February 14, 2016

Gardner residents testify in support of open records bill in KS Senate

Gardner resident Walter Hermreck recalled his difficulties in getting access to USD 231 open records before the Kansas Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee on March 19.

Hermreck offered his testimony in support of Senate Bill 10, a proposal that would cap the amount of money public entities can charge for open records.

Read the full story in the March 20 edition of The Gardner News.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Well, I sent my testimony with the citizens of this area who went to this committee hearing and I could have sent oodles more but just as I expected those politicians aren’t going to be governing for the citizens – they don’t work for them. The worst thing is that those you elect into office and the bureaucrats that you pay so well were there with flying colors and working against you using YOUR TAX DOLLARS! The government entities only want you to have the information they give to you in press releases and in your window dressing Monday night or any public meetings. Long gone are the days of a government of, for and by the people………..you are only around to pay the bills and if you start asking for information, then the stone wall goes up through exorbinant fees and trashing your name on the street. I know the drill well and the stench of your slimy government entities get worse by the day and I am sure any average citizen attending this committee hearing could smell the stench and see in living color the slime that goes on every day and you don’t even see and hear about what goes on in the back rooms, at lunch and dinner, walks in the park, etc., etc. The organized Mafia is alive and well in my opinion and YOU, THE TAXPAYERS, whether you realize it or not, are financially enabling and supporting it.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    While citizens were coming to Topeka from across the state to fight for Open Records and Open Meetings Acts and transparency in THEIR government yesterday, Bill Sutton was at the House standing tall for the gun crazy extremists on what Bill now calls “personal protection bills”. It cuts deep into my soul to think that I am paying for a so-called representative as shown in this video http://www.billsutton.us/htdocs/Videos.html where he is whipping up the gun dingbats – reminds me of Hitler whipping up the Brown Shirts in Germany during the 1930’s and 1940’s or perhaps similiar material you would hear at a Klan meeting. I am an old woman and am not driving around town with a gun arsenal in my car and don’t care to see other citizens doing that.

    91% of the American people want to have laws that require background checks to be made before a person can buy a gun. I would say the majority of the people don’t want assault weapons sold nor clips holding 30, 50, etc. bullets. The crazies want to walk around with guns coming out of every orifice they have on their bodies evidently or pocket, holster, strapped to their legs, etc., etc.

    Citizens have a choice about a lot of things and they better be thinking long and hard about who and what they are enabling and supporting with respect to candidates for office. More and more you see extremists being voted into office, especially here in Kansas, and I say no good will come from it.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    As Honey Boo Boo would say, do you “RED-NECK-OGNIZE” what the Sam Hill you are enabling an supporting………I would say it is fear, ignorance and regression……………cult followers usually are involved in these habits in my opinion……………

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    Bill Sutton has come out today with an article about innovative education, no less – http://www.billsutton.us/. I wonder if he will be educating citizens in the Akin method wherein he stated the body of a woman has a way of shutting itself down to pregnancy as a result of rape……….the extremists get more scary by the day………………”An innovative district would be released from current education statutes, regulations, and rules.” I wonder how many guns would be allowed in an “innovative district” and how many “personal protection laws” would be placed into effect…………………..RED-NECK-OGNIZE where all of this is leading you to………….

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    League of Kansas Muncipalities………..the politicians and the bureaucrats love that organization to help bring about and keep cronyism government going………ya gotta just love it when your tax dollars are going to organizations of this kind or to your local Chamber of Commerce or the SW Jo. Co. Economic Development Corp – all of which get thousands of your tax dollars every year and should not be at the table for me to support and enable but they are included in your budget year after year after year……………..http://blog.shawneefwiw.com/?p=428

  6. Judith I miss you!

  7. Sollicitus Civis says:

    It almost seems like a crime that these good citizens are working to have increased access to public records and organizations such as the KASB are lobbying against the citizens with their tax money.

    If the USD 231 School Board wants to lobby Topeka then our overpaid Superintendent should make use of his $800.00 a month automobile allowance, load the entire crew up and go sit in a committee meeting all day and lobby our leaders until he is tired of speaking.

    I wonder how much we pay the KASB each year to lobby against us? I wonder where this money comes from (which fund) and what else could it be used for. I’m sure there is SOME good it could do besides what it is being used for.

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