February 9, 2016

GEHS football team to play East St. Louis

Gardner Edgerton High School’s football team will play
a game against East St. Louis High School in East St. Louis
over Labor Day Weekend. More details will be posted as they become available.


  1. Hope they will have lots of security personnel going with our kids………..

  2. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    I hope they have a good defensive game plan to take to East St Louis.

    East St Louis High School had a 2010 enrollment of 2146 students. Their Flyers football team is ranked #1 not only in their conference, but also in the surrounding region of southern Illinois with a population of 1.22 million. East St Louis has qualified for the Illinois state high school championship playoffs 10 of the last 11 years. The Flyers finished the 2010 season with a 10-0 record, outscoring their opponents 458-92.

  3. They also had to forfeit all their games last season because of ineligible players. Seems the coach didn’t know his own nephew wasn’t a resident of East St. Louis. The player is also up for a couple of armed robbery charges. A long list of distinquished citizens.

  4. I see that the game will be on fox sports.

  5. Go to http://os.cqpress.com/citycrime/2010/City_crime_rate_2010-2011_hightolow.pdf to see that St. Louis had the highest crime rate in 2010.

    When the railyard and the truck and warehouse city gets going here in a few years, our crime rate and quality of life will be dipping to these lows too. Thank your worthless politicans and the corporate thieves for bringing this one to your doorstep. Guess our kids will be getting a taste of what is to come when they go to East St. Louis to play football – don’t think I would be wanting my kid going. And to think you have been paying the highest school tax mill levy in the whole state of Kansas for this privilege and while over 50% of our kids are eligible for free school lunches due to low incomes – doesn’t add up to me.

  6. For those interested on Time Warner Channel 326 at 6:00 P.M. this evening, the Major League Baseball draft is being held. Think I will watch to see what Bubba is offered. Myself I think this would be his best bet since he would probably get a signing bonus of around $5 Million perhaps, plus more for playing ball – I think his chances of getting hurt are much less than playing football which could possibly really screw his body up for the rest of his life. Going the baseball route he would be compensated well for his talents and would have the money to go to college when he sees fit and which I would highly encourage him to get that education.

    Bubba seems like a good kid and his parents have done well to keep him going down the right track but he certainly faces many challenges with all of this money involved. Hope he has those strong moral values drilled into his head to keep him where he needs to be and cause him less suffering. Handling those huge amounts of money and the fame are a great responsbility and he will need all of the help and love of his family.

  7. flyer4life says:

    Judith no worries when people come to watch flyer football they watch flyer football. and there is always plenty security at flyer football games out of town guess are treated very well. which is why alot of them wants to return the following year. and your link for crime rate is st. louis, mo which is across the river from east st. louis two totally different states. good luck hope to see you all at the game to have a good time.

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