. A question for you is – How will Gardner’s residents benefit over the years?
    $174.00 a month more for your water and sewer? – I’d say you have a pretty good sized leak somewhere…

  11. State of Affairs says:

    Yes, John, the water/sewer leak will be for Edgerton residents to pay $12.00 a month or $174.00 for the water/sewer setup for the railroad.

  12. State of Affairs says:

    Uncle Sam filed a case this month in Ohio against a unit in Mr. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Company, seeking $366 million in taxes and penalties. Center of suit is NetJets, the private aircraft company that caters to the nation’s wealthiest–the people that Mr. Buffett says should pay more taxes.

    May be Mr. Buffett could help the residents of Edgerton pay for the water/sewer setup for his railroad.

  13. Judith Rogers says:

    I will be forever grateful that BNSF and the Allen Group are not calling Gardner, Ks. home. Also it is amazing how people will take facts and the truth and spin them to their satisfaction or rationalize away the truth or don’t even know what the truth is……..they just are the other half of the person/persons telling the lies or liars themselves………..but regardless, all will be living in the hellhole brought to our doorsteps by the rotten, corrupt politicians/bureaucrats and be paying a huge price for all of the mess…………….and as usual the cowardly, backstabbing no-namers don’t take ownership of their hateful comments – that will never change just like so many are part of the wrongdoing and/or support and enable it…………..nothing new in Gardner, Ks………..the stench continues to escalate………….

  14. State of Affairs says:

    “And the stench escalates” yes siree–Gardner hits the Kansas City Star breaking news: Gardner man get 5-20 years for receiving and distributing child pornography. More than 600 images on his computer.

    Sex and money the most important issues–trickles down from Federal to State to local; or it is the opposite way.

  15. State of Affairs says:

    Morning news: North Korea now with missiles capable of hitting the United States. North Korea under new 28 year old leader. China feeds North Korea. Retired CIA agent says the missiles are not very big. Could be hidden in a ship at one of our ports. (Edgerton inland port intermodal to be completed 2013.) Also, open border with Mexico since Obama signed the NAFTA. October 26, 2011, the first semi crossed from Mexico to Texas without being required to stop at the border. I-35 from Mexico north to Minnesota and Canada. Network for our enemies almost complete.

  16. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    I am not quite ready to stock my subterranean bunker with provisions just yet. I still have trouble believing North Korea would bite the hand that feeds it by disrupting China’s very lucrative container import/export business in the U.S. China is North Korea’s most important ally, primary benefactor and biggest trading partner.

    Without a reliable space communications network (the two attempts so far to orbit satellites have failed), I doubt North Korea (DPRK) would have the capability to trigger clandestine nuclear missile launches from the Edgerton rail facility. However, they might become more successful with next week’s anticipated third attempt. http://security.blogs.cnn.com/2012/03/28/exclusive-activity-seen-at-north-korea-launch-site/

    Fortunately for the Edgerton intermodal, USD231 purchased the old U.S. Army Nike Missile Control Facility in Gardner and converted it to a school 15 years before current DPRK leader Kim Jong-un was born. If this third satellite launch attempt fails, I suppose the North Koreans could negotiate with Dish TV.

  17. State of Affairs says:

    Warning appearing on Arabic websites: “Al Qaeda coming soon again in New York City.”

  18. Wow, talk about off topic.

  19. Ha ha…. don’t mind State. The black helicopters will be for him anytime now.

  20. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Getting back on topic here, yesterday voters in Mission and Shawnee were evidently not overwhelmingly swayed by the tactical ploy of filing complaints alleging campaign ethics violations on the eve of Election Day. Candidates endorsed by the conservative political action group Coalition for Better Cities were elected to fill three of four contested city council seats in Mission. However, CBC-backed candidates failed to oust a single one of the five incumbents running for reelection to the City of Shawnee governing body. Batting .333 during baseball season is great – in an election cycle, not so much.

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