February 11, 2016

Gardner resident asks Larry Fotovich to resign

Larry Fotovich

Larry Fotovich

Danedri Thompson
Gardner resident Rich Melton told the city council that one of its members no longer lived in town. Melton didn’t name names, but he said that council member should resign.
A Facebook page with 34 likes at press time requests that council member Larry Fotovich resign.
The page reads, “We would ask that Larry does the honorable thing and steps down. If you do not lay your head in Gardner then you should not be making decisions for Gardner.”
Records show that council member Larry Fotovich closed on the purchase of a home in Olathe in December. His Gardner home is on the market.
“I own a house in Gardner, which I continue to occupy. That exceeds the law, which merely requires me to be a qualified elector,” Fotovich said in an interview after the meeting.

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